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Horse Racing

Handicapping Software

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ADPA Handicapping Software for Thoroughbred Racing     Attention Handicappers! ... Since 1986 we have helped thousands of handicappers become very profitable at the track with our full line of easy-to-use sports handicapping software for Thoroughbred, Greyhound, Harness and Quarterhorse racing.  Now available is new version 4.51 of our best-selling Thoroughbred FOCUS — No Data Entry! — rated by our customers as their # 1 thoroughbred handicapping software ever!   Using FOCUS you too can get 65% 75% 85% winners for every race you play!

Authentic Handicappers Network,Inc.     Handicappers Network, Inc., is a company that is designed to meet the needs of the everyday player, the "weekend warrior" and those that would like to make Handicapping their livelihood.  If you missed the Working Weekend, click here to read all about it.  We offer an online service, which allows the player to download races for the Master Handicapper Program and profiles for specific tracks around the country. We also sell a handicapping program called "The Master Handicapper Version 2.0, The Success Machine"( Click here to learn more.) and "The Master Key to Handicapping"  tape package. Both products are designed to help the handicapper win at the races.   On this sight we have articles relating to all aspects of handicapping; technical support information pertaining to handicapping products we sell; analyzing specific races that we feel will have some educational value for the player; provide an e-mail address to talk with players about subjects that interest them; and an opinion section where you can read about how "one man feels".  We are on the front lines of handicapping and helping to make the player a winner.  

Axcis    Computer software based handicapping products for horse racing and sports wagering. AXCIS provides daily statistical data in an economical, easy to use format under the TrackMaster and SportsMaster brand names. Distributor of dependable daily selections and analysis, including past performances in the traditional racing format. Everything the handicapper needs for thorough, insightful analysis. Click on any graphic link below to take you wherever you want to go.

AXCIS    (2nd Site) Computer software based handicapping products for horse racing and sports wagering. AXCIS provides daily statistical data in an economical, easy to use format under the TrackMaster and SportsMaster brand names. Distributor of dependable daily selections and analysis, including past performances in the traditional racing format. Everything the handicapper needs for thorough, insightful analysis. Click on any graphic link below to take you wherever you want to go.

B.L. Software    B.L. Software designs, develops and markets software to handicap thoroughbred, harness and greyhound races. Since our introduction during 1983, the software algorithms, or the way mathematical equations are solved, are continually fine-tuned to offer the racing fan very powerful, low cost handicapping software, with increased predictability. Let your personal computer do the "number crunching" it was designed to do. 

Bill Bowie's Bowienet Harness Horse Racing     Harness racing handicapping software, free demo.

Bonjoel's Pony Pick Handicapping Information    Since 1982, one of the very best in Horse Racing Handicapping Software for all Thoroughbred Racing Enthusiasts. Very easy to use, for beginning and professional handicappers.  We Accept Visa and MasterCard   Flash!  Pony Pick is now available on CDROM and on Floppies!  Be sure to let us know your preference on any new orders.

BRISnet-Handicapping tipsheets, results    BRISnet - Dedicated to Handicappers of Thoroughbred Horseracing. Live online odds, picks, selections, tipsheets, entries, race results, past performances, Supertote toteboard, Morning Line Odds, schedules, track bias, track pars, and other wagering and betting information. Free All-Ways, Neurax, and Past Performance Generator software.

Capital Information Services    Capital Information Services specialize in providing computer based tools to help punters do what they want to do more quickly, more efficiently and more profitably.  This goal is achieved predominantly through our sophisticated handicapping program Price Predictor and our revolutionary betting mathematics program Tote Pro. Support and advice on our programs and in fact any other punting problem is available both in person over the phone and in writing via newsletters and via the Internet. By providing products and services to meet you needs and by regularly updating them to reflect your feedback, we believe we can be of much better service to you than some fly by nighter who takes your money and then forgets about you.  Our aim has been to concentrate on product development and the continual support of existing customers. The business customer relationship becomes a win-win situation as indeed it should be in any business customer relationship. As a result we do not rely on aggressive advertising to secure new clients but rather concentrate on doing repeat business with our existing clients - which is one reason why we must ensure we are indeed giving you what you want.  Nevertheless we are happy to accept new clients and will be more than happy to answer your questions if there is anything on these web pages you want more information on. And if you do purchase something from us you can be assured that we will do everything possible to cater for your existing and future requirements in our ongoing process of software upgrades.

