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ACBL Unit 16             Texas.

ACBL Unit 500           Southern Alameda.

ACBL Unit 509           Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, California.

Alex Wagner's Site       Bridge information.

American Bidding System     The Basic American Bidding System, free tutorial for now.

American Contract Bridge League           Bridge information, tournaments.

Andrew                        Bridge information, Dutch & English.

Asociacion Espanola     Spanish Bridge Club.

Australian Bridge Magazine        Australian Bridge Magazine, $37.50

Baron Barclay               Bridge Supply Company.

Batsford Bridge Books  Bridge Books.

BBL                              The British Bridge League.

BCC                             Bridge Club, Geneva.

Bidding Systems            Free Bidding Systems.

Bridge                            Bridge information.

Bridge Base Inc              Bridge software, free download demo.

Bridge Bid Sheet             Free Bid sheet.

Bridge Bidding                Information on Bridge bidding.

Bridge Club of Tula         Bridge Club, Russia, Tula.

Bridge Club Petrarca       Bridge Club, Petrarca.

Bridge Companion           Bridge newsletter, free articles.

Bridge dans le Lyonnais    Bridge Club, Lyonnais.

Bridge Federation - French             French Bridge Federation.

Bridge Federation - Italy                 Italian Bridge Federation.

Bridge for the Dummy       PC Software, demo version.

Bridge page of Nikos Sarantakos    Bridge information.

Bridge-Page of René Steiner           Bridge Information, German.

Bridge Player Live             Play On-Line Bridge with Partners & Opponents from around the world.

Bridge Plaza                       Bridge Information, extensive.

Bridge Pro Travel             Catering to bridge players' travel/hotel needs for all major tournaments.

Bridgeclub Leidschenhage     Bridge Club, Netherlands, Leiden

BridgeRus                              BridgeRus is a supermarket for bridge. Here you find  a continuously updated list of ALL bridge- books and most of the computer software.

Bridgescorer                 BRIDGESCORER will do the scoring for a bridge tournament or clubcompetition. Software, Demo version available.

Bridgeweb                    Online Bridge Magazine, Dutch.

Bryd¿ w Olsztynie        Bridge information, Polish.

Canadian Master Point     Free Bridge magazine.

Canadian Nationals          Results from The 103rd Canadian Nationals.

Capital District Bridge Association    The Capital District Bridge Association encompasses an 11 county area of Upstate New York.

Chris Ryall                  Bridge information, methods.

Club de Bridge De Javea         Bridge Club, Javea.

DBF                                       Bridge Club, Danmark.

DFW AREA ACBL                Dallas Unit 183 Area ACBL and other Contract Bridge Information.

EBU         The English Bridge Union (EBU) is the national governing body for duplicate bridge in England.

Edinburgh University Bridge Club     Edinburgh University Bridge Club.

Electronic Bridge Accessories          Manufacturers and suppliers of electronic and other accessories for bridge players, clubs and organizations since 1994.

Federação Portuguesa de Bridge     Portugese Bridge Federation.

For Bridge Players                           Bridge information.

Gilbert T. Schwob                            Bridge information.

Great Bridge Links                           Linking you to All that is Bridge on the Net today.

Herman van Ree's                            Site for bidding-software, free download.

IMP                                                The Dutch Bridge Magazine for Advanced Players, with the English Web Site.

Internet Bridge Archive                   Bridge information.

Jacque and Ziggy Tuckers              Bridge information.

Jannersten Forlag                            Jannersten is the leading manufacturer of equipment for tournament bridge and the company has the ambition to stock ALL books on bridge in English.

Jay Apfelbaum's                              This is the Unofficial Home for bridge events in ACBL and District 5 in particular.

Jeff Goldsmith                   Bridge information.

Jim Loy's Bridge Page      Bridge information.

Judy and Martins Menorcan Holiday Bridge     Bridge players of all standards are catered for in the two very different Bridge Holidays offered.

Kaj G Backas                   Bridge information, Finland.

KTH Bridgeklubb            Bridge Club, Sweden.

KUBC-HOME                KYOTO University Bridge Club.

Leeds University Bridge Club         Bridge Club, Leeds University.

London Bridge Centre      Bridge Magazine, London, England.

London University Union Bridge Club    The University of London Student Union (ULU) Bridge Club.

MacRecap                       These web pages describe a program, named MacRecap, to recap duplicate bridge games on the Macintosh.

Meadowlark Software    Bridge playing program, free download.

Medelpads Bridgeförbund     Bridge Club.

Micro Bridge                         Highly Intelligent Contract Bridge Software Supporting Network Play and Many Types of Duplicate Bridge Game. Japanese and English.

Middlesex                             Middlesex County Bridge Association.

Natural Valuation by A M Rudenski     The theory and analysis of what constitutes a natural hand valuation.

NBB Homepage                  Dutch Bridge federation.

Neil Morgenstern's Bridge    Bridge information. Systems And Conventions.

NJBL 140                            The NJBL Unit 140.

Norsk Bridgeforbunds hjemmeside     Bridge Club, Norway, Oslo.

North Jersey Bridge Association         North Jersey Bridge Association.

NY-Bridge.com                   Bridge information, New York.

OKbridge                           Internet Bridge play.

Ottawa Bridge Centre         Bridge Club, Canada, Ottawa.

PlayBridge                           The playBridge Hand Generator is a bridge training and education tool.

Precision Bridge Bidding System        This page is intended to be an area where Bridge Players who use strong club systems can post and retrieve information and ideas on bidding using these systems.

PSI Sport Club                   Bridge club, Switzerland.

PZBS                                  Polish Bridge Union.

Q-plus Bridge                      Bridge playing software, free download.

Queensland Bridge             Queensland Bridge Association.

Riko's OKBridge Team Ladder     Riko's OKBridge Team Ladder is good, competitive, team bridge played on a regular basis. It is informal competition between OKBridge teams for the principal purpose of having fun via playing decent bridge.

Rod's Bridge Page              Bridge information, bidding systems.

Ron Spath                           Tall Tales of Tournament Bridge.

Ron's Home on the Net      Bridge books and videos for sale.

RUIT                                 Bridge Club, Netherlands, Amsterdam.

San Antonio Bridge League         Bridge League, Texas, San Antonio.

Santalo                             Bridge Club, Spain, Barcelona.

SAYC                               Free extensive bidding systems information.

Seattle Bridge                     The unofficial home for ACBL bridge in the greater Seattle area.

Senaste nytt inom Ungdomsbridgen         Bridge information, Scandinavia.

Sharon Hoger's                  This page exists to share information about bridge in ACBL's Unit 207.

Sid's Bridge Page              Bridge information.

Spider Web                       Bridge information.

Stanford Bridge Club        Bridge Club, Stanford.

Sveriges Bridgeförbund     Swedish Bridge Club.

Thomas's Bridge Fantasia         Bridge information.

Thorvald Aagaard - Bridgeresultater      Bridge information.

UCC Bridge                      UCC Bridge Club Ireland's premier University Bridge Club.

University of Michigan Bridge Club     The University of Michigan Bridge Club.

University of Waterloo Bridge Club    University of Waterloo Bridge Club.

WBU                 The Welsh Bridge Union is responsible for the structure of organized bridge in Wales.

Westville CC Bridge Club         Westville Country Club Bridge Club, South Africa, Durban.

World Bridge Federation           World Bridge Federation.

Young Chelsea Bridge Club       Young Chelsea Bridge Club.