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Sports Betting - Handicapping

Round Table Sports    Sports Handicapping with a Personal Touch.  Come take your  seat at the Round Table and receive access to our 24 hr. chat rooms, daily top rated selections, and breakdowns on all NBA, MLB, NFL, and top 25 NCAA Football and Basketball games. In addition, we are here for all Members to discuss and provide expert analysis and advice on any area you wish dealing with sports handicapping.

10StarPicks.com Sports Information Service     Handicapping service.

A value for sports bettors     Being a net winner in the sports-betting arena is not for those who are dull witted, faint hearted, or opportunistically challenged.  In other words, calling an over-hyped, self-proclaimed super tout's 900 number is likely to get you an inflated phone bill along with a deflated bankroll. 

The wise guys, syndicates and consortiums that manage to show long-term profits expend considerable time and energy on the handicapping side. Then they combine it with sound money management, and the ability to recognize and access the most advantageous lines. Not exactly a piece of cake.

A-1 Advantage Sports System - Wagering Betting     Amazing System Proven In Tests  Hit Sport Bets!  Over $2,000 Profit In One Week  With Just $100 Bets  Turn Hundreds of $ into Thousands $$$ !

AC Sports Handicapping     Welcome to AC Sports handicapping service. We give you our top plays of the day everyday for one service only.

Accurate Selections                 Handicapping service.

Adult Sports & Entertainment     Handicapping information, Canada.

Advantage Sports, Inc. Professional Sports     Welcome to ADVANTAGE SPORTS®. We are dedicated to providing sports gamblers with the best information available on the net. Follow our links to research all the data needed for handicapping football, basketball, and baseball games yourself, or rely on our staff of professional handicappers to do the work for you. Read our periodic reviews of sports sites and offshore gaming services to know who will serve your needs best.

Ajsports at www.expage.com     Handicapping information.

Al McMordie's Big Al's Sportsline    Handicapping service. Big Al's Sportsline is a successful, honest, documented sports service with eleven #1 and over fifty Top 5 titles since 1994. All selections are submitted prior to the start of each game to the following monitoring services: (1)Sports Watch (Las Vegas) and (2)The Sports Monitor (Oklahoma City).  Remember, when you're not near a computer, you can receive free plays and a 900# menu update at the following number: (614) 222-9839. To speak to me personally about my Executive Late Telephone Service, call me at 1-800-524-4250 anytime (until 2:00 a.m. Eastern). You can also e-mail me at bigal@his.com, or write to me at: 4938 Hampden Lane #152, Bethesda, MD 20814. Of course, this web site page provides complimentary selections and 900# menu updates on a daily basis. Just click on the appropriate icons. Good luck!

Alabama Live's Forums     Sports. Here's your chance to have your say, to throw your hat in the ring, to put in your two cents, to... well, you get the idea. So have fun and post at will. And remember, participating in our forums constitutes agreement with our rules, so please read them.

All Sports Network    Handicapping service. Contests.

Atlantic Sports Gambling & Handicapping Consultants    Welcome to The #1 Sports Gambling, and Handicapping Information Service on the Web. Atlantic Sports is the premier place for getting insight and evaluations on upcoming sporting events. In business for over 20 years, we have the means and the methods to zero in on the top plays that you're looking for. With our team of analysts working together constantly to compile any and all pertinent information, we will provide the winners that you need. Whether you're a High Roller or Office Pooler, we are dedicated to your success!

Avalanche Sports         Another winning season as we accumulate $8230. We have not had a losing season in any sport we have handicapped to date. Don't miss out on the best investment you can make. 402-289-19 for the  Basketball season

Bayuh's Sports Information     Handicapping service.

Best Picks of Las Vegas     Handicapping service.

Betting Strategy    OK lets start out by not fooling ourselves! Picking the right games each week isn't easy and we won't win all the games we bet on. If we bet smart and follow a plan we can come out ahead by the end of the season.                                                                                 
Each week I will post my best picks. I will rate them by stars.

BettorsWorld         Free handicapping information.

Big Money Sports     Free picks. Handicapping service.

Big R's Angle Handicapping Service    Handicapping service. BIG R's Angle offers selections for the day, the week, the month, or the year at very low prices. You will be guaranteed of selections for the hottest games of the day, depending on the Angle's available that day, for the sport and plays desired.

Big Texas Bob's Sports Betting Page     If you plan to make money by betting on sports you know about 52.38%.