Compaid Horse Racing System. Programmes     Compaid Racing ?  I had 44 winners from 60 selections in the British Open Tipping Championship a few years ago, no other program, system or service came near. I achieved this using a computer program I had developed and with which I made my living. I had a number of approaches from companies who wanted to capitalize on this but, having semi retired to France, I decided to market it myself, we also provide a selection service for those to busy to analyze races.   That's it ! I have no need to give you a load of hype, I would rather you read the reviews and form your own opinion. If your looking for ridiculous claims and ' get rich quick ' nonsense you should leave now, if you like to make money, and consider betting an investment then go to ' News & Reviews ' to see what others think or click : :  Products to see what we offer.

CompuSire on the Web    A powerful new pedigree research tool.  Now available, FirstCross 2.0 allows you to conduct a sire line and broodmare sire line stakes analysis of any cross. Comes with database of stakes winners and special expanded pedigrees database.

Contenders Handicapping Software and Selections    Selections and handicapping software.

Dark Horse Thoroughbred Handicapping Software    If you want to beat the track, you've come to the right place. We've been beating the track for years with our software, Dark Horse. You can see our win rate in this review by Phillips Racing Newsletter. Since then, we've released our latest upgrade, Dark Horse 96! This software is light-years ahead of anything on the market, and you can download it and try it for free!

Denville Software     Denville Software are proud to present The Denville Rater. This outstanding piece of horse racing software analyses up to 16 horses in a race, taking many factors (including previous season form) into consideration, by way of easy to use on screen menu and data input boxes, and can accurately produce ratings for each horse and guidance towards the most likely winner of the race.

Formsoft Racing Software     Formsoft Racing Software Our ratings are the benchmark in horse ability and performance.

Green Things Handicapping Products     HedgeHog A hedging/dutching program that allows multiple win betting. Bet as many horses in a race as the odds allow, hedge the favorites so you'll get your money back.  SpeedPlus A speed/pace program that uses downloads from Bloodstock, Computer Sports World, The "Hat" file, Darkhorse, and Track Master. High rating by PRN. Print your own pace sheets and compare horses as if they all ran on the same track.  ProBets Use up to 30 public handicappers, methods, or a mixture of both to produce an odds-line and contention chart. Catches those long shots and allows you to handicap races that cannot be figured by speed and pace methods. Great for that maiden or baby race you often find in multiple race wagers.

HarnessMate    Pick the winner before you bet...with HarnessMate  •HarnessMate is easy, affordable and it works! HarnessMate is the best harness handicapping program available anywhere. Why? HarnessMate has a unique handicapping formula. It combines horse data and specific information from any track(s) of your choice to produce a winning combination.  And it's available now at an introductory price of only $79.00(U.S.)!  MultiMedia Imaging  Contact us by Email at sales@tayson.com   Phone: (416) 288-8784, Fax: (416) 285-4395  Sales: (888) 847-4476  Mail: 275 Comstock Road, Scarborough, Ontario, M1L 2H2

HorsCalc Handicapping Software     Make Money at the Track!  Attention horseplayers, gamblers, handicappers, investors, and anyone who wants to make money! HorseCalc is a computer program that picks winning horses!!  It's a thoroughbred handicapping calculator program anyone can use. Just enter seven items from the Daily Racing Form into the form on your screen, and HorseCalc does the rest. It computes the Overall Ability Rating to help you choose the best horse. It puts the odds in Your favor!  HorseCalc is quick, easy, and simple. You can get the Daily Racing Form the day before the race and evaluate the next day's racing card on your personal computer in no time at all. Or, take your laptop PC to the track -- it will take only a few minutes between races. Get a big jump on your competition: those other bettors who have no idea how to really pick horses. Don't gamble; use the power of your computer to choose the best bet.

Horse Play Handicapper v2.1     Horse Play Handicapper v2.1

International Racing Data     The Complete Race Analyzer  What Is The Complete Race Analyzer ?   The Complete Race Analyzer software package, CRA for short, was created to quickly and conveniently analyze large amounts of Australian horse racing data.  The CRA, enables the user to "hone in" on recurring winning selection factors, not normally seen by the general public. These factors, being well hidden within the body of information available, would be almost impossible to analyze without the processing power of Computers and software like CRA.  Who Should Use CRA ?  CRA can be used by anyone who wants to check certain betting strategies before "going live" with real money.  CRA is currently used by Bookmakers, Tipsters and Punters all over Australia.  What Can CRA Do ?   CRA, can analyze data to produce "what if" scenarios in WIN, PLACE, QUINELLA, EXACTA and TRIFECTA betting. All details of each analysis can be saved to disk or printed for reference.  The "Profile Builder" option in CRA allows infinite research to establish profitable factors. Using these factors in the "Custom Handicapper", allows the creation of totally unique rating methods, known only to the user.

