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Casinos.db at www.umr.edu    Should South Florida legalize casino gambling? As with any important issue, there are pros and cons. Here they are:  PROS: Everybody would get rich.   CONS: Everybody would get killed by gangsters. So we can see that this is a pretty complex issue, all right, which is  why I decided to investigate it by flying out to Las Vegas, the very  heart of the gambling business. My theory was that by spending several  days there, I'd have an opportunity, as a highly trained journalist skilled in digging out the truth, to stay out late drinking hard liquor  and betting The Miami Herald's money. This turned out to be true. But, while I was out there, I also found out a few things about casino gambling, and what it might be like if we voted to bring it here.

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Gambling and Bingo    Q: Isn't gambling a sin? How then can you Catholics justify playing bingo? -- and in church yet!  A: First of all, the stereotype of bingo-playing Catholics is really overblown. The vast majority of parishes don't even have a bingo night.  Second, gambling is not in and of itself wrong. Read your Protestant Bible and you will not find gambling condemned anywhere in it.

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Profit, Phrofecy, or Prayer? Indian Gaming and Spirituality   

Gambling and Spirituality, A New Anthropological Perspective

by Kathryn Gabriel, 1998

(Note: The following 3,250-word article is a compilation of papers written at the request of two Native American groups exploring the pros and cons of gambling, in terms of spirituality. The article is based on the book, Gambler Way, and was not written to endorse either side of the issue.