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Horse Racing - General

Alaska State Quarter Horse Assoc.    Welcome to The Alaska State Quarter Horse Association.   ASQHA is a Quarter Horse Breed Assoc. dedicated to the promotion of the American Quarter Horse in Alaska. Our goal is to promote owning, breeding, showing and using the Quarter Horse.  Enjoy your visit to our site, and please sign our guestbook so we know you were here.

American Warmblood Registry    American Warmblood Registry  P O Box 127  Davis CA 95617-0127  (530) 757-1377  (530) 756-0892 FAX

Appleton's GoRacing - Horse Racing Links    English & Chinese

Around the Track     Welcome to Around the Track! On this site I plan to collect the best horse racing resources from around the world and present them in a easy to use indexed format. I will also be adding pages of my own stuff over time so check back often!

Association of Racing Commissioners International     Association Of  Racing Commissioners International  2343 Alexandria Dr. Suite 200, Lexington, KY - 40504  ph: (606) 224-7070  fax: (606) 224-7071  email: info@arci.com

AudioScape Breeders Cup Handicapping    AudioScape, with cooperation of Trackmaster and IWN,  present pre-race analysis of all seven of this year's Breeder's Cup races in RealAudio. Trackmaster will provide the analysis from 7 of America's leading handicappers. Each handicapper will analyze one race.

Be Horse-Smart    Horses are magnificent but fragile creatures. It is a privilege to get to know a horse, and once you do...You will be hooked!  See the News page for the latest developments.  Your comments are more than welcome!!!  Our Goals are to be a primary source of information to those interested in horses and horse racing.  To race a horse is wonderfully complex.  A tremendous amount of knowledge is needed to break into this sport, and be successful.

Boguslaw Lustyk          Boguslaw Lustyk  The Official Artist of the 124th Kentucky Derby  "For me the horse is not a pretty body... For me the horse is like a spirit, like God. Has many faces, many pictures, many views..."        - Boguslaw Lustyk

Bolt's Lightning Loungers    Bolt's Lightning Loungers  Greyhounds, Quarter Horses, Florida, Family and Friends

Breeders' Cup Home Page     Breeders Cup information.

California Horse Racing Board     California Horse Racing Board.

CARF Online    California fairs are the very heart of horse racing. Since the early days of exploration and settlement, people have come together at certain times of the year to enjoy the festival of a season, the anniversary of a place, or the celebration of a special event. When people came together for these occasions, they came by horseback. They came to eat, drink, visit, look around, play, have a little fun . . . and to see who had the fastest horse. This is the historical legacy of the fairs of California and this is how we still race our horses and where we still have fun. Horse racing and fairs share a particularly special partnership. When the horse racing industry we know today was established in 1933, the stated purpose of the racing law which created it was the "encouragement of agriculture and breeding of horses." Wagering of money on horse races in California had been outlawed since 1909 and the return to "legalized gambling" was made possible by a statewide initiative which was only passed after three attempts. The successful version of racing legislation included a commitment for the continuous funding of the fairs of California with an annual allotment of racing revenues to be used for health, safety and maintenance projects.

Chesapeake Central Equestrain     Chesapeake Central Equestrian  Jeff Riecke & Trish Ringgold   Welcome to Chesapeake Central Equestrian.  Our small contribution to Horses in Eastern Iowa.  Check out the calendar of Dressage, Combined Training and Hunter Jumper events in this area.  Contact us for detailed information about Rider Instruction and Horse Training in Cedar Rapids and Iowa City.

Chicago's Best Bet - Index     Horse betting information.

Cindy's Horse Racing Web Site Index    Cindy's Horse Racing Web Site Index   Horse Racing information.

Cybersteed Inc.    Your Complete Equine Internet Site And Home of the World Equine Health Network

Emerald Downs - Message Board    Welcome to the Emerald Downs online discussion board!   This is the place to post your questions or comments concerning the  racetrack or horseracing in general!

