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Dog Racing Systems


ADPA Handicapping Software     Attention Handicappers! ... Since 1986 we have helped thousands of handicappers become very profitable at the track with our full line of easy-to-use sports handicapping software for Thoroughbred, Greyhound, Harness and Quarterhorse racing.  Now available is new version 4.51 of our best-selling Thoroughbred FOCUS — No Data Entry! — rated by our customers as their # 1 thoroughbred handicapping software ever!   Using FOCUS you too can get 65% 75% 85% winners for every race you play!

An amazingly simple Wagering System    How to Make a Killing at the Racetrack! Turn yourself into a Master Handicapper with  This SECRET betting system was developed by a group of mathematicians , it now wins more money in an afternoon than most people make all week!  and the best part is. Works regardless of season, length of course or track conditions!   In person or off-track!  Works with any track - Worldwide (where Post Time Odds are present)!  Works for thoroughbreds, harness or even dog racing!  Proven: in a test of 25,000 races, there were never more than 7 consecutive losing bets on Win, 4 on Place and 3 on Show!  In one 26-day period with a series of individual $20 wagers,  winnings totaled almost $10,000!  Easy to use, and can be done by even novice bettors, using only a standard racing program guide! Requires only one wager per race!  Gambling is truly a sucker's bet... unless you know THE SYSTEM!  How many times have you walked away from a racetrack, feeling like a fool for throwing away your hard-earned money on a horse you were certain was going to come through? Well, the odds were stacked against you. They always are. Whether you're in a casino or at a racetrack, everything is set up in the House's favor. Sure, you might win once or twice in the beginning, but eventually they're gonna to clean you out.  Put the odds back in your favor! Order  right now. Put it to the test. If you're not absolutely astounded by the results, simply return the package for a full refund! You have absolutely nothing to lose!  Plus! Order right now and We'll also send you.  Follow these simple strategies to increase your winning percentage Start using this system now , you could be making a SIX-FIGURE PART-TIME INCOME, or just amaze your friends on weekends!  This powerful Wagering System alone has sold privately for as much as $2,500!  But it's yours - FREE ! with your order of the WINNING EDGE SYSTEM We've slashed the price for the entire  Racing System. It's not $2,500...not $250.00...it's not even $99.00 !  It's just $59.95!  U.S. (and we'll even pay for the Shipping and the Sales Tax!) Plus We're including the Wagering System You'll get everything for only $59.95  U.S. delivered right to your door step ! We're so confident with the results you will have with this system, we back it up with a 100% money back guarantee!

B.L. Software    B.L. SOFTWARE designs, develops and markets software to handicap thoroughbred, harness and greyhound races. Since our introduction during 1983, the software algorithms, or the way mathematical equations are solved, are continually fine-tuned to offer the racing fan very powerful, low cost handicapping software, with increased predictability. Let your personal computer do the "number crunching" it was designed to do. 

DogBase User Forum     Handicapping and DogBase User Forum  Welcome to the DogBase user Forum. This forum is intended for general handicapping discussions and for DogBase users to share their thoughts and ideas with each other. You do NOT have to be a DogBase User to participate in the forum.

Greyhond Handicapping Guide II     Greyhound Handicapping Guide II  is now available Best "play" selection for a particular performance using "spot plays" listed in "Greyhound Handicapping Guide II"  Play of the day.

Larry's Greyhound Picks    Larry's Dog Racing Mania  Welcome to Dog Racing Fans Everywhere  This site is dedicated to Greyhound Dog Racing.  I have developed a set of programs to aid in handicapping.

Lucky Dog Greyhound Racing Betting Guides    Handicapping service for Gulf Greyhound and Bluffs Run.

Money Management for Serious Bettors     Advanced Money Management System For the Serious Bettor   For All Forms of Pari-Mutuel Wagering - Thoroughbred, Quarter Horse, Harness and Dog Racing   The Due Dutch Money Manager  

What is the Due Dutch Money Manager?    It is the first and only Computer Program that combines the DUE * and the DUTCH ** betting methods.    With it you can set the amount you want to win on a race and then bet as many as 4 contenders in the race to win the targeted amount.  Originally available only on a 3.5 inch floppy disk.   It has also been newly  implemented on a Pocket Computer  ....  3/4 inch thick x 5 3/4 inches wide x 2 3/4 inches deep.  Fits nicely into a shirt pocket. Powered by inexpensive long life lithium batteries. It is the perfect weapon to add to your betting arsenal.   Ideal for the wide open races.  Helps you maintain your betting plan.   Don't leave home for the track without it.

Pickin' the Puppies Guide to Greyhound Racing    A Comprehensive Guide to Greyhound Racing.

Pico Publishing     Racing Greyhounds Offers Racing Charts  This Racing Greyhounds Internet Service offers race results and alphabetical entries for $83.40 per year. Sample files are available in the "Charts" area through the button at the top of this page. Anyone who was a previous subscriber to the printed version of the "Weekly Greyhound Charts" should already have their passwords. If you have lost your password, or wish to subscribe to this service, please call us at (732) 345-0220 to set up your account.

Stephen Potts     Greyhound Handicapping with Stephen Potts

Taps    Win at Horse-Racing, Football Pools, Fixed-Odds, Sports Betting, Greyhounds and the Lottery!

The Racing Consultant, greyhound handicapping    Greyhound handicapping service.

Top Dog    Welcome to Top Dog, the first and only web site specializing in the accurate forecasting of greyhound races. We believe dog racing to be one of the more "pure" forms of pari-mutuel sport gaming, and invite you to experience the excitement and thrill of watching some of nature's greatest athletes. For your protection, we are now using CyberCash for all our transactions.

Win Racing             This "Subtract-Measure-Percentages" is the most accurate, most accurate, most powerful, most steady workable, ironclad method ever devised in all racing history. We believe it was originally created decades ago by cheap, greedy track owners and because of their "greedy $ appetites" we can now cash in and win tremendous profits! Beat them at their own game!  And do it any time, any race we want to play!!