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Welcome to the Focus/2000 Golf Software Library ...    the largest collection of golf software products available ... anywhere! Since 1989, thousands of golfers, leagues, corporations, country clubs, public courses, and military bases around the world have selected Focus products.  The Focus Golf Software Library includes:  

Golf Handicapping & Statistics : Northern Systems    Northern Systems Inc (NSI) produces a suite of "Handicap Manager for Windows" Golf Handicapping & Statistics software for use by individuals, leagues, or golf clubs.  We refer to our products for individuals as "Personal Editions", our products for Leagues as "League Editions", and our products for Golf Clubs as "Professional Editions".  We produce editions which comply with the U.S. (USGA), Canadian (RCGA), Australian (AGU) and UK (CONGU) handicap systems.    We also produce a popular Tournament Management product called "Handicap Manager for Windows, Tournament Edition".

Golf Rounds    Golf Rounds  Keep track of your golf games for fun or for more serious handicapping use. Although there are many pieces of information, not all need to be filled in to make this application useful.   If some information has been omitted, please let us know and we can make a special one for your particular needs.

Golf Statistics Home Page (MagaDraw)     If you are interested in a fabulous full featured Golf Statistics Program look no further!    Check the What's New (23 November 1998, Latest Update) for the Latest on GStat and to get the Newest Release!.  GStat 3.1b and GStat Pro 4 are comprehensive golf statistics packages for Windows which allow you to track every aspect of your game.

Track statistics such as:

All this for only $19.95 (US $, $25 with your Credit Card)

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Mulligan Software - Golf Rules, Stats and Handicapping Software for the Macintosh     Mulligan's Golf Personal Statistics, record-keeping, handicapping, analysis and a whole lot more. Developed just for the MacOS, it runs native on your 68K or PowerPC machine. Download a demonstration copy from this web site today and try it out.  When you're ready, register your copy as a fully-enabled version - and we'll throw in a couple freebies, too.   Handicapping Plugins for Golf Personal  If you're a member of a USGA or RCGA golf club or association, we've got plugins for you... handicapping plugins for Mulligan's Golf Personal that will help you MONITOR your USGA or RCGA Handicap or Handicap Index*. And... they're free!  If you're not a club member, we can provide you with plugins for a number of "unofficial" handicapping methods - all compatible with Mulligan's Golf Personal. And... they're free too!

Pro-ShopKeeper Golf Management Software     Pro-ShopKeeper®

The database application designed specifically to assist the golf professional in running a well organized pro shop. Guaranteed to eliminate hours of paperwork so that you have more time to spend on your customers. This software was developed by a team of computer experts and several class 'A' PGA golf professionals. This is a state of the art system which runs in Microsoft Windows95, Windows98, or WindowsNT® for simple 'point and click' navigation with a mouse or with a touch screen monitor. This system was designed for simplicity for the golf pro who knows the game and business of golf and is not an expert in computer programming.

Scorekeeper software for golf     Golf Software for Windows 95/98 & Windows 3.1

SCOREKEEPER (tm) Software for Golf offers...

True 1999 USGA®, RCGA®, and custom formulas for handicapping
Record-keeping, statistics, & graphics to track golfer performance
A "League & Tournament" package which offers scheduling and scorecards, plus...
medal-play, match-play or points-based scoring
A "Clubhouse" package including score-entry by members