Eoin's Racing Bulletin    Horse racing information.

Equijournal     One of the US's largest and most up-to-date Equestrian Information sites

Equine Online(TM)    Equine related information.

Equine Online(TM)     Equibase Company,  The Jockey Club, The Jockey Club,   Information Systems, Inc.,  Grayson-Jockey Club,  Research Foundation,   Performance Horse Registry

Equiweb - Enter Our Horse World     Horse Racing information.

 FL Horses    Your online resource for Horses!

FlyingH Message Board    FlyingH Message Board

Glossary: Horse Racing Terminology Contents    Glossary: Horse Racing Terminology

Harness Racing Chat     #Harness-Racing IRC Channel  Would you like to interactively chat with other Harness Racing enthusiasts online? Then join us on #Harness-Racing, Sunday nights at 10:30pm, AEST!   IRC  IRC, or Internet Relay Chat allows users to exchange text messages interactively with each other in real time. Unlike email, conversations are immediate, and many people can participate at once. It's been described as the internet equivalent to CB radio.

HBPA Online    Horse racing information.

Horse Associations & education equestrian    Associations, Clubs and Organizations   Horse Rescue and Charitable Organizations.

Horse (Equestrian) Site Called - Equiworld     Horse racing information.

Horse Links and Equestrian Web Sites Search Engine    Welcome to Mr Ned's Horse Links  This is a new feature using technology developed by Equiworld. Here you can search the world for equestrian information in many topic areas.  Simply select your topic area, country, enter a keyword (may be left blank), and press the search button.  You can even add new equestrian web links to the database by selecting the Add URL feature. Please don't email links, its quicker to use the AddURL feature.

Horse Racing Heaven     Yes, I know this page isn't done yet  just wait and I'll get working on it, kay?? :) hehehe, good now here's some  stuff coming up: Horse Racing Tracks, Links to tracks, stuff about Lone Star (since I live right by it, hehe:), and some more stuff about horse racing :) hehehe, just please be patient with me on this web page, I know a lot about horses and horse racing; so, I'll be working on this page a lot :) Please, if you have any comments or information that I just need to know, please email me at daphni@rocketmail.com . Thanks for being patient with me and my page! :)

Horse Racing Links     Horse Racing in the world.

Horse Racing Links, Race News and Horse Information     Horseracing Information

Horse Racing Sites     Breeding, Handicapping, Wagering, Past Performances, Free Site, Harness Racing, Thoroughbred Racing, Racetracks, Link Sites, Sports Sites

International Arabian Horse Association     The membership organization for those who love Arabian, Half-Arabian and Anglo-Arabian horses.  Proudly providing our members the following services:   •registration of Half-Arabian and Anglo-Arabian horses  •production of national horse shows such as the U.S., Canadian, and Youth National Championships and national rides in competitive trail and endurance  •$3 million worth of payback incentives for performance horses and breeding stallions through the Breeders' Sweepstakes Trust  •comprehensive youth programs and contests for both horse and non-horse owning young people   •a four-color magazine eight times a year with training tips, horse care info and other essentials for Arabian, Half-Arabian and Anglo-Arabian horse owners   •network of 30,000 youth and adult Arabian horse enthusiasts Write or call the IAHA® headquarters,  10805 East Bethany Drive, Aurora, CO 80014, 303-696-4500.

J.D.'s Horse Racing Homepage     I am just 15 years old, and only been in the game for 3 years, but I think that I have composed a pretty good list of horse racing sites and misc. stuff on the net. Since I have been on the net, I have become very very good on the I have done a little "surfin." and think that these are probably some of the best sites available. If you have any suggestions, I'll be glad to hear them and make the changes so your favorite site is on here. If you think there are any really good sites I don't have listed, I will go and add them. Thanks for stopping by. Sign my guesbook if you would like, I like to see what people, and how many come to my page. Thanks again, enjoy!