K&C Enterprsises     K&C Enterprises   Quality Handicapping Products.  Welcome to K&C Enterprises. Attempting to determine the winner of a horse race has been a challenge ever since the sport began. Our goal is to provide you with the latest and best handicapping methods available on the market today Profits at the track are within everyone's reach with the educational material available today. We offer a wide variety of  books, software, methods, and money management that will make your trips to the track not only more enjoyable but more profitable as well.

Missing Link, The Source for thoroughbred handicapping     The resource for thoroughbred racing and handicapping software.   P.O. Box 21700  San Jose, CA 95151-1700  (408) 223-7573 (voice mail) Who are we?  Simply speaking, The Missing Link is the source of the most widely-used thoroughbred handicapping programs in America. We have been publishing software for the serious handicapper since 1988.  Chances are, unless you are an existing customer, you've never heard of us, however. Oh, well... Until now (the Web) , our advertising has been limited to word-of-mouth.  Our Philosophy  We believe that our mission is to offer tools for the serious handicapper, as opposed to cranking out methods that will ultimately fail. Our tools are all based on scientifically validated research that has withstood the test of time. For example, our Impact Value based tools have been scientifically validated since 1979. Our tools also permit you, the handicapper, to remain in control, unlike other systems that lock you into a particular mindless lock-step method. Our tools allow you to adjust your betting styles to your track(s), preferred race types, and so on.  We believe that if you are looking for a magic bullet, then you should look elsewhere, or try the lottery .  Did we mention that our most popular program is nearly free?

Murray D. Kram's Horse Handicapping Software      You've tried the rest, now you can have the best   at a special introductory offer.  M.D. Kram's ultra-pick horse handicapping software only $19.95 regularly a $395 value  M.D.Kram-the only 4-time mutuel world cup handicapping winner

North Amrican Thoroughbred Handicapper    We have been around the Racing Scene for over 35 Years You might have known us as The American Thoroughbred Handicapper And if you live in Canada as the Canadian Thoroughbred Handicapper So we combined the Programs improved them and lowered the Price considerably

Professional Data Associates - CIMPRO®     PDA also specializes in the integration of Bar Code & Radio Frequency data collection systems to Thoroughbred applications.  We are a VAR. for such industry leaders as Telxon, Intermec, and Symbol Technologies.  We provide a full level of service from application review, hardware selection, programming, installation, and training.  In other words, PDA provides one stop shopping for the client seeking to enter the Bar Coding arena.  

Professional Handicappers Association     Nation's Foremost Horseracing Membership Association for Horseplayers featuring Winning Email Selections, Computer Handicapping Software, Books, Videos, Seminars, Newsletters, Winning Exactas, Trifectas and More!!

Quartie : Logiciels courses hippiques     There is no wonder solution for winning at the race. This software, as successful as it may be, will never replace your own analysis. Nevertheless it will help you carry out your analyses quickly and rationally.  Remember that of all the existing games (loterie, roulette etc...) only horse racing uses serious tipsters. All other games rely on pure chance.  This software is therefore for those who appreciate the need and the interest of a scientific approach to horse racing.  Like us, you will win money simply by placing your bets differently to the majority of gamblers who only win when all the newspapers give the first six winners...  We generally forecast three Tiercés out of four, two Quartés+ out of three, and one Quinté+ out of three to our members who are lucky enough to possess QUARTIE.  This guidance is optional. If your personal analysis is sufficient, you will have no need of this guide.

R.A.M Software for the winners of tommorow    RAM Software is the leader of long shot technology  R.A.M. is the Home of the Ultimate line of programs for Thoroughbred racing.  And You the Winners of Tomorrow!  Horse racing handicapping is a art form. RAM software has harness this ART form into a easy to use program, for all racing fans!  Only for Windows 95 & 98 systems.

