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Books - Baccarat

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Baccarat Tie: Q's winning system     We are the publisher of the "Baccarat Winning Strategies" series which includes:

Q's Baccarat Winning Strategies, Volume I - Banker and Player Systems
     (Item #6006, English, coming soon)
Q's Baccarat Winning Strategies, Volume II - Q's Baccarat Tie System

     (Item #6008, English, newly released.   Order Now - only $26.99 !)
Q's Baccarat Winning Strategies, Volume III - Q's Baccarat Tie System Case Analyses
     (Item #6009, English, coming soon)

Other books available: Hans Blackjack Strategy                 (Item #6021, English. Order Now  - $20)
Q's Baccarat Winning Strategies   (Item #6010, Chinese. Order Now  - $39.88)
Hans Blackjack Strategy                 (Item #6022, Chinese. Order Now  - $29)
A Gambling Handbook                      (Item #6023, Chinese. Order Now  - $10)

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