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Dog Racing - General

ACTTAB - The TAB for Australian Horse and Greyhounds     Wholly owned by the Government of the Australian Capital Territory, ACTTAB was established in 1964 to provide a legal off-course betting system and from its inception to 30 June 1998 has accepted almost $1.5 billion in bets, paid $69.4M in the form of tax and community contributions and provided $59.3m in distributions to the ACT Racing Industry. The principal activity of ACTTAB is the provision of totalizator betting services, offering a wide range of betting types and betting facilities, in active competition with other forms of gambling.  ACTTAB has in the ACT, the exclusive right to conduct or provide totalizator betting services for races and other sporting events held whether within or outside the Territory. The functions of ACTTAB, in addition to its totalizator services, include the conduct or acting as an agent for a person conducting a lottery and the provision of other services relating to betting as approved by the government Minister.  Totalizator pari-mutuel betting involves the placing of the money from bets into a pool for each bet type on each race. After the deduction of approximately 15% for tax, race club contributions and operating costs the remainder of the pool of money is shared by those punters selecting winners, placegetters or correct combinations in the case of multiple bet types such as quinella, trifecta and doubles.

An amazingly simple Wagering System     How to Make a Killing at the Racetrack! Turn yourself into a Master Handicapper with  This SECRET betting system was developed by a group of mathematicians , it now wins more money in an afternoon than most people make all week!  and the best part is. Works regardless of season, length of course or track conditions!   In person or off-track!  Works with any track - Worldwide (where Post Time Odds are present)!  Works for thoroughbreds, harness or even dog racing!  Proven: in a test of 25,000 races, there were never more than 7 consecutive losing bets on Win, 4 on Place and 3 on Show!  In one 26-day period with a series of individual $20 wagers,  winnings totaled almost $10,000!  Easy to use, and can be done by even novice bettors, using only a standard racing program guide! Requires only one wager per race!  Gambling is truly a sucker's bet... unless you know THE SYSTEM!  How many times have you walked away from a racetrack, feeling like a fool for throwing away your hard-earned money on a horse you were certain was going to come through? Well, the odds were stacked against you. They always are. Whether you're in a casino or at a racetrack, everything is set up in the House's favor. Sure, you might win once or twice in the beginning, but eventually they're gonna to clean you out.  Put the odds back in your favor! Order  right now. Put it to the test.  If you're not absolutely astounded by the results, simply return the package for a full refund! You have absolutely nothing to lose!  Plus! Order right now and We'll also send you.  Follow these simple strategies to increase your winning percentage Start using this system now , you could be making a SIX-FIGURE PART-TIME INCOME, or just amaze your friends on weekends!  This powerful Wagering System alone has sold privately for as much as $2,500!   But it's yours - FREE ! with your order of the WINNING EDGE SYSTEM We've slashed the price for the entire  Racing System. It's not $2,500...not $250.00...it's not even $99.00 !   It's just $59.95!  U.S. (and we'll even pay for the Shipping and the Sales Tax!) Plus We're including the Wagering System You'll get everything for only $59.95  U.S. delivered right to your door step !  We're so confident with the results you will have with this system, we back it up with a 100% money back guarantee!

Australian and New Zealand Horseracing   Australian and New Zealand Trots, Gallops, Dogs.

Bill Stokes    Free pick's, tracks.

Bolt's Lightning Loungers    Bolt's Lightning Loungers  Greyhounds, Quarter Horses, Florida, Family and Friends

Chilcote Racing Greyhounds    Division of Thomas F. Chilcote Enterprises Presents Racing Greyhound Information

Connecticut OTB    Autotote Enterprises owns and operates Connecticut Off-Track Betting and the "On the Wire" Phone Betting service. We offer the most extensive racing menu in the country. You can wager on thoroughbred, harness and greyhound racing and even jai-alai. Wager on racing from California, New York, Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana and more! Check out the extensive track schedule.

Connecticut OTB    Welcome to the Autotote Enterprises web site! New! New! NEW! The Handicapper's Page! Click here for daily picks! 1999 Sports Haven Handicapping Challenge and the Stable Wars!  Available soon in Adobe PDF format - The Autotote Enterprises Newsletter! Autotote Enterprises owns and operates Connecticut Off-Track Betting and the "On the Wire" Phone Betting service.  We offer the most extensive racing menu in the country. You can wager on thoroughbred, harness and greyhound racing and even jai-alai. Wager on racing from California, New York, Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana and more! Check out the extensive track schedule.

