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Boxing Information

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Alamin's Boxing Page    Welcome to the Al-Amin's Boxing Page, this page has been put together by Azzam, Mohammed Al-Amin and Hadi Allawi. It took quite a while but we are finally done and you could look at our controversial views about how we are not as impressed with Lennox Lewis as most people are.

Andy's Boxing Page     Boxing Information.

Boxing 101    Have a great time at boxing 101, one of the best boxing web sites on the net! This site may not be completely up to date, but have a good time anyway. I hope you have fun at boxing 101, any questions, comments, suggestions, requests, or hate letters, please send them to the founder of boxing 101, srrobinsun@aol.com   I am glad to report that we have added Christopher Neyts has  been added to fold at boxing 101!  Ladies and gentleman, I have regained contact with our former writer fight doctor and he is considering rejoining the boxing 101 staff, I will give you more info in the future!   Have a great time!

Boxing Canada    The official Web Site of the Canadian Amateur Boxing Association

Here you'll find always up-to-date information on all aspects of the sport of Olympic-style boxing in Canada and the world: Directories, news, results, programs & services, information on athletes and competitions, boxing for females, and historical background facts. Just click on the underlined topic of your interest - See you at ringside!

Boxing Monthly     BOXING MONTHLY logo banner

Boxing On The Web     Boxing Information.

Boxing.com     Boxing Information.

Boxnut     As a boxing nut I surf the web looking for any site that deals with any facet of boxing. Through my travels I have come across some very fun, exciting and informative places for boxing fans to visit. My goal with this site is to make other boxing fans aware of these websites so they to can find all they need to know about the World of Boxing!   I hope to break these links into categories in the near future.

Classic Entertainment & Sports, Inc.   Promotions  Matchmaking Training Marketing

Daryl's Boxing Forum     Daryl's  Boxing Forum

Eletronic Boxing Monthly -= Information from the world of boxing =-    "Our Appreciation to Boxing: King of Sports for this Award"

Fightchannel.com     Boxing Information.

Fightguy boxing     The Web Ring  an on-line boxing magazine  It's been a while, but please be patient, more new features, including interviews are on the way.   And as I learn more about html and making web pages, things should start to look better soon.  Anyway, as for the new stuff - I added a new feature called The Bottom Line. It'll be a regular weekly feature with predictions from myself, and any other boxing fans who want to contribute to The Web Ring.

Fitesite home    Welcome to the Fite Site!   The Fite Site is your source for up to date professional boxing results, schedules and news from the WBC, IBF, WBU, WBA and WBO You can also view the current press releases from the top boxing promoters about their upcoming events.  South African Boxing Control Commission to Recognize all world sanctioning bodies.

Forum Boxing     Boxing Information.

Friends of Boxing     Friends of Boxing is a quarterly boxing digest devoted to the Canadian Pro Boxing Scene.

Hickok's Sports History: Internatl. Boxing Hall of Fame    International Boxing Hall of Fame

IBF-USA-Boxing-com     Boxing Information.

IBHOF.com /International Boxing Hall of Fame     Boxing Information.

International Boxing Digest Online     Boxing Information.

Las Vegas at it's Best    Boxing Information.

LJ AC Boxing    Welcome to Luci Jones" AC Boxing", the premiere website for what's happening in America's Favorite Playground.

Marty's Boxing      Boxing Information.

Ring 4    Welcome to Ring 4 International Veteran Boxers association.

Stanlo's Ultimate Boxing Page              Stanlo's   Ultimate Boxing Page

Sunshine Boxing Inc.    The Sunshine Boxing website features Celebrity Photos, Don King Productions,   The Rumble Column, Boxing Discussion Board, Grambling Highlights, Events Calendar, Casino Links, Cigar Links, Boxing Links and  Team Sunshine - - - Boxing Promotions & Management.

The Boxing Wise Website: Dedicated to the Sweet Science of Boxing.    Information and opinions on the Sweet Science. This is a no frills boxing site with lots of information, opinions and  boxing related articles. The site will be updated daily so check back  often and if you have any ideas for improving this site please E-mail  me and I will do my best to get it done.

The Business Of Boxing     Boxing Information.

The Cyber Boxing Zone      The Cyber Boxing Zone is the source for current boxing news, opinions, reviews, and The CBZ Boxing Encylopedia. NEW! Visit our on-line book & video store. We also publish the monthly Cyber Boxing Journal perhaps the most widely read boxing mag on the planet!

The House Of Boxing        Boxing Information.

The Pugilist   

The Pugilist  

Professional Boxing on the Internet

    Home of InsideBoxing zine!

The World Boxing Association     Boxing Information.

To The Business Of Boxing     Boxing Information. (2nd Site)

TSN.ca: Boxing    Boxing Information.

Universal Warriors Fighting Championship Inc. - Official Home Page    The official website of Commando Knock-Out Challenge

Vermont Boxing History   

Welcome to the
Vermont Boxing History
Home Page

Dedicated to those that have fought, promoted, watched, talked about, been inspired by, or just plain enjoyed the "fight game."

WBU Boxing     World Boxing Union   Incorporating the North American Boxing Union and the South American Boxing Union

White Collar Boxing    

Welcome to the White Collar Boxing Home Page
"The Workout of a Fighter Without The Fight"
by Jeff Overturf
"The Founder of Fight Fitness"

Willie the Worm's Boxing Page      Boxing Information.

World Boxing Hall of Fame     Boxing Information.

World Fighting Federation     Boxing Information.

World of Boxing News and Software - Latest News    Boxing Information.

World Of Boxing With Ray Wheatley    Welcome to the official World Of Boxing Web Site. The home of Australia's top boxing journal. This site is updated monthly and features all the latest news from Australia and around the world, all the opinions, reviews and the best in boxing nostalgia.