Racehorse Betting - Computer Software    "Horses Win" is an original computer program which will help you select winners. The program is so simple to use but so spectacular in its results that one man wrote, "The horse program you sent me is so good it scares me!" This is obviously an exaggeration, but he was impressed. Others have phoned in and said they believed "Horses Win" is just as good as programs that cost thousands of dollars. 

Racing Tips     Free racing tips and Dutching software.

RDB Software    RDB Software is a new enterprise engaged in the business of planning and designing software products. We are primarily interested in computer graphics, mathematics and sports.   Product Information  Here are three software products which are commercially available or in the works:  RDB Computawin. This thoroughbred handicapping program utilizes data from ITS and has many features including advanced data processing and analysis routines.You can obtain more information by selecting RDB Computawin.    RDB Pace Equalizer. Runners, swimmers, cyclists, triathletes, ... , take a look at what we have for you! Here's a new program that will aid in the design of workout tables and allow you to predict race times.

Sportfan (Thoroughbred Horse Racing Calculator)    This program was developed using proven handicapping concepts and methods which the author has used during his 40 years as a horse racing handicapper. Because the outcome of a horse race is based on many factors and is thereby not easily predictable, the author in no way implies that you will be consistently successful at winning at the races. What this program can do, is to give the user a statistical betting edge by selecting those horses which have a good chance of finishing in the money (1st, 2nd, or 3rd) and identifying those who may not.   The author understands that many racing enthusiasts have their own handicapping methods to determine the outcome of a race. The Sport-Fan Racing Calculator system does not take into consideration track conditions, weight, jockeys, speed, breeding, or so called horses "moving up or down" (i.e. an allowance horse dropping into a claiming race or viceversa).   After spending 40 years analyzing races, the author has come to the conclusion that yes......these factors are part of the handicapping procedure; but overall they represent a small percentage of the total picture. After all, if Secretariat was running with bad legs against a claimer in good condition; what do you think the outcome will be? We feel that conditioning, recent activity and class rating as determined by this program are the single most important factors to be considered in order to increase your chances of winning at the racetrack. This is the criteria on which this program is based.  The Sport-Fan Thoroughbred Racing Calculator determines the class of a horse based on a formula which analyses each horse's track record separately. You will normally select the 3 or 4 top rated horses. After you have rated all the entries in a race, apply the "Handicapping" rules to each horse. If the top 2 rated horses do not meet the handicapping standards as set in "Handicapping Rules", pass the race.    •Sport-Fan incorporates a database which allows you to store and manipulate records.   •It generates a report of all the records stored in the database.  •The report includes the horse's name, number of starts, finish position, in the money %, plus the class rating of each horse.  •It also determines which horses meet the "primary handicapping criteria", picks the best bet of the day's racing card and identifies horses which may be a good long-shot bet.

Sports Betting Software from DGA     DGA Software are one of the leading sports betting software suppliers in the United Kingdom. Established in 1987, we now have an extensive range of software and services which we very much hope you will find to be of interest. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and our technical support. We are always available to assist any of our customers whether it be by telephone, post or email.  Below we have itemized each of our products. Please peruse them at your leisure. If you require any further information or wish to order please contact us Please note that all prices quoted are in UK Pounds Sterling

Sports Handicapping Books and Software    Sports Handicapping Books and Software from Software Exchange * Software Now 1/2 Off *Download--Save 20%  Software Exchange, 33290 W. 14 Mile Road, Suite 459, West Bloomfield, MI 48322 - Phone/fax 248-788-3342. Order toll free by calling 1-800-527-9467 - VISA and MasterCard Accepted

Sports Handicapping Software By PDS Sports     Software Products •Pro Football - Handicapping & Statistical Analysis •College Football - Handicapping & Statistical Analysis •Pro Basketball - Handicapping & Statistical Analysis •College Basketball- Handicapping & Statistical Analysis •Pro Baseball - Handicapping & Statistical Analysis •Pro Hockey - Handicapping & Statistical Analysis •Thoroughbred Racing - Handicapping & Statistical Analysis •Harness Horse Racing - Handicapping & Statistical Analysis

StanBrite Software produces Registration Manager        The StanBrite™ PROCAPPER is a fully automatic handicapping program designed for serious handicappers and beginners. The program uses specially designed par times, which are updated on a daily basis. These pars can be downloaded directly from the Internet. The variants are also created by StanBrite, and must also be downloaded. Other features include labeling of key races, horses who have the early speed advantage in a race, races which should be passed, races which have a high risk factor, and much more.