Conways Greyhound Complex    Conways is a complete Greyhound establishment that is a show place of Greyhound complexes in Victoria. Conways provide professional services. •Whelping litters. •Rearing of puppies from small yards to long runs. •"Breaking In" on our new and safe sand track. •Boarding in different size yards as requested. •Spelling of racing greyhounds. •Broodbitches on season housed in security area.  Public trials: Saturday and Sunday 8.00am to 11.00 am. Our fully enclosed sand track is one of the best in Victoria. The lure is cable driven with track dimensions being five meters in width and 400 meters from box to box. Electronic timing is displayed to 100, 300, 400, and 500 meters. There is a bullring and our new grass straight track of 300 meters will be completed soon. Our Boarders are fed top quality beef. Interstate clients are a specialty. Bunyip veterinary clinic is situated only 3 minutes from Conways.

DogBase User Forum     Handicapping and DogBase User Forum  Welcome to the DogBase user Forum. This forum is intended for general handicapping discussions and for DogBase users to share their thoughts and ideas with each other. You do NOT have to be a DogBase User to participate in the forum.

ESP Greyhound Racing Club    Welcome to the Greyhound Racing Club   The object of this club is to provide an organization through which the ardent greyhound racing enthusiast can communicate with this club and others with the same interests throughout America. If you love greyhound racing you will enjoy this club and its many activities. Any person who appreciates greyhound racing is eligible to join this club. There is a one time membership fee of twenty five dollars. If you join we will send you a cover sheet, certificate of membership, flyers from time to time, a program from Daytona Kennel Club, and a questionnaire for future events and other programs on the agenda. As a member you will be entitled to access ESP, SSP/SP, SSP/SE, SPFVRSSPC, and SPEQW and many more goodies. Also, eventually we will all be linked together on the Internet. However, that may take some time.  So, don't wait, send your remittance to: ESP Greyhound Racing Club, P.O. Box 2300 Flagler Beach, FL 32136. Include your name and address. We promise we will have plenty of fun getting to know each other. The shipping and handling charges are included in the membership fee. Also, allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.

Greyhound Handicapping     Daily picks and analysis for Phoenix Greyhound Park.  Phoenix, AZ, and selected tracks throughout the country

Greyhound Handicapping Guide II     Greyhound Handicapping Guide II  is now available Best "play" selection for a particular performance using "spot plays" listed in "Greyhound Handicapping Guide II"  Play of the day.

Greyhound Network News Online     Greyhound information, news, articles.

Greyhound Racing Liiton kotisivu       Greyhound Racing Liitto (GRL ry) on greyhound ja whippeturheilun valtakunnallinen, itsenäinen kattojärjestö. GRL:n jäsenyhdistykset järjestävät vauhdikkaita Greyhound Racing kilpailuja Hyvinkään Sveitsin, Tampereen Kaupin ja Turun Metsämäen radoilla sekä lähitulevaisuudessa myös Haukiputaan radalla. GRL panostaa erityisesti ratojen turvallisuuteen sekä lajin kehittämiseen urheiluna. Tervetuloa mukaan ! Voit tulla mukaan joko koiran kanssa tai ilman. Jos harkitset pennun ostoa, ota yhteyttä GRL:n sihteeriin Teija Pajulaan puh. 03 - 3640 668 tai 0400 - 866 944, email: teija.pajula@grl.fi . Hän kertoo Sinulle lajistamme ja avustaa sopivan pennun valinnassa.   Greyhoundien kantakirjasta ja kilpailukirjoista saat tietoa kantakirjaajaltamme Ann-Mari Härmältä puh. 03 - 342 2823.

Greyhound Starting Box Forums     World Greyhound Forum:  Discussions and information on issues related to racing Greyhound ownership, training, breeding, kennel operations, industry topics, and professional greyhound racing interests worldwide.  Handicapper's Forum - a.k.a. The Greyhound Doghouse:  Lively discussion and debate on handicapping and wagering topics, Greyhounds, tracks, races, systems and methods, computer software, simulcasting, contests, sports betting, and all related gaming and player interests.    Adopt A Greyhound Pet Page:  Discussion, inquiries and issues regarding retired racing Greyhounds as pets, promoting cooperation and communication among adoption, racing, and fan interests.

Greyhound Tabform Australia     Peter and John Pearson have researched the TAB betting trends and have designed Greyhound Tabform. •A ten race programme with easy to read quick reference format  •There are approximately 18 minutes between races and Greyhound Tabform is basically self explanatory  •Features include: form.greyhounds name, early prepost odds, best winning time, total start statistics (win and placing), starts this track and distance (win and placing), trainers name, comments, breeding, Victorian prizemoney, and selections for each race to satisfy the TAB punter who bets on WIN, PLACE, QUINELLA and TRIFECTA.  The Four selections with their race and TAB number in front of the greyhounds name are a quick guide for the punter, and indicate that they back one of the four selections to find the winner of the race.  Greyhound Tabform selections have a top class strike rate.

Gulf - Wagering Strategies              Details on types of Dog Racing bets.

Harness Racing in New Zealand     Racing in New Zealand.