Jockeys' Guild Online    The years leading up to the formation of an organization to speak for jockeys were filled with frustration and pain. There was widespread misuse of power over the jockeys and very few horsemen were sympathetic to the needs of the riders. In the late 1930's several jockeys held secretive meetings to discuss the idea of raising funds to assist injured and disabled riders, and the families of jockeys fatally injured on the racetrack. Some riders were blacklisted and punished when suspected of attending the secret meetings. In December, 1939, jockey Tommy Luther was accused of "trying to start a union" and was banned from the 1939-40 winter meet at Santa Anita Park. The actual formation of The Jockey Community Fund and Guild was precipitated by the racing injury of Sammy Renick on the east coast. When Eddie Arcaro visited Renick, who was laid up in the hospital with a broken leg, their discussions led to the formation of the organization that would represent the concerns of jockeys. Renick, along with Arcaro and John Longden, are recognized as the founding fathers of The Jockeys' Guild.

Kentucky Derby Museum     Kentucky Derby Museum

Kentucky Horse Park & International Museum     The International Museum of the Horse, is the largest and most comprehensive equestrian museum in the world. It is dedicated to telling the intriguing story of the horse and his relationship with man.  Throughout five thousand years of domestication, no animal has had a more significant impact on human history than the horse. From the tiny first horse, eohippus, to the profusion of different breeds and equine activities which exist today, the Museum traces the history of man's most steadfast partner with an exciting array of artifacts and exhibits. The 52,000 square foot museum also supports a comprehensive education program which annually hosts over 32,000 school children, a 3,000 volume research library, and the William G. Kenton Jr. Art Gallery, and the new Visitor Center Photo Gallery.  The on-line version of the Museum is already one of the largest internet museum projects ever undertaken. Over 1,000 pages of information, including the complete text from the Museum's exhibits, and hundreds of photographs are now available to school children, scholars, and horse lovers throughout the world. In addition, specialty exhibits have been provided by many of the nations' leading horse related museums.  The International Museum of the Horse is ever-changing in its effort to interpret the story of the horse and humans. Thanks to the generous donations and support from hundreds of horsemen and horse enthusiasts, the Museum continues to expand and enhance its collection and exhibits to more completely tell its fascinating story.

Kentucky Standard Online     Kentucky news.

KRC      Kansas Racing And Gaming Commission  3400 Sw Van Buren     Topeka, Ks 66611-2228  Office: 785-296-5800  Fax: 785-296-0900

Ladies Who Race     More than two million ladies now take an interest in horseracing, which is one of the oldest, most high profile sports in the world. Great Britain has 59 racecourses hosting 7,000 races a year or more, each offering different settings and distinctive racing conditions.   Mary Seth Smith, widow of racing commentator and author Michael, who has a wealth of contacts and experience in the sport, founded "Ladies Who Race" as an exclusive club specifically for ladies who enjoy a day at the races.  Mary's close involvement in the racing scene has brought her into contact with many ladies who, whilst enjoy a day's racing, are ill-at-ease and lonely going on their own. This exclusive club brings together like minded ladies and then makes all the arrangements prior to and at the races. Mary is supported by a strong back-up team based at Epsom.  Social gatherings and luncheons will be arranged at race courses throughout England approximately twice a month.  

Maine-Frame    Maine-Frame Sports, Horses & Bicycles

Martin Dermer's Racing Digest         Martin Dermer's Racing Digest will be covering the full California Horse Racing Circuit during calendar year 1998 based on the following schedule: 1998 California Horse Racing Circuit  Santa Anita - December 26, 1997 through April 20, 1998 Hollywood Park - April 24, 1998 through July 20, 1998 Del Mar - July 22, 1998 through September 9, 1998 Santa Anita (Oaktree Meet ) - September 30, 1998 through November 9, 1998 Hollywood Park - November 11, 1998 through December 21, 1998

Message Board     Racing and Sports Betting Message Board.

