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Betting Software

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AddictWare - Software for sports gamblers       AddictWare is a small software company designed for the sole purpose of developing high quality software for the sports gambling community.  Our first major release, LET IT RIDE,  is a huge success.  We expect this success to continue with the release of version 3.  Version 3 includes MLB and NHL teams as well as NFL, NBA, and NCAA teams!  Version 3.2  is now available for download !

All-Pro Software for Stats and Scheduling Baseball, Softball, Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, and Hockey   

     StatTrak for Baseball (and softball) $39.95
    StatTrak for Basketball $39.95
    StatTrak for Hockey $39.95
    StatTrak for Volleyball $39.95
    StatTrak for Soccer $39.95
    All-Pro League Scheduler $59.95
    All-Pro Tournament Scheduler $59.95 (due out in April) 

MicroFest, Inc. - Pool-Side: Tourney Tracker   Maker of Backyard Bookie, your personal pari-mutuel toteboard simulator!  Bring the race track to your home!  And Tourney Tracker, the best software to manage your office or neighborhood NCAA pool, or ANY other standard single-elimination tournament pool!    Download shareware software for free!

Operation Sports - Dedicated to Sports Games on the computer    Computer sports games.

Software Exchange® Sports Handicapping Books and Software    Sports Handicapping Books and Software

Sports Tracker     National Sports Services, Inc., publisher of the Official Nevada Rotation as seen in Jim Feist’s Nevada Sports Schedule, is proud to announce our new SportsTracker II software solution. It’s like having a casino sports book in your own living room. The same information used by Nevada Sports Books is now available to anyone with a Personal Computer, a modem and an Internet connection.  You'll receive REAL-TIME betting lines, updated instantly, from the Mirage, Hilton, Binion's Horseshoe, Caesars Palace, MGM Grand, Stardust, and the very popular Antigua and Caribbean Island lines, as well as the famous Jim Feist line. Half-time and consensus money lines are also available.

Steve Karas and Associates Home of Golden Book     Sportsbook, Lottery and Parlay software.

WinBet Sports Betting Software for Gambling     These pages contain a lot of information about our software for sports betting and related issues. Hoping, that after visiting our web site you know what today's sports betting is all about and how you could improve your chances of winning. We are not the only ones using software for sports betting; some of the bookmakers do the same in order to improve their profits. Our mission is to be better than all of them. Results got by our software  so far   do prove that we are some steps ahead of them. In some cases it is not even difficult. If you are coming from North America, check out as well what our software can do for your selections in  NFL football 

WinOdds - The perfect Utility for Sports Betting     WinOdds is a PC-program for sports betting. WinOdds can actually calculate the result of a match; soccer, hockey, basket... any match!  The analysis is based upon the result of the team's last 6 matches, table position and other info that you provide.   But WinOdds does more than that! WinOdds can make complex systems, with up to 60 matches and thousands of combinations. Your systems may be used at Alpenland, SSP, Intertops, Eurobet... any bookmaker!  WinOdds also calculates your stake and winnings, and organizes your expenses and incomes with the smart account-tool.  WinOdds also includes a help system, explaining the use of the advanced functions.  On our brand new Web-site you can read more about the amazing WinOdds.  You may also download a free 20-days' trial version of WinOdds. The only difference between the trial version and the registered version is the time limit. After the 20 days you may easily register WinOdds by obtaining a personal license code.  The price is only 39 US$, 25 GB£ or 69 DM. Read more about registration and payment.

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