Horse and Hound Catalog              Since 1984 the ultimate source for horse and dog enthusiasts.  Our new 1998-99 catalog includes over 500 gifts, home accessories and fine art works. Our on-line site contains much of the new catalog (not all) with additional new products and changing specials.  1-888-896-4567

Just Racing     Trading Net Australia - a Brisbane, Queensland based business, is proud to be involved in the promotion of the Queensland Racing Industry, and sincerely thanks all participants who have a vision of the future, in seeing Internet advertising as an invaluable, promotional tool for themselves or their business. The site you are entering is representative of Trading Net Australia's professionalism in placing small and large business and industry - and now the Queensland Racing Industry - on the Internet, exposing them to a world-wide audience. It is without question, that the latter years of the twentieth century and the early years of the twenty-first century, will see Racing beamed into homes via our televisions with Metropolitan Night Racing gaining acceptance and recognition. It is of paramount importance therefore, that the Industry is geared to embrace the enormous benefits that go with such revolutionary advancement. The Racing Industry, encompassing the three codes of Thoroughbreds, Harness Racing and Greyhounds, represents the fourth   largest employer in Australia, and thus is of enormous national significance to the current economic status of the Country.  Through the myriad of facets which combine to form the Racing Industry,  $$$billions are invested and speculated annually. As with any entity involving gambling, Luck and Chance are major players. The Australian population love to gamble, but the ever increasing competition for the gambling dollar means that the Racing Industry needs to be more dynamic and effective than ever in its marketing strategies, to increase or at least maintain its share of the gambling dollar. The somewhat apathy of Racing officialdom in the last 15 years in marketing its product effectively, has led to falling Racetrack attendance, and allowed young people to seek out other forms of entertainment which have been strategically targeted towards them as "action packed" and exciting. What could be more "action packed" and exciting than Racing?  Please continue on and view what is fervently believed to be the most professional and comprehensive Racing Internet site in Australia today.

Larry's Greyhound Picks     Larry's Dog Racing Mania  Welcome to Dog Racing Fans Everywhere  This site is dedicated to Greyhound Dog Racing.  I have developed a set of programs to aid in handicapping.

Lucky Dog Greyhound Racing Betting Guides     Handicapping service for Gulf Greyhound and Bluffs Run.

National Greyhound Association      The National Greyhound Association  P.O. Box 543, Abilene, KS 67410, 785-263-4660

Pari-Mutuel Wagering        The Division of Pari-Mutuel Wagering, a division within Florida's Department of Business and Professional Regulation, focuses on the regulation of jai-alai, greyhound, thoroughbred and harness races.

Pickin' the Puppies Guide to Greyhound Racing    A Comprehensive Guide to Greyhound Racing.

Pico Publishing     Racing Greyhounds Offers Racing Charts  This Racing Greyhounds Internet Service offers race results and alphabetical entries for $83.40 per year. Sample files are available in the "Charts" area through the button at the top of this page. Anyone who was a previous subscriber to the printed version of the "Weekly Greyhound Charts" should already have their passwords. If you have lost your password, or wish to subscribe to this service, please call us at (732) 345-0220 to set up your account.

Racing Australia     Greyhound racing information in Australia

ROSNET    Rosnet,Inc - Host for Greyhound Racing International .

SHCF Hundkapp hemsida     SHCF = Svenska Hundkapplöpningssportens Centralförbund   Tidningen, nyheterna och resultaten är Adobe Acrobat .pdf-filer. Ta hem filerna till din hårddisk (klicka med höger musknapp, så kan du ladda hem fil) och öppna och läs dem i Acrobat programmet, som du kan ta hem gratis från http://www.adobe.com Du kan då läsa och printa ut dem. Tävlingresultaten kommer varje vecka under säsongen. Nyheterna uppdateras lite oregelbundet, kolla själv.

Stephen Potts     Greyhound Handicapping with Stephen Potts

TAB of NSW - The Adrenalin Bet     The TAB is one of the world's largest betting organizations and provides betting to NSW, Australia and the World, on galloping, harness and greyhound racing as well as a variety of sporting events.

Tampa Bay Dog Tracks, Dog Racing, Wagering    Tampa Bay Dog Tracks and Racing information.

The Greyhound Gang Bulletin Board    This "Bulletin Board" works sort of like a "Use Net" News Group, if you know what that is. You can "post" comments, questions, and answers to topics posted by yourself or others. Please keep the subject matter to Greyhounds.

The Racing Consultant, greyhound handicapping    Greyhound handicapping service.

Top Dog    Welcome to Top Dog, the first and only web site specializing in the accurate forecasting of greyhound races. We believe dog racing to be one of the more "pure" forms of pari-mutuel sport gaming, and invite you to experience the excitement and thrill of watching some of nature's greatest athletes. For your protection, we are now using CyberCash for all our transactions.

Windhund...Harlin's Greyhound Page    Greyhound history, facts and poetry.