The Big 7     The long-awaited Big Seven software is here! Seven handicapping methods, all on the one disk! Ideal for the bettor who wants user-friendly racing software, without having to spend thousands of dollars.

The Hong Kong Racing Journal    The Hong Kong Racing Journal is the leading provider of Racing Information for Hong Kong. The Hong Kong Racing Journal was First on the Web, in 1995, and is run BY Racing Enthusiasts for Racing Enthusiasts, bringing you comprehensive analysis in meaningful and easy to use formats. We're dedicated to providing personal and excellent service both in our free Web Features and in our Subscription Products. If you're serious about HK Racing or a professional ... ask us about our custom databases and handicapping applications.     Simulcast Locations and Tracks receive Custom Products for distribution ... contact our Editor for details.

The Rating Bureau     Welcome to the Rating Bureau's web site.  The Rating Bureau offers Form, Ratings and free Handicapping Software for all Australian race meetings enjoying Totalisator coverage. The Rating Bureau was established by renowned racing author Rem Plante in the 1960's making us Australia's longest established racing information service provider. We are excited to be offering our products and Services via the Internet and hope you can make the best use of the facilities offered to win money at racing.    To assist you to select winners we provide free down-loadable WinlineGT-i Windows 95 race handicapping software. This program is supplied complete with a recent past race meeting to enable a full evaluation.  If, after evaluation you would like to use WinlineGT-i daily, you may download a free form file complete with ratings for a selected race each race day after telling us who you are. You may also make a prepayment for daily subscriber form files containing 8, 12 or 16 most recent starts for each horse and download these at least two days before the race meeting. Daily jockey files (riders list) are available on the day before the meeting. As mentioned, the WinlineGT-i software is supplied free of charge. The free software allows all form files to be used but does not allow ratings to be used. However, we do offer two optional upgrades on a yearly fee basis for the use of our ratings to help optimize the profit potential. When one of these options is chosen, ratings are then included with and within the form.

Thomas Racing System     The Thomas Racing System (TRS) is a unique handicapping tool specially designed to provide you with four systems in one, easy-to-use program.    Suitable for all levels of handicappers, TRS features ratings based on speed, class, consistency, pace, and style. What's more, it incorporates ratings based on "handicapping bibles" including William Scott's Total Victory at the Track, Ada Kulleck's Beat the Track, and several articles from American Turf Monthly. By integrating these key rating factors, TRS gives you a solid feel for how a race will "shape up" while allowing you to follow any trends or biases at any racetrack. As an added bonus, TRS can print ratings according to your preferences.  TRS is designed to automatically read data from BRIS, Track Master and ITS' Handicapper's Daily Racing Form.    To order send check or money order to: SMERT Software, Inc.  14009 Beechvue Lane  Silver Spring, Maryland 20906

ThoroVision Home Page     ThoroVision   3315H E. Russell Rd. #238  Las Vegas, NV 89120  (206) 527-2047  info@thorovision.com    New Features in 2.5  New version 2.5 has more features than ever, including speed number analysis and our exclusive Super Consensus Numbers.   ThoroVision Selection Sheets  ThoroVision Selection Sheets have been suspended indefinitely. Please take a look at the full ThoroVision.  ThoroVision Demo  Now you can download a fully functional version of the program to try out before buying.

Times Tables,BMX and Horse Racing Software     1 program developed for Novelty betting (Quinella and Trifecta). Uses Horse's form from newspapers. Current version is designed for Australian racing. Anticipated release date Nov 98. Free appraisal software will be available for FTP download, no price set yet. Open Day for BMX 2 modules developed exclusively for BMX racing. Click on download (1.06Meg) for a free working version. Requires any IBM compatible, runs OK from XT to Pentium. The downloaded file is a self extracting EXE file which will load into your Temp Windows directory from there Run SETUP.EXE to install. Price $35 US or $60 Australian, order details are in the software.

