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Dog Racing - Breeding


Conways Greyhound Complex      Conways is a complete Greyhound establishment that is a show place of Greyhound complexes in Victoria. Conways provide professional services. •Whelping litters. •Rearing of puppies from small yards to long runs. •"Breaking In" on our new and safe sand track. •Boarding in different size yards as requested. •Spelling of racing greyhounds. •Broodbitches on season housed in security area.  Public trials: Saturday and Sunday 8.00am to 11.00 am.  Our fully enclosed sand track is one of the best in Victoria. The lure is cable driven with track dimensions being five metros in width and 400 metros from box to box. Electronic timing is displayed to 100, 300, 400, and 500 metros. There is a bullring and our new grass straight track of 300 metros will be completed soon. Our Boarders are fed top quality beef. Interstate clients are a specialty. Bunyip veterinary clinic is situated only 3 minutes from Conways.

Effeeko Greyhounds    "Most owners and breeders would give their right arm to get a greyhound into a classic final. No wonder, then, that Alicia Swaffield thought all her birthdays had arrived simultaneously when she not only got her two dogs through to the final of the Respond Irish Derby, but then watched in disbelief as Batties Rocket led home litter sister Batties Spirit to give Alicia a quite unparalleled 1-2 in the premier race in this part of the greyhound world." - Irish Greyhound Review 1996  If you are interested in Greyhound racing and ownership, or if you are interested in an amazing story about an amazing lady then these pages are for you. Alice Swaffield owner of Effeeko Greyhounds has bred some of the most successful greyhounds as you will see from our list of winners on the next page. All Effeeko dogs have been trained by Matt and Frances O'Donnell in Ireland, their record is second to none including four Derby winners and eight Ledger finalists.  Also on the following pages read the story of Batties Rocket and Batties Spirit and how they finished 1st and 2nd in the Respond Irish Derby. Finally read about the lady behind Effeeko Greyhounds - Tipperary born, Yorkshire based Alice Swaffield.

Greyhound Infomation & Marketing Service    Greyhound Information & Marketing Service Bishops Island,   Watergrasshill,  Co.Cork, Ireland.  Tel: +353-21-889422 / 087-492717  E-Mail gims@indigo.ie G.I.M.S is Ireland's first on-line Greyhound selling site.  It allows you to choose the animal you are interested in from the categories below and then simply browse through the pages until you find the one that suits you. It is now on-line it will be available worldwide 24 hours a day.  These are the categories which are available  •Stud Dogs Standing •Pups and Saplings •Racing greyhounds for Sale •Greyhound Information   In addition you can advertise your own dog on these pages at an amazing lowcost. Greyhound Information and Marketing Service: Registration   Thank you for wanting to advertise your Greyhound for sale on G.I.M.S worldwide web pages.  Registration is extremely low at only 20, and we take no commission on the final selling price. For this price your advertisement will be:  •Available 24 hours a day.•World wide audience.•All animals are kept on the G.I.M.S WWW site until sold.•Direct access to Greyhound owner.•Speedy Service•You can also list stud dogs standing, brood bitches or any ancillary Greyhound services on this page.