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Craps Links



6 to 1 Craps                       Craps system,  $80.-

CasinoCenter's Learn To Play Casino Games!     Learn how to play blackjack, poker, craps and more , by visiting the following links to help you become a winner! They will teach you everything you need to know to be a  winner!

Casino Craps                    Free craps play within browser, Java.

Casino Craps Systems       Free craps systems.

Casino Planner for Craps   Free craps software, download.

Casino Table Games         Casino Table Games.

Casino UK                        Casino Table Games.

Complete Craps               Craps software, $49.95

Craps                               Book.   Pay.

Craps                               Craps system, $10.-

Craps Advantage, Player  Craps manual, Pay.

Craps Frequently Asked Questions     Free answers to frequently asked craps questions.

Craps Lessons                  Free craps lesson.

Craps Pit                          Welcome to the Craps Pit.

Craps shooters now have a forum where you can discuss strategies, exchange ideas and learn more about the game. You'll find many different systems and methods of play, money management tips and much more.  Have your favorite system added to the Craps Pit database.  This site is intended for players who know the basics. If you are a beginner and want to learn the basics, then click on the links I have to other craps sites that cover basic game play and come back here.

Craps System                   Craps system, $80.-

Craps Table Layout          Craps table layout, Conjelco.

Gamblers Dream Methods   Craps systems. Pay.

Gamblers Haven              Welcome to Gamblers Haven! The most comprehensive free gambling instructional site available.  We offer free gambling tips for craps, blackjack, poker, roulette, slots, keno, baccarat and lotto.  Please visit our sponsors as they are responsible for keeping this site free! Thank you and enjoy your visit.

Gambling Times                Multiple books on craps.  Pay.

Gambling Times                Free basic information and rules of craps.

JT's Systems Shop    

Ken Elliott's CrapSim       Craps simulator software, $79.95

Larry Boxer                     Information on craps, $9.95

Leonard Benson Company     Systems.

Miss Craps                      Free articles and trip reports on craps.

Niagara Falls Casino Connection, Betting Basics   Free basic craps information.

Online Dice Talk-Comment Page     Online Dice Talk

Playing Craps to Win       Craps system, Pay.

Power Craps                    System.   $39.95

Pro-Tem Craps                Craps system, Pay.

ReKraps                          Craps system taught live at the tables in Las Vegas, $5000.-

RGE's Software              Multiple craps simulator software programs.  Pay.

Super Craps                   Free craps software, download.

SysSim & CrapSim II     Craps simulator software, $79.95

Test Your Craps             Free Basic Craps Test.

WIN CARDS - The Easy Way to Learn to Play Blackjack, Craps and Roulette    Learning craps is EASY ... if you have a WIN CARD. The Craps WIN CARD clearly displays the exact odds and payoffs for the Pass and Don't Pass, Come and Don't Come, as well as Place Bets.

WinCraps                       Free craps software, download.

Winning @ Craps           Free information on craps. Rules, superstitions.

Winning Casino Craps System     Craps system, $22.05

Winning Craps System    Craps system, Pay.

Winning Proposition        System.  $29.95

Wright Way                    Free craps system.