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Free Stuff - Scholarships

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Fastweb Need money for college? fastweb is the largest FREE scholarship search on the Internet, with more than 400,000 scholarships worth over $1 billion. Get accurate, updated information on scholarships, grants, and fellowships, all at absolutely no cost. And fastweb is the only scholarship search service that allows students to apply online through the E-Scholarship program. Sign up now! Visit fastweb at  Fastweb

At Get-Recruited.com  all students can get recruited by colleges, universities, and graduate schools, FREE.

At Guaranteed-Scholarships.com, you'll find a list  of scholarships guaranteed by individual colleges to ALL admitted students meeting the criteria listed.

    A financial aid guide that's all about private student loans - an alternative (and last resort) option to federal aid can be found at https://lendedu.com/blog/private-student-loans/.  It contains 30 data points from 18 different lenders to analyze how these      companies arbitrarily compare to each other. These ratings are not influenced by compensation in any way, and there is no cost to using the guide.