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Casino-Gaming Chips

Earn Casino-Gaming chips in a number of ways by sending us information on:

    Chip-Blue.gif (1418 bytes)    Casino Gambling related links not yet on our site - 1 Chip.
    Chip-Blue.gif (1418 bytes)    Broken Links on our site - 1 Chip.
    Chip-Red.gif (1435 bytes)    Brief description of a link or casino - 5 Chips.
    Chip-Red.gif (1435 bytes)    Mention of our site in a related news group posting - 5 Chips.
    Chip-Green.gif (1478 bytes)    Trip Report - 25 Chips.
    Chip-Green.gif (1478 bytes)    Basic strategy / system for a Casino Game - 25 Chips.
    Chip-Black.gif (1456 bytes)    Basic rules of a Casino Game - 100 Chips.

Any other related information will also be rewarded with chips.

Stay tuned for ways of redeeming your Casino-Gaming chips and for your "Bankroll" to be listed on our "High Rollers" page.  If you do not want your name listed, just send us a pseudonym the first time or anytime you want to change it.