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Breeding & Sales - Italy

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ANACT - Associazione Nazionale Allevatori del Cavallo Trottatore    ANACT is the Associazione Nazionale Allevatori del Cavallo Trottatore (National Association of Trotting Horse Breeders), with headquarters in Viale del Policlinico 131, Rome, Italy. The association was founded in 1928, but was legally established on 22 June 1980 and obtained legal recognition with DPR n.211 dated 8 March 1983. The association conducts its activities on the basis of technical directives issued by the Unione Nazionale Incremento Razze Equine (UNIRE) [National Union for the Incrementation of Equine Breeds] and from the Ente Nazionale Corse al Trotto (ENCAT) [National Agency for Harness Racing]. The association is active throughout Italy, but it may also carry out specific services on a regional level. ANACT is a technical and economic, non-profit association.

Galoppo e Trotto     Italian breeding and horse sports paper