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Dog Racing Software

ADPA Handicapping Software for Thoroughbreds    Attention Handicappers! ... Since 1986 we have helped thousands of handicappers become very profitable at the track with our full line of easy-to-use sports handicapping software for Thoroughbred, Greyhound, Harness and Quarterhorse racing.  Now available is new version 4.51 of our best-selling Thoroughbred FOCUS — No Data Entry! — rated by our customers as their # 1 thoroughbred handicapping software ever!   Using FOCUS you too can get 65% 75% 85% winners for every race you play!

B.L. Software    B.L. Software designs, develops and markets software to handicap thoroughbred, harness and greyhound races. Since our introduction during 1983, the software algorithms, or the way mathematical equations are solved, are continually fine-tuned to offer the racing fan very powerful, low cost handicapping software, with increased predictability. Let your personal computer do the "number crunching" it was designed to do. 

Bunny Money$!$ - Greyhound Handicapping Software    Bunny Money$!$ is a program that evaluates electronic race data, either from Bulletin Board Systems (BBS) and/or off the Internet, handicaps the races based on a point system controlled by you and predicts the winner(s). It also processes and analyzes [free] results data from the Internet to allow you to keep statistics on how well you are handicapping and compute projections for improving your results and Return on Investment (ROI).

DogOne Greyhound Handicapping Software     DogOne is the result of years of research in greyhound handicapping. We provide software that enables you to quickly handicap a race or performance with automated input (DogOne does the typing for you).

Download DogPak, RaceView and RacePro    Now available for downloading at no charge! DogPak   DogPak is a sophisticated database and handicapping program that maintains a complete database of all the lines for all the greyhounds at your track. With DogPak you can print a racing program that features 10, 15 or even 20 lines for each dog instead of the just the six you'll find in the official racing program. You can also print a Stat Attack report, TimeSim handicapping selections, post position statistics, and lots more.

Greyhound Race Handicapping software     Welcome to the Home page of the most complete Greyhound Handicapping software on the market today. We here at DogBase strive to create the tools necessary to make you a successful Greyhound Handicapper. We accomplish this by maintaining a database of the Past Performances of the dogs at your track or tracks. See Data Availability for Tracks with online data. Once the database is built you can print your own program with up to 15 lines per dog, Kennel List with kennels recent record, Bet Report of bets you have found to be profitable and the Head to Head report for when the dogs have run against each other before. With our Wager program, you can test wagering strategies on Previous Results. The way DogBase picks a race is configurable by the user, it also has ability to test results of that configuration against the database. With a historical database you can see what works by checking against it, without it your guessing. It is this ability that makes DogBase so powerful. You can see how it works before you bet your money.

Gulfhound Stats BBS    Welcome to the home of ArtSoft & Gulfhound Stats  Email or call for more information on software and the data services available. Gulfhound Stats BBS (515) 989-3341 Voice (515) 989-0432

How To Win At Greyhound Racing     Go to the races feeling confident that you will Win Big!   "How to win at Greyhound Racing", was designed and written by a Ph. D. in math and a retired NASA scientist, it will give you proven betting strategies and the winning edge, to predict which dogs and which races will bring in the dough. You will find this method is successful in selecting the Winner of our top 4 predictions in approximately 75% - 85% of the races and is easy to use.  The computer program requires MS DOS operating system.  To get this amazing book and computer program send $29.95, or $9.95 for the book only to  ALPHA 2  P.O. Box 1014  Athens, AL 35611  Add $2.30 for shipping and handling to each order. Alabama residents add 7% sales tax.  To order by phone by call 1-205-350-9939.