Black Chip Sports     Welcome to the home page of Black Chip Sports. We are a professional handicapping service based out of Lake Tahoe, NV. and Seattle,WA. We are an honest and up front service that delivers solid handicapping and money management experience. Black Chip Sports is a year around service that covers the major sports and selected special events. We have reasonable rates and also offer many free selections directly from our paid services on this web site. Check us out and get that extra edge by investing in our services. Since we've been on the Internet, over 75% of our clients have remained with Black Chip once they have joined our services.

Bobby McGee's Above The Board Sport Picks    Free picks. There are some people who have the knowledge to predict the outcome of sporting events through a systemized research of statistics and trends.I have created such a function. All plays are graded equally.There is no one play better than another,period.

Bowman International      Handicapping service.

Brand X Sports         Free picks. Handicapping service.

Brian Gabrielle Sports - sports gambling    Free picks.

Bulldog         Handicapping service.

Chris Leone Sports Service     Are you sick and tired of:  •Losing picks (and paying for those losers?) •So-called Free Picks that turn out to be not so free? •Being "hustled" and high-pressured into sharing your winnings? •Huxters calling you at all hours soliciting you business? •900 number nightmares (where a $25.00 call winds up costing much more)?

CNN/SI from CNN and Sports Illustrated    Sports Illustrated message board.

Cyber Sports    Hi! this is Terry Allen, and we would like to take just a minute of your time to introduce you to Cyber Sports, Inc. A professional sports handicapping firm, designed for the sports player who appreciates what a professional sports handicapping firm can bring to the table. We hope that after you use our selections that you will Bookmark our Free Selection Page and return to it often!

Dale Gillespie     Mr. Truth : The Brain Behind Sports Handicapping.

Dan Gordon Sports     Thank you for checking out my WWW page.  Below are details on how to sign up for my service.  In the weeks to come I shall spruce this page up somewhat!  Last year I made some appearances in Rec.Gambling.Sports and shall this year as well.   A few of my accomplishments in the media were that I gave information and selections to Pete Axthelm of ESPN and NBC (he was the only on-air person that won against the spread for a significant period of time) and I wrote prediction columns for such papers as the LA Herald  Examiner, the Boston Herald and the New York Daily News. I enjoyed five winning years of  seven against the point spread in the media.

Deuces Wild     We are without a doubt the hottest NCAA service on the net! Join us we will make you some loot.

Eddie's Sports Picks      Handicapping service.

Edge Finder Sports free picks and statistics    The best source for free NFL , MLB, & NHL picks. Our pro football, baseball, and hockey handicappers look at point spreads, totals, and money lines and find you the "winning edge". Statistics, computer analysis, and information is also provided free of charge to help you make your selections each week.

Elitesport Consulting Service    Free picks.

European Sports Betting Consultants     European Sports Betting Consultants  Finnish and English.

Fisherman       Handicapping information.

Football Picks from Eastern Sports Grid Iron    Free picks, multi sports.

Frankie Boy Sports Picks             Free picks. Handicapping service.

Free picks     Free picks.

Gabeb at home.earthlink.net         Free picks. GAB is dedicated to bringing up to date information about sports and related topics. We are the source for information related to gaming and wagering on pro-sports. Because of the issues of legality and jurisdiction, our service is strictly for informational purposes.

Game Masters         Free picks. Handicapping service.

Goldeneye Sports     America's only Sports Information and Handicapping Service with an 100% money back guarantee.

Gorbies Free Sports Gambling Pics        Free picks.

Handicapper Central             Free picks.

Heady $port$       Handicapping service.

Hitman Sports     Us folks here at Hitman Sports, like millions of other sports fans, love to bet on sports. We do hours of extensive research to improve our odds of winning and we want to help you win as well.  On this page you'll find several Free Picks for each sport listed and on the Links page you'll find links to other sites with free picks. This page and these picks are updated several times a week so be sure to come back often or better yet, make Hitman Sports your start-up page.

Hmen34's Homepage    Free picks.

Hohos    Sports chat room.

Hull Kingston Rovers Message Board    Hull Kingston Rovers Message Board

Interactive Internet Sports: Mouth Off     Ultimate Bulletin Board - Enter our newest discussion area and post your thoughts on today's sports issues. It features multiple discussion forums, easy to use interface, and takes advantage of all the latest browser developments.   Java Chat - Chat with IIS Sports Fans from around the world in our real-time chat room.   Mouth Off Classic - An oldie and a goodie. This discussion board has been around since the beginning of IIS and works with all browsers.

