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Dominoes Home Page     For a Puerto Rican, playing Dominoes is a skill learned while very young. It's a passion. It is a game of skill and strategy with a strong element of luck. For the Domino players among us, these resources provide an understanding of the strategy involved, from Princeton's strongest players. For the beginners, they provide a starting point for the game. These represent the best Domino resources on the Internet (they are also the only domino resources on the Net)

Games: Dominoes: 42 / Texas 42 Home Page     Dominoes: 42  This page is still under construction but it is fairly complete now... Please email sanders@earth.com if you find any problems or have any suggestions, new rules, etc.   History  Legend has it that 42 was invented by a young Baptist boy in east Texas because he wasn't allowed to play cards. The rules are like those in Bridge but different. Also known as Texas 42.

Puremco, America's only domino manufacturer     Puremco dominoes are the only dominoes made in America, and the only dominoes in the world that can be permanently custom printed with designs, personalization, monograms and company logos. These beautiful dominoes are made from a special marble resin, Marblelike™, and then polished into a silky smooth texture with the look and feel of ivory.

Shark Dominoes for Windows     Shark Dominoes  is the ultimate  opponent.  Whether you're brushing up on your  game or practicing for a Tournament, Shark Dominoes can help you.  It features two game levels. Play against a computer opponent at Novice or Expert level.
Shark Dominoes offers something for both the beginning and experienced player.

Windows Dominoes Games     Welcome to the place to get the best domino games available for Windows.