RG Software     Analyst  Graphically displays sorted average times, best times for dogs in a race, sorted breaks from box, and break trends. (Data input required.) MS-DOS program.   Bets Automatically calculates wager costs for quinielas, perfectas, trifectas, and superfectas. MS-DOS program. Breaker  Displays greyhound break profiles based on computer simulations. (Data input required.) MS-DOS program.  DogPak  Database and handicapping program. Maintains a full database of past performance lines, pari-mutuel prices, etc. Handicaps races using TimeSim. Data available for download via RG Electronic services BBS: (732) 345-0261 (14,400 baud, N81). MS-DOS program.   Entry   Requires dBASEIII or FoxBase+ to operate. Create your own database for races at your track. Store information on grades, time, finishers, payoffs. (Data input required.) MS-DOS program.  GNS  Greyhound Notation System. Database program to store greyhound comments and observations. (Data input required.) MS-DOS program.  Minicap Spreadsheet that allows you to assign numeric value to various handicapping factors. Calculates a total value based on your rankings. (Data input required.) MS-DOS program.   RacePro for Windows  A Microsoft Windows application that displays and prints up to 14 past performance lines for every greyhound in a given performance. Data available for download via RG Electronic services BBS: (732) 345-0261 (14,400 baud, N81).   RaceView  Easy-to-use handicapping software. Allows users to create their own handicapping systems, and apply them automatically to upcoming performances. Data available for download via RG Electronic services BBS: (732) 345-0261 (14,400 baud, N81). MS-DOS program.  Shippers  Adjusts times for greyhounds moving from one track to another by comparing the track record times for each track. (Data input required.) MS-DOS program.  Statanal  Computes your success rates and confidence levels. (Data input required.) MS-DOS program.  TimeSim  Simulates 100-5000 races based on time data. Provides a ranking on each greyhound and a win, place, and show percentage. Also calculates Quiniela, exacta, and trifecta probabilities. (Data input required.) MS-DOS program.  Tipster ($50) Wagering analysis software. Compares handicapping selections to actual race results to calculate winning percentages and return on investment figures for a wide variety of wagering strategies. (Data input required.) Tipster documentation available for download. Software available for download via RG Electronic services BBS: (732) 345-0261 (14,400 baud, N81). MS-DOS program.  Trifecta  Trifecta analysis software. Find trifecta payoffs and overlays based on win odds. (Data input required.) MS-DOS program  Variant  Calculates track speed variants and adjusts past performance lines based on track speed conditions. (Data input required.) MS-DOS program.  Wagers  Maintains a database of all your wagers and winnings. Reports by date range and wager type. (Data input required.) MS-DOS program.  WPS  A simple program that turns win, place, and show totals into percentages, and then sorts the data from best to worst. (Data input required.) MS-DOS program.

Sure Bet Greyhound Software     SURE BET Greyhound Handicapper v5.0

Product Description

Imagine the power of a system combining a sophisticated greyhound database with race trend analysis and statistical simulation. Now wrap it in an extremely user friendly environment, and add a reporting system to satisfy any betting style. Have it provide custom money management and wagering strategies. Throw in automated track customization and race data import capability. When the smoke clears you have SURE BET 5.0, a professional handicapping system so powerful it's GUARANTEED to make you money.

At the heart of SURE BET is a database capable of storing over a million lines of greyhound data; Winning times, ART's, post calls, bumps, track conditions, racing styles, comments and more. Its like having an entire year's worth of racing forms at your fingertips. Best of all, with a track import procedure, this data can be downloaded directly from the WWW.

Every track races differently. Some are longer, have sharper turns, softer clay, etc. This is why SURE BET provides automated track customization. Break and 1st turn box bias, track variants, bump probabilities, and over 50 other critical racing statistics are all evaluated and cataloged, automatically. This gives SURE BET the flexibility to adapt to any racing situation.

Synergism Software      Post time™ research  is pleased to announce we are  totally   rewriting  synergism™  " sound handicapping concepts through experience, research and innovation "  developed by : bob purdy - nationally known and respected  as always, synergism™ will continue to be the most   truly advanced and pertinent thoroughbred handicapping program available   synergism™ will now be presented in windows 95/98 format and will be   blazingly fast and the easiest handicapping program on the market to navigate   logically presented    -    easy to understand   you will surely want the advantage of synergism™  a free demo will soon be available for your evaluation  the release date and cost to be announced

Winner   The Computer Dog Track Program that WINS!  Welcome to WINNER! Last Statistical Update was on October 23, 1998.  Improve your odds dramatically at the track with a track-proven and track-tested program for success. Users report great results from an easy-to-use program that just takes minutes to load and use right away.  Winner's unique coding and betting system has a WIN percentage of about 65% for picking the Trifecta (when all win key bets are made). Winner calculates a series of win key bets. The average wager cost per race is about $55, (generally 2-4 key bets). Our history shows a 126% rate of return on investment, (i.e. $100 Bet Collects $226).  For the picking the Winner, the percentage is about 30%. For picking the Quiniela, the percentage is 50% when betting 1 Quiniela wheel and 70% when betting 2 Quiniela wheels.  WINNER uses all of these variables:  •Post Position •Race Distance •Grade •Did The Dog's Grade Drop? •Did The Dog Win It's Last Race? •Did The Dog Win In It's Last 2 Races? •Dog's Race Times •Winning Race Times •Scratch Average •Special Performance Codes   There are quite a few programs on the market, some cost as much as $900. We believe that WINNER is the best program available for predicting the trifecta. We do not offer a demo version of our program. But, we do offer FREE upgrades when they become available and technical support. We do maintain a customer database.  To ORDER your copy of WINNER send a check or money order for $119.95 plus $4.95 for shipping and handling to:  WI residents please add appropriate sales tax.    WINNER  P.O. Box 1922  Kenosha, WI 53141 USA   E-mail Us: Winner@pitnet.net