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Gaming Investment

American Bingo - Discussion Forum     For the convience of our stockholders and others who are interested in American Bingo, the following are forums of investors discussing American Bingo stock. If you are aware of a discussion forum not listed below, please contact: play@ambingo.com.

Casino King Home Page     Excellent investment opportunity. Own a piece of "The King" Of Casinos.

Casino Vegas Del Mare     All Citizens, world-wide, (with few exceptions as noted below) plus Corporations, Trusts, Insurance Companies, Pension & Mutual Funds may invest directly or through your broker in this most exciting and profitable new venture in the world-wide casino industry. Casino Vegas Del Mare, Inc., a tax-free Bahamian Corporation is currently developing the only fleet of tax free casino ships in existence. Each ship will have 3,004 Suites (with slots in every suite), a 4,200 seat Convention and Entertainment Area, 40 Duty-free Shops, Radio-TV Stations broadcasting around the world daily, financial services, a world-wide Sports Betting Facility and a 280,000 square foot Casino.  The Bahamian company has authorized the initial release of the following U.S. Dollar Securities, in Bearer or your name, which can be purchased with U.S. Dollars or your local currency; •10 Million Class A, U.S. Dollar Shares at $20 each per share. Minimum purchase is 100 shares, In Bearer or Nominee form. •1 million U.S. Dollar Capital Appreciation Bonds at $1,000.00 each (or your equivalent currency) The Bonds & Shares can be in Bearer or Nominee form. •Each $1,000.00 Bond carries 10% annual interest payable at maturity (unless used sooner for credit with the 20% bonus at any of the casino ships) •Each Bond is fully secured by the casino ship.    

TBK Ltd    T.B.K. Ltd. researches, selects and manages stocks, mutual funds, real estate, and alternative investments such as thoroughbred racehorses and start-up business ventures for our clients.