Millionaires... What's It About?    This is your chance to own your own racehorse. Don't worry though, it's Free. You don't have to pay anything. Why? Because it isn't a racehorse in the ordinary sense. This is a cyberhorse.You can watch cyberhorse racing using a special program that you can download from this site. Click here if you want to download the program now. Again, don't worry, it is Free. You don't have to pay to use it, copy it or give it to your friends. You have my permission to do all those things. It's fun to watch cyberhorse racing but it's even more fun to watch when you own one of those horses yourself and you are competing with other players on the net to see who can win the most races and gain the most points. That's what we do here at the Turf Club. We have virtual racing seasons and during these time periods, we run a whole lot of races with our cyberhorses and compete against each other and you can join in the fun too. It's easy to join. Just pick a horse from the available list and send us the form. Click here to see your choice of horses and to fill in the short form for entry. Before you pick your horse, you may want to see the available horses in action. Well, you can do that with the program I mentioned earlier. Just download it and see for yourself.

Minnesota Racing Commision             Minnesota Racing Commision.  In November, 1982 the Minnesota voters approved by an overwhelming majority a constitutional amendment allowing pari-mutuel horse racing.  In response to that public mandate, in 1983 the Minnesota Legislature enacted Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 240, which created and empowered the Minnesota Racing Commission.

Model Horses, Lucky 7 Enterprises     Model race horses.

Mr Horse: The World Equestrian Site     Mr Horse The World Equestrian Site

Mr Horse: The World Equestrian Site     Mr Horse The World Equestrian Site (2nd Site).

Napra     Welcome to the NAPRA Online License system. NAPRA Online license is designed to make the licensing procedure easier for the licensee as well as the jurisdiction. In just a few minutes, licensees can answer application questions, email the application to the respective jurisdiction, and print out a local copy for their own records.

National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame     Our mission is to interpret the history and convey the excitement of Thoroughbred racing in America to the broadest possible audience. Use the links below to discover the past, present and history of horseracing.  Take a virtual "walking" tour of the NMR.  Click here to begin!  Welcome to the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame Online. We invite you to tour and enjoy our site. Listed below are a few special places of interest you don't want to miss!

National Turf Index Page     California Edition.

New Hampshire Pari-Mutuel Commission     New Hampshire Pari-Mutuel Commission   The Pari-Mutuel Commission is an agency of The State of New Hampshire. It regulates Thoroughbred Racing, Harness Racing, and Greyhound Racing in New Hampshire under RSA 284. The Commission's duties include the licensing of racetracks and individuals (jockeys, owners, trainers, etc.), collection of taxes and fees, and operation of the State Racing Laboratory. The lab tests for illegal substances that might be used to influence the outcome of a race. The Pari-Mutuel Commission is a member of the Association of Racing Commissioners International (ARCI), a standard-setting body in the racing industry and centralized database of licenses and rulings. The racing laboratory is accredited by the ARCI.  The Commission also belongs to the United States Trotting Association (USTA), which governs harness racing across the country.

NMC Betting Syndicate     Horse Betting Syndicate

NRS Horse Racing City ~ PIP     Horse racing information.

NYRA  New York Racing Association.

Oklahoma Horse Racing Commission     Oklahoma Horse Racing Commission Home Page  Mr. Gordon L. Hare   Executive Director  Oklahoma Horse Racing Commission  Shepherd Mall 2614 Villa Prom  Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73107  (405) 943-6472 [943-OHRC]  Fax: (405) 943-6474  E-Mail: ohrc@netplus.net   Mission Statement  The Oklahoma Horse Racing Commission encourages agriculture, the breeding of  horses, and generates public revenue through the forceful control of the highest quality  Commission-sanctioned racing which maintains the appearance as well as the fact of complete honesty and integrity of horse racing in this state.

On Track   Horse racing information.

Ontario Jockey Club     Thoroughbred and Harness Racing information.

