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Suited Connectors in Online Texas Hold’em

Much debate in online Texas hold’em is dedicated to the play of suited connectors. Some players swear by these hands, which are marked by two cards of the same suit that are consecutive or close to it. Others never play them. Naturally, there are both advantages and disadvantages to these hands.  Advantages to Suited Connectors in Online Texas Hold’em are that hey can make powerful hands naturally, the reason you play suited connectors in online Texas hold’em is because they can make both a straight or a flush. If the board isn’t paired, a flush is the best possible hand you can have, although you won’t necessarily have the best flush. If no flush is possible, a straight is the best possible hand, although again you may not have the strongest straight. They can make disguised hands. Since Texas hold’em players are accustomed to expecting raises with pairs or big cards, they may not see your hand coming when it hits. If you raise with 5h 3h and the flop comes Ad 2c 4h, you’ll probably get paid off by anyone with an ace. Disadvantages to Suited Connectors in Online Texas Hold’em is that hey can make the second best hand. If you’re coming in with small suited connectors, sooner or later you run the risk of hitting your straight or flush and being behind to a higher one. If this happens, it is very easy to lose your entire stack, so it is important to play these types of hands diligently and carefully. They can be more trouble than they are worth. Most of the time when you enter a pot with these hands, you will miss the flop and have to fold. If you don’t make more money when you hit your hand than you do all the times you come in with these cards and have to give up, playing these hands is a negative value play.


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