J.K. Sports - Latest Odds from Las Vegas     Handicapping service.

Jake \The Snake's\ Sports Handicapping Informtion    Providing General Information for all Sports Gamblers and free selections for NBA & College Basketball

JC Sports    Are you tired of paying a lot of money for losing picks. If so, this is the place to be. Here you Pay after you win.

Jeff Allen Sports - Las Vegas' Top Handicapper!    “I know you want winners. Who doesn’t? Wouldn’t you like a game guaranteed to cover the spread? How about two? An entire season? Why not? Imagine how much you could make playing with the confidence of guaranteed winners! But who has them?   I do. My picks are the best in the country. Guaranteed winners. With over 17 years of picking winners, I've proven myself the World Champion Handicapper. In fact, last year I won the $416,000 Las Vegas Hilton Super Book Contest out of 277 entries!

Jersey Giant Sports, Your #1 Online    Handicapping service.

Jim's Sports Handicapping     Welcome to JR’s world of premium sports handicapping. I have been handicapping sports for the past ten years and my record speaks for itself.

Jimmy Wise Sports     Here at Jimmy Wise Sports you are treated with the utmost respect. If your sick of the scamdicapper services who promise you everything and deliver Nothing then try my service. I have a package to meet everyone's needs...Daily,Weekend,Weekly and Monthly Packages are available. I also offer a "Pay after you win package"

John Ryan Sports     Welcome to the John Ryan Sports Website. We are dedicated to providing the most honest and accurate sports handicapping service available. We utilize a highly sophisticated and multi-layered artificial intelligence model that essentially learns from historical events. The model then applies this accumulated knowledge to future sporting events and then based on defined parameters selects the Key and Double Rated selections. Our documented performance records speak for themselves.

Kiki Sports     Handicapping service.

Ladbrokes         Handicapping service.

Las Vegas Review-Journal: Gambling Series    Free sportsbetting background, information.

Las Vegas Sports Group    Free picks. Handicapping service.

Las Vegas Sports Journal      Handicapping service.

Lou Angelo                                 Free picks.  Handicapping service.

M a d  j a c k ' s  s p o r t s     Free picks.

Mark Read     Welcome to Mark Read's  Racing & Sports Betting   WhiteBoard
Try our new discussion forum specifically created for sports and racing punters. Mark Read's Darwin All Sports staff will be monitoring messages and assisting you to advance your punting prowess.

Mattman Sports Handicapping     Handicapping service.

MCA Sports Handicapping         Free picks.

MCA Sports Handicapping     Welcome to MCA Sports, We don't always win but we try, betting is a game of skill. Our picks are based on match-ups, statistics, power ratings and other factors ,we look for the strongest plays. But luck maybe the deciding factor in the outcome.

Message Board     Racing and Sports Betting Message Board.

MG Sports         Handicapping service.

Mike's Free Sports Picks         Free picks.

MNMike Sports links                 Free picks.

Money Man Sports Service     Why We're Different- We hope you're ready to experience one of the most unique and successfully sports information and handicapping services available anywhere! Most services want you to buy special software that are supposed to help you pick a winner; others talk about using statistics or offer special "insight" into a game. We give you the one thing you need to know to be successful--We tell you exactly where the money is going down on a game!

Mr Lucky's Free Pics - free sports information          Free picks.

Multicaps    Future site of Multicaps Handicapping Software  And Don't Forget It!

National Consensus Inc.     Handicapping service.

Ohio Newt Sports             Free picks.

Partsligar's Free Sports Picks         Handicapping service.

Perry's Premier Picks     Perry's Premier Picks, America's Most Reputable Professional Sports Handicapper! We have just finished our fourth year in the business and are very proud of the records in which we have accomplished.  Money management and consistency are the keys to my success. The money management concept is strictly based on sports volatility. We rate plays based on the following: 3*, 5*, 7* and 10*. The 10* play is our best play. The 7* play is our next best; and, so on. We do not give out "games of the year, month, or week!" You need a sports service that's consistent all season long. Over the last three years our plays have been documented consistently between 57% and 65%.

Phenten Sports                Free picks.

Phoenix SportsTicket - Sports News, Sports Odds    Handicapping service.

Pickofday's         Free picks.

Picks Wiz    I have been handicapping for several years and I have the knowledge and wisdom to make you a big winner. I provide all sports picks and I play the picks myself. This site will be designated to give you free picks so that you can make some quick cash........let's roll!