ORC Home    Oregon Racing Commision  Welcome to the  Oregon Racing Commission's Home Page. The Oregon Racing Commission is a state agency which was established by Statute in 1933 as part of the Pari-Mutuel Wagering Act. The Mission of the Oregon Racing Commission is as follows. To regulate all aspects of the pari-mutuel industry in the State of Oregon for the protection and the benefit of the citizenry, the licensees, the participants and the State of Oregon.
You can contact the Oregon Racing Commission at: 800 NE Oregon Street # 11, Suite 310, Portland OR 97232  or call the Information Line (503)731-4052 or FAX (503)731-4053

Pari-Mutuel Betting Supervision Regulations    The Canadian Pari-Mutuel Agency is a Special Operating Agency of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada responsible for regulating pari-mutuel betting on horse racing in Canada, as authorized by Section 204 of the Criminal Code.

PCQHRA     Pacific Coast Quarter Horse Racing Association, Inc. (PCQHRA), is a non-profit corporation formed in 1950 to represent the interests of California's racing Quarter Horse horsemen. The Association represents California's Quarter Horsemen before the California Horse Racing Board, the California State Legislature and in all negotiations with racetrack management in the state. PCQHRA is the official Cal-Bred Registry for racing Quarter Horses and administers the Quarter Horse Cal-Bred Awards Incentive Program. PCQHRA also administers eight major races run at Los Alamitos Race Course and on the California Fair Racing Circuit.

Pegasus Foundation    The Pegasus Foundation was formed to preserve and ensure the dignity and humane treatment of any and all equines, without respect to breed, gender, age, temperament or condition.

Playdays Rodeo And Horse Racing     Playdays would like to take a moment to thank yall for riding by our unique web site! Hopefully this is something you have never seen before on the world wide web! We are dedicating this site to all you horse enthusiasts who enjoy a rough rodeo and or a fast
horse race.

Post Time Research offering Horse Racing Selections    Horse racing information.

Quarter Horse Registry, Quarterhorse Registration    U.S. Quarter Horse Registry Sponsored by U.S. Ranch, Lab Division

RaceCom    If you're not following the live forecasting page, you should!  The accuracy has been incredible everyday. The live, RealTime Commodity/Futures forecasts of the actual price at a specified time demonstrate the power of the RaceCom M6 matrix system.  Look for yourself. See what we mean. This is the future of forecasting.

Racemare.com--The Distaff Weekly     Horse racing information.

Racing     Racing Links  Handicapping Organizations Parks Races & other

Racing On The Net    Oak Tree at Santa Anita racing information.

Railbirds     Welcome to our Horse Power Web Site. We are the "Railbirds", two Canadian Businessmen who love horses and horse racing. Stay tuned as we strive to become the #1 independent source of Horse Racing Information, Selections, and Merchandise for race fans and horse lovers of all ages.

ReRun    ReRun gives ex-racehorses a second chance at a productive life by first evaluating temperaments, talents and physical capabilities and then matching the animals to new owners. We assist in the re-training and recuperation process with the help of volunteers and paid personnel skilled in horsemanship as well as that of "at risk" youth and others who would like an initiation into and hands-on experience with the Thoroughbred world. The goal is two-fold: to take care of the physical needs of the horses and to build confidence and self-esteem in the animals and the youth.

Saratogagreen.com     Horse racing information.

SPW - The Sports Wire    The Sports Wire  Thoroughbred Results and Charts Online  The Sports Wire is proud to announce CompuRacing, providing results within minutes and charts within one half hour of post time for all North American tracks. Also available are entries, programs, scratches, and more!  The Sports Wire is now also offering its thoroughbred and greyhound simulcasting information, including programs and past performances, via the Internet. All available products are accessible through the Simulcasting menu.

