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AIFBA - Absolute Internet Fantasy BaseBall    Welcome to the AIFBA, a truly competitive and realistic internet baseball simulation league, using Diamond Mind 7.0. AIFBA is 100% free of charge, as it is designed for the true fun of fantasy baseball. If interested in applying for any vacant teams, or to be placed on a waiting list, please send an application to AIFBA Commissioner, Fred Holland.

All-Pro Software for Stats and Scheduling Baseball, Softball, Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, and Hockey    StatTrak for Baseball (and softball) $39.95
    StatTrak for Basketball $39.95
    StatTrak for Hockey $39.95
    StatTrak for Volleyball $39.95
    StatTrak for Soccer $39.95
    All-Pro League Scheduler $59.95
    All-Pro Tournament Scheduler $59.95 (due out in April) 

Baseball Forecaster     Welcome to the Baseball Forecaster Home Page!  Here you will find the Baseball Forecaster program as well as articles and links on fantasy and rotisserie baseball.  If you play fantasy or rotisserie baseball and need up-to-date statistics and information on players and teams, you have come to the right place. The Baseball Forecaster program is shareware, so functional copies are free to download.  If you desire the latest information on over 1000 players, helpful hints on how to win your league, 4 years of individual stats, and player predictions for 1998 then go to the Baseball Forecaster download page.

Baseball Manager Home Page       With an $18 Million payroll you can:  • Draft your team of 28 players  • Set daily lineups and pitching rotations    • Set relief pitcher priorities  • Make trades and free agent deals  • Play 3-game series vs. rivals, just like the major leagues   • Bench your underachiev- ing star or recall your hot-hitting rookie from the minor leagues Want to manage stars like Barry Bonds, Dante Bichette, Fred McGriff, Bernie Williams, Mike Piazza? Want to try a rotation of Kevin Appier, Andy Pettitte, Roger Clemens and Randy Johnson? Want to see your dream team compete daily, based on 'today's' live performances?  Well, then you'll want to play BASEBALL MANAGER, the most realistic fantasy baseball game ever invented.

CyberSkipper Fantasy Baseball Game    You think you know the full extent of your passion for baseball...   then, along comes CyberSkipper™   and your perspective changes...

Design Depot Baseball Board Games Baseball     The Last Word in Realism in Baseball computer games and Baseball board games from the designer of Pursue the Pennant. Games Magazines Best News Sports Game For 1996.

Fantasy baseball leagues by Fantasy Sports    If you love sports, Congratulations, you’ve just found your favorite site! TCG Sports, in association with hundreds of sports junkies, has developed the premier stop on the Web for the no-nonsense sports fan. You’re going to love what we have to offer!   •Direct links to the information you crave •Links to the best Fantasy Leagues, information and services on the Web •College and Pro Football Picks of the week. •Unique games to play other than Fantasy Leagues

Fixed It! Software     Football, baseball, basketball and lottery software.

Horse Racing and Sports Handicapping Software by AXCIS     Computer software based handicapping products for horse racing and sports wagering. AXCIS provides daily statistical data in an economical, easy to use format under the TrackMaster and SportsMaster brand names. Distributor of dependable daily selections and analysis, including past performances in the traditional racing format. Everything the handicapper needs for thorough, insightful analysis. Click on any graphic link below to take you wherever you want to go.

Infinite Monkey Systems, Inc. Makers of Baseball Mogul     Baseball Mogul (the award winning original) is on sale again! Baseball Mogul is the winner of Computer Gaming World's Sports Game of the Year award! Free demo.

Player Projections Free Fantasy Baseball & Rot.    Free Draft Prep Software now available!  Since 1988 the leader in draft prep software   Welcome to our no frills, no slow loading pictures or icons site! Just hard data for the hardened fantasy player who wants info fast

Quantum Stats Inc    Software for Baseball Welcome to Quantum Stats Inc.  We have spent the winter working on Kabaloosh 98, our Software for Fantasy Baseball.  It keeps getting better.  Now, you can play at home, or put your league on you very own web site.  You will have a chat room, a place to post messages, and daily updates of the standings.  We offer unlimited categories--and you can  create your own if we don’t list it in our default settings.

RJL    Sports Software and Stats

Rutech Software    Our goal at RUTECH Software is to provide the best handicapping software at a reasonable price. Each season every program is reviewed and improved upon for the next season since, as you know, many things change in sports from year to year. We have been developing sports handicapping software here in Las Vegas for sports services and now the general public since 1979. We don't make any claims about 90% winners or get-rich claims. But we do offer some great handicapping tools to help you seek out the high probability plays which will make your sports handicapping easier and more enjoyable.

Sportrends: College and Pro Football, Basketball, and Baseball Handicapping software    Welcome to the new Generation in Sports Handicapping. After many years of hard work and dedication, we have become a leading force in the Sports Handicapping Business and Software Field, redesigning the Art and Science of Making Money. Our software often imitated but never equaled, is highly rated as one of the best handicapping packages out on the market today. That is why so many reputable and well respected sports consultants and on-line gambling casinos have decided to endorse our software. We at Sportrends have designed our Prophet software, using the experience we've gained in over 10 years of publishing Sports Handicapping Books, and now putting it into Action.

Sports Handicapping Software By PDS Sports     Software Products

Sure Bet Baseball Handicapping Software    SURE BET Pro Baseball Handicapper v4.03

Product Description

Finally a serious handicapping tool for today's power user. User first builds a seasonal database by entering games, lines and weekly results with fast, user-friendly pop-ups and control screens. Data may be entered by hand, or downloaded directly from this site.

SURE BET then calculates precise odds using run differentials, schedule strength and performance envelopes. Catalogs each team by home/away, right/left, flyball/grounball, streaks, homestands and many more. For each category calculates win/loss records, average scores, ROI and current streaks. Using a statistical goodness-of-fit formula, SURE BET then computes category trend weight based on observed vs. expected results--Instantly alerting you to the first sign of any significant trend.