Piranha's Sports Handicapping     Handicapping information.

Pro Sports Picks     We give you our game pick first After You Win, Then You Pay  How can You Loose?

Professional Gambler - Sports betting picks    Free picks. Handicapping service.

Prowls Picks     Handicapping service.

Radster's Sports Information     Free picks. Specializing in sports information for the Canadian Provincial Sports Lottery Player

RedHot Sports Picks Betting Gambling Odds     Handicapping service, Canada.

Right Angle Sports    One of a kind NCAA selections and analysis.

RL Sports--Handicapping     Handicapping service.

Robins Gambling Pics         Free picks.

Scores and Odds      Free picks.

Simon hinton     Free picks. Handicapping service.

SIN Gambling Links - Online Gambling info     Now acquire Sports Intelligence Network's acclaimed selections for a fraction of the price! Our current format, focusing on "more winners-less analysis", allows members more winning selections per day at reduced cost. Receive strength-rated sides and totals for less than $1 per selection!

Spinasports.com    Free picks. Handicapping service.

Sport Picks Free, gambling, handicapping          Free picks.

SportingKings                 Free picks.

Sportpix         Free picks. Handicapping service.    

Sports Betting, Free Picks, Sports Wagering and more   More than free picks, sports betting, handicapping and football picks. We endeavor for sports wagering from the heart...

Sports Betting Frequently Asked Questions    Frequently Asked Questions about Sports Betting  This is the rec.gambling.sports Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list.

Sports Brokers    Sports Brokers-founded in 1989-has done and will continue to do what no other service in the country does-Provide "Wining Information"-with absolutely no pay games and no hassles! Here at Sports Brokers our fee is a mere $100 per week. When you become a member of the Sports Brokers Network you will receive a private phone number to dial for your selections on a recorded message. We can also e-mail you your selections each day there is a game.

Sports Chat Home Page Free Chat - Sports Book         Welcome to Chat Sports! Your Internet link for    all the Sports Chat you need!

Sports Gambling and Betting - Leo Getz     Handicapping service.

Sports Handicapping     Free picks.

Sports Handicapping at its finest. PSCN      Handicapping service.

Sports Handicapping; Sports Paging         Handicapping service.

Sports Lynx.com - sports news, free sports picks         Free picks.

Sports Monitor      Free picks. Handicapping service.

Sports Now    On average everyday, there are over 50 games or events with money making potential for the smart player. But, with so much information to gather... so many numbers to crunch... and so many scores to follow, along with your normal everyday schedule, how can you stay on top of the game? What edge do you have that will consistently beat the bookmakers? A winning attitude isn't enough. You need Information that is reliable. As reliable as the source itself. And quick... as quick as the action itself. And most importantly of all, you need this information before your man has it and even has a chance to react.

Sports Page    Free handicapping information.

Sports Paging and Handicapping at your fingertips     On a typical betting day there are as many as 50 sports betting opportunities.  Each presents an opportunity for the sports gambling.  The question is how to obtain the information needed for sports bets -- the odds, the lines, the spreads.  That's right, how can you get the handicapping information that will give you the edge?  The Sports Box sports pager is the answer to all your sports paging needs.

Sports Rumble- Sport Bettors, Sport Fans     Free picks. Handicapping service.

Sports Watch Challenge     Handicapping service.

SportsDock - Free Plays    Free picks. Handicapping service.

SportsFax News Network - Up to the minute odds and more    Handicapping service, some free picks.

SportsHandicappers.com    Handicapping service.

SportsHotline - Sports Gambling & Wagering Information     Free picks. Handicapping service.

Sportsnote.com: Forum     Sports message board.

SportsPicker Bulletin Board    Bulletin Board

Sportsworld    Free picks.

Sportwetten-Wien-West    Sind Sie ein Sportexperte? Dann haben Sie schon fast gewonnen. Denn es ist ganz einfach, mit Ihrem Fachwissen Geld zu verdienen. Die Wettannahme erfolgt ausschließlich über Telefon oder Telefax. Sie können rund um die Uhr wetten.

Sportz Investment Services          Free picks.     Handicapping service.

Spreadzone - We Shread The Spread     Handicapping service.

Starpost9/Dreaming Winners Precognitively     Free picks, books, tapes.

Statsnow     Free picks. Handicapping service.

Stevie                 Free picks.