Standardbred Retirement Foundation     National Office  P O Box 763  Freehold, New Jersey 07728 tel: (732) 462-8773 fax: (732) 431-9503 email: srfmail@bellatlantic.net Proud Recipient of: American Association of Equine Practitioners Lavin Cup Finalist The ARCI International Animal Welfare Award U.S. Harness Writers Association Proximity AwardThe Standardbred Retirement Foundation, Inc. (SRF) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization created to care for and locate new homes and opportunities for horses, assure their ongoing good care through follow-up, and to help today's troubled children through therapeutic equine companionship in SRF's Youth In Focus Programs. Nearly a quarter million horses of all breeds were slaughtered last year - horses who could have been placed in new homes. Many of our horses placed are used for English and Western Pleasure, Dressage, Jumping, 4-H and Pony Clubs, Trail Riding, Search and Rescue, Polo, Therapeutic Riding and Driving Programs, and more. Over 900 placements have been made across the country to good homes.

Standardbreds rule    If you love STB's for a reason other then racing, you've come to the right place. You will find here everything from adoption services to Standardbred proverbs. If you love Standardbreds you'll love this page. We have a STB digest and many fun facts. And if you are new to the Standardbred world, you won't leave this page without learning something on this wonderful bread of horse.

State of Maryland Department of Labor, Licensenses    Overseeing and regulating the harness and thoroughbred horse racing industry in Maryland is another responsibility of DLLR. This includes Maryland's five off-track betting sites in Dorchester, Frederick, Cecil, and Charles counties. Maryland is also the proud host of the Preakness, the second jewel of thoroughbred racing's Triple Crown.

Television Games Network     ODS Entertainment is an independent, Broomfield, CO-based entertainment company which has developed an innovative product that combines the excitement and beauty of horse racing with interactive technology and in-home wagering. ODS Entertainment is architect of the Television Games Network™ (TVG), an interactive, 24-hour horse racing entertainment channel that will be launched in 1998. TVG combines mass entertainment, modern telecommunications and wagering on horses in a format appealing to current and new racing fans.  Television Games Network  360 Interlocken Blvd., 2nd floor Broomfield, CO 80021   FAX: (303).464.6001 Customer Service: 1.877.TVG.WINS

Tennessee Equestrian Bed & Breakfast Association    For the traveler who enjoys vacationing with an equine friend, Tennessee offers a wide variety of equestrian Bed & Breakfast opportunities. Each Tennessee Equestrian Bed & Breakfast Association member provides a safe, comfortable stall or pasture to bed down your horse for the night after a day or trailriding either on the inn's property or nearby.

The Behooved Bettor     It's Coming!  Something's stirring down in the desert.  Why, it's an exciting new racing site coming to your from the makers of The Behooved Bettor!  Sign up for our mailing list below.  We will announce the site's address in late October!  Note:  Demographic information (requested during mailing list sign-up) will NOT be sold or distributed.  

The Club House     Welcome  to the  Club House!  This is the place to share ideas and ask questions. All are welcome.  You may post a comment or question or reply to a message if you wish. The forum is easy to use. If you have any questions about how to navigate the forum, we recommend you read the info at the bottom of the page or click on the mailbox to contact the Webmaster.  Horse racing forum.

The Foundation Quarter Horse Association     The Foundation Quarter Horse Association©, Inc.  1) A Non-Profit National Association  2) Member Elected Directors  Continue to watch this space for more information on membership, registering horses, and shows, as it becomes available. FQHA appreciates the overwhelming interest in the association but it is not yet taking memberships or registering horses. FQHA is a non-profit corporation registered with the state of Arkansas. Foundation Quarter horses Magzine is the official publication of the Foundation Quarter Horse Association.  Registration: Limited to horses qualifying as 90% Foundation Quarter Horse or above, based on the FQHM method of calculating percentages.  SHOWS: Two divisions of classes will be offered, 100% FQH, and 90% and above. Horses registering at 100% FQH will have their own division of classes.

The Hay.net: A comprehensive list     Welcome to the Hay.net, an exhaustive directory of horse sites on the Internet.

