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Breeding & Sales - New York

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New York State Breeding & Racing Program     The Fund, along with the New York Thoroughbred Breeders (NYTB) and the Genesee Valley Breeder's Association (GVBA), welcomes you to the New York-bred web site as we race together toward the 21st century. We intend through each individual site to work together toward informing the world of the benefits of breeding and racing the Thoroughbreds produced in New York State. Both the NYTB and the GVBA are breeder's organizations dedicated to the improvement of the Thoroughbred Horse in New York. The vast regions of the State they represent are a microcosm of its great cities. New York State currently has nearly 400 breeding farms, double what it had when The Fund started in 1973, thus fulfilling an important aim of the enabling legislation, preserving the Great Green Belt.

WingSwept Equine Center     Wingswept Farm, is a full service equine boarding, breeding and foaling center, serving the needs of all central New York horsemen. Wingswept's owners, Frank and Karen Ives together have over 40 years experience in horse care and farm management, and for the last several years have specialized in the shipment and handling of semen for several different breeds.  Stallions at Wingswept Farm:  •A Go Go Lauxmont 3, tt 1:54.3  •Kassa Branca p,2,1:52.3 Woodrow Wilson winner  •Apache Circle p,2,1:55.2 ($660,248)