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Barry's UK National Lottery Page    Barry's UK National Lottery Page This page is provided purely for information. The data used to construct the various pictures available here was obtained from the pages of Richard K. Lloyd, and from the Oracle (ITV) Teletext page (p. 123).

Cyborg.org's UK National Lottery page    UK National Lottery Page UK National Lottery results are eMailed FREE to subscribers every Wednesday and Saturday evening.  Discover pay-out levels, the week's winning numbers, and a lot more!

Lottery Central     Welcome to Lottery Central

LottoNet     The British National Lottery   Brought to you by LottoNet.   About the UK Lottery  The draws take place twice weekly (Wednesday and Saturday) and are watched by millions on BBC television in the UK. There are thus two jackpots per week with an estimated total of approximately US$ 20,000,000! Plus thousands of smaller prizes.  Lottonet Ltd. allows anyone resident outside the United Kingdom the opportunity to try their luck. All you need to do is pick any six numbers from 1 to 49 inclusive (for example: 1, 5, 24, 29, 30, 46).   Your numbers will be entered in the twice weekly draws as soon your payment is cleared.

Steve's UK National Lottery Page     UK National Lottery Page

Ted Kelly's Home Page     Ted Kelly's Home Page from Stratford-on-Avon  A service to UK Lottery players

The Official National Lottery Web Site     The National Lottery was set up to raise funds for the five Good Causes chosen by Parliament - the arts, sports, national heritage, millenium fund and charities. During the first seven years of the National Lottery (the length of the licence) 9 billion is expected to be raised for these causes. On average during the seven years 28% will go to the Good Causes; 50% to prize winners; 13% to the government in lottery duty; 5% to retailers in commission, 3% towards operating costs and 1% to Camelot in profit.

The UK National Lottery         UK National Lottery

Turbo's UK National Lottery Main Page    Welcome to my UK Lottery Database  If you enjoy a flutter on the National Lottery, then you should find these pages of interest, but before you go any further, please read the Disclaimer at the foot of this page.