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Casino Lucky Charms


Casien     The magnetic CASIMIR is indispensable as help-memory.If you follow advices of Casimir, he will become your amulet.   Casimir is magnetized, he will follow you everywhere! Tests been do, if you don't have Casimir to carry of your eyes, in the Fire Of The Action, you will disregard knowledge that you acquired and lessened benefits that you should Have Made.  Adopt him now, he follow you everywhere!   Make arrive us your payment by check(at name of Casimir) by mail to the address following:   Casimir:Le Genius of the Casino  467 Fradette     Chicoutimi,Québec,Canada   G7H 3J1   Don't linger anymore and tops of Casimir your partner.  Price: $4.75 CUSTOMS + 1.75 (expenses of handling and transport)   It is a minimal investment facing the stake!  Good luck and think to CASIMIR: The Genius of the Casino!

Lucky Mojo     The Lucky Mojo Curio Co.  Online Catalogue:   Lucky Mojo manufactures hoodoo oils, incense, and powders. See something in the Lucky W Amulet Archive you need? We offer everything from penis amulets to mojo hands.