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Cardservice International     As today's leading credit card processor for the Internet, we provide you the latest in secure payment technologies. We encourage you to explore our site and discover the wide variety of products and services we offer.

CyberCash/ICVerify     In April of 1998, CyberCash and ICVERIFY merged to create the leader in secure, convenient payment technologies and services. The combined company - known as CyberCash - provides products and services enabling electronic commerce across the entire market spectrum from electronic retailing environments to the Internet. With our combined customer base, partners, and payment offerings, the new CyberCash is the clear market leader in e-commerce payment software.

DigiCash: Solutions for Security and Privacy    Founded in 1990, DigiCash is the leading pioneer in the development of electronic payment systems that provide security and privacy. Available for open, and closed systems and network use, DigiCash's products are based on patented developments in public key cryptography devised by Dr. David Chaum. DigiCash's first product was a road-toll system developed for the Dutch government. DigiCash's cryptographic technology has also enabled the company to develop smart cards for a diverse range of applications including CAFE, the smart card-based payment system operated by the Headquarters of the European Union in Brussels. The CAFE project was funded by the European Union, just one of the several European Union technology projects with which DigiCash has been involved, designing cards that feature pre-paid cash replacement functions, loyalty schemes and access control. In recent years the press has shown considerable interest in ecash™, a software-only form of electronic cash developed especially for use on the Internet. There are already seven ecash-issuing banks on the Net and a growing number of Merchants. Given the response from financial institutions interested in ecash-licenses for the future, our team of experts makes regular presentations around the world.

EMS Global        Are you turning away your share of more than 375 million sales? That's how many credit cards are being used nationwide. Charges in 1997 alone topped $1Trillion.  Don't Let Your Competitors Get the First Draw START Accepting Credit Cards Today !

Gamecash     GameCash is a turnkey package of Credit Card Cash Advance, Check Cashing and ATM/Debit services that pack one heck of a punch. We've knocked out the industry with exclusive features that put cash on your floor faster and drive return visits from your most valuable players. So if boosting your bottom line interests you, consider this: Since the end of 1995, the number of GameCash clients has more than tripled and we've earned recognition by Forbes as one of the best small companies in America.

International Trade & Investment     New. We now offer a full brokerage service for the offshore investor. Trades are cleared through major brokerage houses located outside of the United States. Call John Mayers on 1 (800) 370 8921 for full details of this new and exciting service and also for information on our new Forex trading capability.

Janco Merchant Services, Inc.     "High Risk Merchant Specialists" tm Credit Card Processing for All types of merchants. Businesses that traditionally have been rejected and/or are considered high risk call us! We are acquiring for banks in Asia, Caribbean, Europe, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Switzerland, Australia, the United Kingdom, Netherlands and the United States of America for offshore credit card processing!

Netcheck Commerce Bureau    The Netcheck Commerce Bureau was established to promote ethical business practices worldwide and to increase consumer and corporate confidence in purchasing products and services on the Internet. The Netcheck Commerce Bureau currently averages 476,567 page requests per month. All Consumer Services we provide to the Internet Community are FREE. They are made possible by the Members of The Netcheck Commerce Bureau.