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Gaming Software

-Software For The Gaming Industry -


Access Systems                 Interactive gaming and wagering systems. In-flight gaming. Australia.

ASEG Race and Sports Book     PrimeLine™ ASEG has applied advanced software technologies to produce the first commercially available, Windows-based Race and Sports Book System called PrimeLine. This system operates on standard IBM compatible PCs - no specialized hardware. An informative graphical user interface provides an intuitive, interactive environment for both the book manager and ticket writers.  PrimeLine can be easily adapted to support a range of environments from the very small book up to a large multi-property configuration. A full compliment of race and sports book features   is available. This is supported by risk analysis software to assist the book manager in making changes to the betting environment (assessing the house risk associated with any event). 

Atlantic International Entertainment, Ltd.     Atlantic International Entertainment, Ltd. Is a publicly traded company that develops, markets and licenses Interactive products to the gaming and hospitality industries.

Bookie Software & Sportsbook Program    Affordable SportsBook software for less than a DIME !!! 

Bossmedia AB                  Internet Casino software. 

Casino Operations Co.     Software for the Gaming / Wagering Industry

All our software is year 2000 compliant !

Casino Operations Co is the leading developer of PC software to the Gaming/Wagering industry. In business since 1989, we have a strong gaming analytics background as well as broad programming expertise. The company currently produces and markets software products, from Surveillance to Dealer Scheduling to Games Integrity to Comp Management. Customers include more than 200 casinos across the USA and around the world.

Casino Operations Co        Dealer and support personnel scheduling program for Casinos.

Casino Software & Services Inc.     Computer software for the Casino Industry.  Las Vegas.

Centron Software,Inc. - Teachers' tools, Pencil Puzzles, Classic, and Casino games    For those who like to gamble, and love to win, our casino products will teach you the winning strategies. View onscreen video tips by noted professional gambler and teacher, John Patrick, while feeling the fun and excitement of playing at the casino!

Cheapass Games Secret Web Page     PC Software.

Computer Golf.    Computer Golf Software, Inc. has developed products that are instrumental in managing most aspects of the public, private, municipal, county, state, and resort golf facilities. We provide Solutions from the pro shop to the dining room and from the snack bar to administration and accounting. Since 1966 we have been committed to developing and applying the most powerful golf software in the industry. Our ability to fully integrate a complete club management system, yet allowing the client to "pick and choose" the modules that best suit their needs has allowed us, in the last 30 years, to work successfully with over 1000 facilities around the world.

Gambling Software Systems     Internet Casino Software & Setup.  Play games on site.

GenSoft Productions                 Internet Casino Software developers.

Horizon Software    Horizon Software produces a complete line of 1099-series magnetic media reporting software, as well as custom software for the pari-mutuel racing industry.

Intersphere Communications     Internet Casino & SportsBook software developers.

Iverson Gaming Systems     Wireless Slot and Table tracking for the Casino Gaming industry.

MicroGaming                     Internet Casino Software developers.   Demo.

Q Games                           Internet Casino Software developers.

Quixotic Systems               Fraud detection software for Internet Gaming.

Silicon Gaming Inc.            Software for the Gaming Industry. Odyssey.

SOFTech Gaming Systems   Casino & SportsBook software for the gaming industry.

Sportsbook    Don't Gamble With Your Gaming Technology

Cyberoad Gaming Corporation is a leading developer of network SportsBook management and distribution systems. Cyberoad provides systems development, network management and ongoing technical support services for both existing and emerging international SportsBook operators who need to stay competitive in the rapidly growing online sports gaming industry.

S.S.T.                                 Accounting, Player Tracking, Lodging software for the Gaming industry.

VentureTech                     Internet Casino Software developers.

Virtual Casino                   Technical information on installation of a Java class Casino.

Virtual Gaming Technologies      Internet Casino Software developers.  San Diego. 2nd Site.

Xirtrix Gaming Technologies       Internet Casino Software developers.