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Get Paid

To Surf the Internet

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Join AllAdvantage.com

Did I tell you about AllAdvantage.com?  It's the Internet company I joined that pays you to surf the Web. Last month's top members earned several thousands of dollars each!

It's free to join and your privacy is completely protected.
Check out these impressive facts:

* They've paid over $10 million to members in the US, UK and Canada in the last three months alone;
* Now they're paying members in France, Germany, Australia,  New Zealand and the US territories, too -- more   countries coming soon;
* Later this month all members will be able to purchase  anti-virus software at a huge discount through their   AllAdvantage accounts;
* Soon they're releasing Viewbars to Mac users, making  AllAdvantage the first Viewbar company to do so; * They've developed and soon will release an upgraded  version of the Viewbar software that's equipped with  instant search capability and hundreds of quicklinks  to the Web's most popular sites, and of course, it pays   you to surf!

It takes only minutes to join, download the freeAllAdvantage.com Viewbar software, and start surfing theWeb with the Viewbar on your screen.  You can earn even more when you tell your friends about it.  Really! It's all about becoming part of a community that finally
recognizes our value as consumers.

Join now (there's no survey to fill out) at Alladvantage.com and
please use my membership ID (GGM-742) when asked if you were referred by someone.

Thanks a lot and happy surfing!

Get Paid to Surf  from eAcceleration Corp.

MyPoints The MyPoints(R) Program pays you for using the Internet. You can get Points for activities like visiting Web sites, clicking on ad banners, making a purchase, reading an email and much more. The Points you earn are redeemable for merchandise and services from MyPoints(R) partners such as The Sharper Image, Marriott, Hyatt, Barnes & Noble, Sony, Spiegel, T.J. Maxx, Marshalls, Olive Garden and Red Lobster. What could be easier!  Signup today at  MyPoints