The History of Horse Racing     The competitive racing of horses is one of humankind's most ancient sports, having its origins among the prehistoric nomadic tribesmen of Central Asia who first domesticated the horse about 4500 BC. For thousands of years, horse racing flourished as the sport of kings and the nobility. Modern racing, however, exists primarily because it is a major venue for legalized gambling.  Horse racing is the second most widely attended U.S. spectator sport, after baseball. In 1989, 56,194,565 people attended 8,004 days of racing, wagering $9.14 billion. Horse racing is also a major professional sport in Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and South America.  By far the most popular form of the sport is the racing of mounted Thoroughbred horses over flat courses at distances from three-quarters of a mile to two miles. Other major forms of horse racing are harness racing, steeplechase racing, and Quarter Horse racing.

The Horse Forum - Horse, horse, horse     Welcome toThe Horse Forum, a new web site designed especially for all horse lovers. This site aims to be a comprehensive, interactive site for the horse industry providing classifieds, services, direct purchase items, information and links to other interesting horse-related web sites. We are in the process of moving here. Our new URL is horseforum.com Please update your bookmarks.  Through The Horse Forum you will be able to buy and sell horses, equipment, supplies, and tack, advertise your stallion or arrange for stud services, advertise or look for horse properties, obtain life, medical and liability insurance on your horses, arrange for transportation, and obtain useful information on raising, caring for, feeding, and nurturing back to health your loved horses. We have provided a number of links to help you find other great horse web sites, and help you find other Horse Farms sites. Through an advertising campaign we aim to link the portion of the industry that is on the net to the portion that is not. The site is meant to serve all breeds.  This site is also meant to be Your site. Without you it will not work. We have provided space for you to campaign your horse, to ask for advice on problems you are encountering, a foaling advice column hosted by Theresa Jones author of The Complete Foaling Manual, a place to publish your favorite stories, or provide articles of general interest to horse lovers. Just send us your information and pictures via letter, E-Mail, fax, or through the appropriate forms provided in the sections of interest. Now we are pleased to offer through a partnership with Amazon.com direct purchasing of horse related books from our Bookstore at great discounts !!!. We have also opened our own Tack Shop . We have provided means to order calendars and letterheads with your favorite horses. You can post and read announcements on our Bulletin Board, or you can have fun chatting with your friends and other horse lovers. If you are looking for information on upcoming events or horse show dates visit our calendar. If you are looking for a job or want to advertise an horse job at your farm visit our Employment Board. To get started just click on menu where you also can enter our chat room.  We have tried to make this site children friendly, with no inappropriate language or links and rate the site G. For parents worried about some of the information accessible to children on the Web, you may want to check our links to blocking programs under Search and Directories. If you would like us to add a link to your favorite web site, or have suggestions, please let us know. To get updates on this site join our membership program and start earning Horse Miles in our Frequent Rider Program.  For our horse business visitors, we are now happy to offer our Horse Business Programs. These include advertising and sponsorship opportunities, and web hosting and set-up of a web site for your farm or company including catalogs and order-on-line services. We are pleased to offer free web site hosting to non-profit horse organizations for a small set-up fee. We are also seeking agents , please let us know if you are interested.

The Horse Interactive: Your Online Guide to Equine health care         Equine health care.

The Horse Source    Horse racing information.

The Living Horse Museum      Musée Vivant du Cheval  Les Grandes Ecuries - BP 242   60631 Chantilly Cedex - France tél. : (33).  fax : (33).  Gérant Fondateur M. Yves Bienaime

The Preakness Celebration     Welcome to Preakness Celebration! This is the time of year when residents and visitors alike can enjoy a wide array of special festivities designed for people of all ages! Leaf through this official guide and check out all the fun . . . Giddy Up! A Tribute To Secretariat  1998 marks the 25th anniversary of thoroughbred racing’s Triple Crown feat by super horse Secretariat. In 1973, "Big Red" was a true champion, capturing wins in the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness Stakes and the Belmont Stakes. Only 11 colts have achieved horse racing’s most difficult feat, with 42 others just one win shy of the honor. Secretariat still holds the records at the Kentucky Derby and Belmont Stakes, and a place in our memories.

