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Stamps.com        Stamps.com is now offering ONE MONTH OF FREE SERVICE AND $25 OF FREE POSTAGE to all our new customers!  Sign up for a free service. 30-Day No-Risk Free Trial Offer. We understand that because our service has recently launched and people are still learning about Stamps.com, some visitors will be hesitant to sign up. To address this issue, we have made it easier to sign-up: there are now NO UP-FRONT COSTS WHATSOEVER! Stamps.com has always been the easiest and most convenient Internet Postage service: we require no meter and no extra hardware, no installation and no waiting--justdownload, register and print.  And now customers can try it FREE, at no risk to them!  An offer no one can refuse. Although most people think printing postage from their printer is a good idea, they're not really sure if it will be beneficial for them. So the free service will allow them to give it a trial run--but they certainly don't want to buy too much postage if they are only testing out the service.  That's why we're offering $25 in free postage along with the free trial month.  This is an opportunity to try the postage solution of the millennium, at no cost, and receive free postage: definitely an offer no one can refuse!