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Ancient Games                        BG sets for sale.

Aalborg Backgammon Klub    Backgammon club information and news.

ATM Network                        ATM Network Backgammon for a Buffer Insertion Ring architecture.

Backgammon                           Backgammon Information.

backgammon                         Backgammon Information, basic rules.

Backgammon                           Backgammon Information.

Backgammon                           Backgammon Information.

Backgammon                           Help for Backgammon play.

Backgammon                           Free in browser play.

Backgammon                          This page is about the Bulgarian Backgammon Tournaments on the Internet. All matches take place on FIBS.

backgammon                         Tournaments.

Backgammon                           Backgammon information, Germany.

Backgammon                           Internet Backgammon Server (FIBS).

Backgammon                           Free Backgammon program, German.

Backgammon ACT                  Backgammon club, tournaments.

Backgammon Agentur             Backgammon Information. German.

Backgammon Agentur            Backgammon information, equipment, German.

Backgammon BBS                 Welcome to the Backgammon Bulletin Board. If you have a question about Backgammon, please post it here. If you can answer a posted question, please help by answering.

Backgammon Board              Backgammon Information.

Backgammon Bonanza           The On-Line Magazine with Personality and an Attitude dedicated to the cruelest of games: Backgammon.

backgammon By the Bay     Backgammon information around to Bay area.

Backgammon Club                 Backgammon club, New York.

Backgammon Club of Las Vegas     Backgammon club, Las Vegas.

Backgammon-Costa Rica     Costa Rican Backgammon association.

Backgammon Deli.               Backgammon supplies.

Backgammon Deluxe           Free PC Backgammon play program, download.

Backgammon Galore            Backgammon rules, software, locations, terminology.

Backgammon in Bulgaria     Backgammon in Bulgaria.

Backgammon in Smalltalk    Group project of Backgammon in Smalltalk.

Backgammon-Koffer           Backgammon supplies.

Backgammon Lessons          Greek backgammon - "Tavli".

Backgammon Magazin        Backgammon Magazine, German.

Backgammon Plus               Free PC Backgammon play program, download, German.

Backgammon-Rules           Rules to the game of backgammon, detailed.

Backgammon Tables By Dave's Woodworking    Backgammon table is finished with high gloss lacquer and has a glass covered playing surface. The table has slots to hold all game pieces on the top near the playing surface.

Backstab Game                  A challenging new game like backgammon that can be played in a group.

Bamsefars Backgammon Board          Backgammon Information, Danish.

Bergen Backgammon Club        Backgammon club, Norway, Bergen.

BACKGAMMON-Blitz                        Free PC Backgammon play program, download.

Bibafax                          Bibafax is the newsletter of the British Isles Backgammon Association.

Chicago Point               Backgammon Information.

CityRaccoon                Books on Backgammon.

Cybergammon             If you have never heard of Backgammon you must discover this exciting game with CyberGammon. Backgammon is a race played by two players. With Cybergammon, you can play against the computer program, compete with friends or even play online against cyberplayers with NetGammon.

Dahlin's Backgammonpage         Backgammon Information.

Dansk Backgammon Forbund    Backgammon Information, Danish.

Dave's backgammon page          Backgammon Information.

David's Backgammon                Free PC/MAC Backgammon play program, download.

Don Robinson                            Backgammon set, glass.

Ed's Backgammon                     Backgammon Information.

Effect Software                         PC Backgammon software.

EMCC Backgammon                Backgammon for the Psion, free demo version.

Excalibur                                    Backgammon set, $55.00

FIBS                                         First Internet Backgammon Server.

FIBS Backgammon                   FIBS Backgammon Tournaments.

Funcom                                     Backgammon on-line play, chat.

Game Report                            Game Report: Irish, and Early Backgammon.

Gamer Cafe Software                Free PC Backgammon play programs, download.

Games - BEERgammon            Another adaptation of board games, this one obviously to Backgammon.

Games Unique                   Backgammon supplies.

Gammon Associates         Backgammon Information.

Gammon.com                    Backgammon Information.

Geert's backgammon        Free PC Backgammon play program, download.

Gobi Desert Canoe Club     Backgammon Information, tournaments.

Gobo´s Backgammon          Backgammon Information.

Halifax Backgammon Club     Backgammon club, Canada, Halifax.

HC-Gammon                          DEMO Lab's HC-Gammon.

Hugh Sconyers' CD-ROMs    Free PC Backgammon play program, download. Probability CD's  for sale.

Ian's Backgammon             Free in browser play.

JavaGammon                     A two player, interactive backgammon game for Java.

John Dailey Software         Free PC Backgammon play program, download.

Kuroda:Backgammon        Backgammon Information, Japanese.

La Page du Backgammon    Backgammon Information, French.

Lainer's Backgammon Tournaments     Money / Free tournaments.

LambChop's                    LambChop's Backgammon League.

LDB             Long Distance Backgammon is traditional backgammon board-game played via email.

MacFIBS             Backgammon on the Internet for Mac's.

McCool's Backgammon                 Backgammon Information.

Miami Backgammon Club             Backgammon club, Miami.

Monte Carlo Backgammon Font    Monte Carlo Backgammon Font, $29.-

Morten Daugbjerg's Backgammon     Backgammon Information, Denmark.

Morten's Backgammon Page              Backgammon Information.

Netadelica: Backgammon                  Backgammon Information.

Netgammon                                       Internet Backgammon.

New York Chess & Backgammon    Backgammon Information, New York, tournament information.

Noble Games ™                                Backgammon sets.

NoName Backgammon Klub            Backgammon Information.

NYCgal's Home                             Backgammon Information.

Oasya                                              Backgammon software, pay.

Ozibg - Australian                            ozibg - Australian Internet Backgammon.

RCR TERRY - Startseite                 Backgammon supplies.

Reading Backgammon Club            Backgammon club, Reading.

Sala Backgammon Club             Backgammon club, Sala.

Salar's Backgammon                 History of Backgammon, game reviews (Server and PC).

Sharon's Place                           First Annual Pacific Northwest FIBS Picnic.

Swiss Backgammon Association         Swiss Backgammon Association.

Temporal Difference                    Temporal Difference Learning and TD-Gammon.

Tower Software home page     Welcome to the Tower Software web site, home of Excellent Card Games and Serious Backgammon.   Read on to enjoy some of the finest card and board games for Windows and Amigas, a range of shareware CD-ROMs and links to some of the best card and board game sites on the World Wide Web.

Turneringer                              Backgammon Information, Denmark, Turneringer.

Ultragammon PLUS                UltraGammon Plus is a futuristic strategy game that Backgammon based.  $29.95

VOG Backgammon Club         Online Backgammon Club.

WBF                                        Worldwide Backgammon Federation

Wood Expressions - Chess Sets, Backgammon Boa...    Your online source for chess sets & tables, backgammon boards, cribbage, rummy, mahjong & poker supplies.

Xavier's Backgammon                  Backgammon Information, tournaments.

Your Move Chess and Games     Chess and other gaming and gambling supplies.