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Get 3,368,420 hits FREE

Have a look at the sites below. Then find out how you can get 3,368,420 hits for FREE. If you act now, you will also receive FREE lottery tickets. Win $50,000!

1: Large Casino, Gambling, Gaming Information Portal and guide. Free Rules, Strategy, systems, Software 2: Beautiful USA flags for your car, truck, or van! 3: Premier eMall for Ohio website. Free link to your site or build a home here!
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The details of the opportunities as shown on this page may not be up to date. Please check their web sites for the latest details before spending real money or time on them.

Here is how you will get 3,368,420 hits for FREE:

When you sign up, you get your own page like this one. It has your link and its description in position #1. In position #2 will be the link that is now in position #1 on this page. All other links are moved down as well and the one in #6 is dropped. The whole sign up process is easy and fast. You do not need to have your own site and it's FREE!

When people visit your page and sign up, they too will get a page. And your link will be copied onto their page. Their page will have their link in position #1 and your link in position #2. And when people come to the pages created by the people who came to your page, your link goes to position #3, etc.

You may ask yourself, how will I get people to visit my page? You will be able to use 9 simple and FREE tools that will get at least 20 people per week to sign up from your own page! proof. The 9 tools are easy to use, getting you sign ups day after day. You will receive full details about the 9 tools when you get your own page for FREE.

Lets be extremely conservative and assume that your page and everybody else's pages only get 20 sign ups and then no more:

    Pages with your link
    1: 20 people visit your page and get their own page: 20
    2: Those 20 pages each get 20 visitors themselves, producing 20 * 20 = 400 pages: 400
    3: Those 400 pages each get 20 visitors themselves, producing 20 * 400 = 8000 pages: 8000
    4: Those 8000 pages each get 20 visitors themselves, producing 20 * 8000 = 160,000 pages: 160,000
    5: Those 160,000 pages each get 20 visitors themselves, producing 20 * 160,000 = 3,200,000 pages: 3,200,000
    Total pages with your link: 3,368,420

Please note that there is no upper limit to the number of hits you can get, because you can keep your page for as long as you want.

Also, after you have installed your page, there is no more work involved. Just let it run by itself. 

Get your FREE 3,368,420 hits page and Win $50,000!
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1. Enter the URL of the site you want to promote:
2. Enter the description of the site:
3. Enter your email address:
You will receive your hits page at this address. Your email address
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Privacy Statement: Nobody likes spam. So we make sure that your email address does not fall into the wrong hands.

Your email address is only used to send you your 3,368,420 hits page. After that is done, your address is removed from our system. It is not stored on our computers. It is not given to anyone else.

When you keep the "Tell me when someone signs up from my page" checked, you will be told each time someone signs up from your page. For the system to do that, it needs to know your email address! Therefore, it stores your email address in a hidden field in your own 3,368,420 hits page, not on our computers. This makes it impossible for us or anyone else to misuse your email address.

If you don't want to have your email address stored in your hits page, make sure the "Tell me when someone signs up from my page" check box is not checked. In that case, your email address will not be stored in any way. Not in your hits page. Not on our computers. Not by others. Your privacy is important. It will not be compromised by signing up for a 3,368,420 hits page.

Copyright © 1998-2000 Independent Long Distance Consultants Pty. Ltd. (A.C.N. 083 042 013) All rights reserved. We do not warrant the reliability or quality of any of the services or information shown on this page. It is up to you to check out the opportunities listed on this page before spending real money or time on them.