Tornado Trot Master     This program quickly and accurately handicaps Harness Racing.  Ratings are quickly computed for any trotter\pacer on any race track in . the world. ( All harness racing tracks in U.S.A and Canada now catered for  in the just released "Trot Master U.S.A." ).   The  "Tornado Trot Master"  incorporates the following features : Full Help function  Mouse or Keyboard operation  Data based  Edit facility   Print facility  Windows 3.1+ compatible  Windows 95 compatible  The   "Tornado Trot Master"  has been extensively tested at  Albion Park, Geelong, Harold Park, Mooney Valley, Globe Derby and  Redcliffe  with the following results  Top Rated Horse  Win Strike Rate 35%  Place Strike Rate 64%  Trifectas - - Banker Field - Top Rated 27.6% Strike Rate  75.9% Profit   2nd. Rated 21.2% Strike Rate  89.3% Profit   The Facts About This Essential Harness Racing Handicapping Tool    1. Data entered directly from formguides ( T.A.B. guide,National Trotguide,   Trotting Weekly,Racebooks etc.)  2. No in-depth knowledge of harness racing or punting required to operate this program. 3. Ratings Report includes estimated starting prices.   4. The following information is considered when rating a race ::   a. Track bias  b. Post position  c. Prizemoney Earnings  d. Win ratio  e. Frequency of starts  f. Mile rates  g. Losing margins &  h. Distance variations  To obtain this Handicapping tool, the :  "Tornado Trot Master"  program may be purchased by sending $49.50 + $5.00 (postage & handling) to:  Bob Long  PO Box 292  ('Arcadia' Brimblecombes Road)  Oakey QLD 4401  For further information contact me on:   Telephone: 076 300146  Facsimile: (076)917675  Email:boomer@tmba.design.net.au

TrakAtak - Free Thoroughbred Horse Racing Software    TrakAtak V1.3 is Free thoroughbred horse racing software that uses Beyer Speed Figures, race times, beaten lengths, and other past performance data from the Daily Racing Form™ to calculate track variant adjusted pace and fps velocity ratings for contenders in both sprints and routes. With the addition of user-supplied track pars, TrakAtak automatically converts ratings from different racetracks and distances to the equivalent ratings at today's track and distance.Use TrakAtak to compare contenders with similar abilities, speed figures and/or running styles. You'll see who really has the pace advantage and who has the most kick in the final furlong. Just narrow the field down to the true contenders and then choose a representative paceline for each. Data entry is fast and easy. Make note of the velocity rankings of winning horses at each track. They'll help you identify the specific pace and running styles that horses need to win at those tracks. Download Trakatak V1.3 Software for free.

WhiDow Systems      WhiDow Systems  116 Albert Street, Geelong West, Vic., Australia  Tel: 61 3 5229 1189 or 0411 644 919   Australian Racing Software -  Sensibly designed & priced with the average punter in mind.   WhiDow Systems offer a diverse range of selection and staking plans designed to be easy to use and priced well within the means of the average punter. We are having a "Spring Clean-out" and, for a short time only, you can purchase any three programs listed on our price list page for just $50.00.  That's right! any three programs for just $50.00.

Winner's Circle Users Group    We provide our Members with our outstanding STEALTH pari-mutuel investment software. STEALTH was created with both the professional and recreational Investor in mind. If you will read on, you will find our users group and software especially interesting.  Our software routinely out-performs other's found on today's market. Win percents of 55+% are easily achievable by anyone. Average mutuel for these type investments is $5.60, (180% roi) with a low mutuel of $2.20 and a high mutuel of $81.20. We occasionally get the $40.00 or so horse and once in a great while an $100.00 horse. Using our minimum probability filters, win percentages as high as 80% with an avg. mutuel of $5.60 (180% roi) are perfectly attainable. A whopping 96% win's with a $5.70 mutuel (185% roi) may be achieved if the user is willing to wait for them. There aren't an abundance of these however. Exactas in the neighborhood of 66% and Trifectas around 53% or better. Pick-three's become child's play. Our software includes every conceivable option one could ever dream of. Pedigree analysis, Trainer analysis, Rider analysis, Tote Board analysis, Deceleration analysis, Running Style & Position analysis, Class analysis, Condition analysis or any combination of many factors. Our artificial intelligence is superior to any we've seen and is easy to use as well. No more long hours of tedious "training." Our consensus feature is great for Exotics. Don't be fooled by others attempting in vain to imitate this feature. Winner's Circle developed it and I assure you it will never be imitated. Our highly acclaimed ODDSMAKER is a sheer delight to work with and pinpoints the playable horse. Stealth is the only software that tells you what to invest in, when to invest and how much to invest. In addition, Stealth will warn the user if in its judgment a race is playable or if it should be passed.