Super Systems Sports Picks     Free picks. What are SuperSystem picks?  Some picks stand out from all the rest based on our rigorous analyzing process. SuperSystem picks are the result of a proven pick system that has been fine tuned over the years that have performed exceptionally well. Check this web site often to take advantage while they last.

Sure Fire Sports 1-900-370-1000     Free picks. Handicapping service.

Team Stryker Sports             Handicapping service.

Texas Sports Investments, Inc. - Handicapper     My service is based on integrity and hard work. There are many barracudas in this industry, Texas Sports Investment, Inc. is Not one of them. Our selections are based on computer data, 30 years experience, trends, and statistics.

The Arena    Welcome to the internet's largest monitor of sports handicapping sites. We monitor free and pay selections in all major sports. The Arena and Sportpix have combined their services into one at the BigGuy Sports Network.

The Betting Edge                Handicapping service.

The Bookie Monster Winning Sports Handicapping    There's a good chance you know me.  If you've been around this web-site (as hundreds of people per day were) during my "free month" in Feb-March (during NCAA/NIT tourneys), or took advantage of my comp NBA posts that went 11-4 you know me. I made you lots of money, and those that became clients Really prospered.  I'm back with a few pre-season comps to remind you what the "Bookie Monster" is all about. That's "Bookie Monster  -----  not to be confused with "Cookie Monster"!

The Final Score          Free picks.

The Free Picks Page          Free picks.

The Gambler's Den         Free picks.

The Las Vegas Line - Sports Betting Information      Handicapping service.

The New England Handicappers Alliance    With the increase in "Professional" handicappers, both on T.V. , in newspapers, magazines and across the internet, the New England Handicappers Alliance was formed to give the public confidence in handicapping services, not rip-offs with no accountability.I

The Prescription         Free picks. Handicapping service.

The Professor's Premium Picks     Handicapping books.

The Rotten Message Board    The Rotten Message Board.  Sports handicapping software.

The Scoreboard - Top Ranked Sports Handicappers         Free picks. Get your winning sports picks here!  The Scoreboard hosts the U.S. top ranked handicappers.

The Sports Advisors    Free picks. Handicapping service.   

The Sports Bar         Free picks. Handicapping service.    

The Sports Investors     Free picks. Handicapping service.   

The Sports Page    Welcome to the home of The Sports Page, your source for Tomorrow's Scores Today! The Sports Page publishes two editions: The Complimentary Edition, free to all who register, and The Late Edition, the nation's top service!

The Sports Syndicate     Handicapping service.   

The Tipsheet   Free picks. Handicapping service.

Thegreengorilla.com      Handicapping service.

Thepick.com         Free picks and handicapping articles.

Thesul10's Palace                  Free picks.

Tipster.net - The Gambler's         Handicapping service.

Tom's Play of the Day         Free picks.

Tom's Sports Info & Handicapping Page    Handicapping information.

Tony The Tout     Free picks. Handicapping service.   

TSB Message Board     'Cappers Forum    We created this Forum for visitors to talk about games and post their picks. Any stupid post or other services "advertising" on this forum will be removed. You can send your questions to us by email. Tell your friends about it, get as many people on the forum as we can. Lets make it the largest handicapping forum on the internet!

Usies Picks                 Free picks.

Valley Sports: sports picks, sports winners         Handicapping service.   

Wally's Sports Services - handicapping     Handicapping service.   

Winners Way Sportsline    Our elite member selections "Top Plays" and highly rated "5 Star Plays" are chosen from a combination of the sharpest Professional Sports Gamblers in Vegas in which we all share and measure carefully before we ever release any of them.  We truly assure you that no other Sports Service has the same affiliation with the "High Rollers" in Vegas that The Winners Way Sportsline group has!$$$

Winning Points     Handicapping service.   

Winning Ways Sports Handicapping        Free Sports Handicapping system to make you money.  All free picks.     Check out our record.

Winsports featuring Sports Reporter     Providing 50 years of expert advice to the Sports and Horse Race handicapper.

WinToday Sports Handicappers    Free picks.

Wire To Wire     Handicapping service.

Worldwide-Sports     Welcome to Worldwide Sports, the premier handicapping service in the industry today. We are one of the few handicapping services that believe 100% in honesty, integrity and hard work. The selected handicappers on our site, have to meet All the criteria to be part of Worldwide Sports. This service goes a step beyond any service in the industry today. We don't just tell you Who will win, but we tell you Why they will win.