The Racing Channel Internet     The Racing Channel is pleased to offer real-time racing information as a service to Racing Fans. Access to VIP services, however, is by invitation only.

The Running Horse    I have included items that I think will be of interest to horse lovers in general and particularly those that love to watch horses that go fast.

The Sheets      Horse racing information.

The Track Kitchen    You may have noticed that our site is slowing down just a tad.  Salish is now firmly planted at Del Mar working for the track.  Expect delays until the Del Mar racing season is over.

The Track Traveller     Spot Plays Across the Country  Sign up and access today's races! Membership is EASY, sign up and access tomorrow's races ! Check out our skills! We have 1 Free play per day where we input a race and prove our track record!

The Truth About Touts     The Truth About Touts  by George Kaywood Introduction: Defining the Product   "Blue Sheet, one dollah! Getcha winners here!"    "4 cold exactas and 7 winnahs yesterday! Gold Card heah, just a dollah!"   Seems like the old guys who stand near the entrance to the track hawking their tip sheets have been around as long as racing has been around. Some are one-man operations, making the picks, creating and printing the page, then selling it personally to you. Most are just paid salesmen, working for someone else who actually makes the picks.  Are their picks any good?

Thoroughbred Horse Racing     We horse players are lucky that the racing industry has recognized the value of the Internet and that it has sought to establish a presence here. I am glad that there are many punters who are willing to share their opinions, knowledge and expertise through home pages, Web forums, chats and newsgroups. With this page I hope to add my modest experience to this vast pool of shared knowledge and excitement. What follows is an annotated list of some racing sites that I have enjoyed, links to some guides for exploring the world of thoroughbred racing on the Web, and reviews of free software which can enhance the enjoyment of these sites. Also, check out my article, "How I Won the Del Mar Web Handicapping Contest." I hope it will help you if you decide to play next summer’s contest.

Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation     The promise of a lifetime  Founded in 1982, the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation (TRF) was the pioneering forerunner for similar operations and remains the largest humane organization dedicated to the rescue of racehorses when they can no longer run.  For 16 years, the national, nonprofit TRF has been providing lifetime haven to equine athletes of all ages, including those unsuitable for riding because of racing injuries. For many of our pensioners, the TRF truly has been the difference between life and death.  Renewed hope for horses and their caregivers  No other equine rescue organization provides the same breadth of retirement options for racehorses in jeopardy at the close of their track careers, or the same opportunities for their caregivers Our principal retirement facilities are located at state correctional facilities.   There, the TRF's innovative, state-accredited courses in horsecare and management give the inmates and juvenile offenders who are the horses' caregivers far more than needed vocational skills. Caring for the horses has proven to have emotional and therapeutic benefits as well, and both horses and their caregivers are thriving under the arrangement.

Track Times Magazine     Horse racing information.

TurfNET - the Official Site of the Sydney   TurfNET provides you with the latest information on activities at Rosehill Gardens & Canterbury Park Racecourses.

United Pegasus Foundation    We are a registered non-profit organization dedicated to protecting horses from abuse and slaughter. Our rehabilitation, retraining farms currently care for more than 80 rescued and donated horses with a limited staff. We need your support through donations to continue the care and feeding of these beautiful creatures. We believe that all horses deserve our respect and compassion, so won't you  Please help us help the horses.

Virginia Gold Cup Association Welcomes You     Welcome! to the Official Virginia Gold Cup Association home page. We hope you find all you need here quickly and easily, if not, let us know. Preparations for this year's Spring race are already underway, so don't delay, order your tickets soon. We have new maps, and Official Gold Cup Merchandise. Explore and enjoy!

Wyoming Pari-Mutuel Commission    Wyoming Pari-Mutuel Commission