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Horse Racing

Handicapping Tools

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C.N. Electronics    The world's best racing computers are built by CNE.  All cne racing computers provide an accurate handicapping  program without expensive software, racing data subscriptions, bulky equipment, or a power source.  Our pocket-size, solar powered racing computers are ready when you are. Real racing excitement starts with a cne racing computer  nick Bradley

Cameron McKay Prod. - Horse Race Guide     With these cassettes you will learn how to handicap a field of horses on your own initiative. Don't listen to the "so-called experts" when you can do it yourself.

Cynthia Publishing     Thoroughbred Horse Race Handicapping Products and Services

DataHawk Software (Horse Racing)     Welcome to our web page! We are a couple of hobbyists who enjoy horse racing and have applied fundamental "Value Wagering Principals" to the sport. Our approach is the same as that of any other value based investment program, the secret is to find under valued horses and avoid over valued favorites...Believe me it works!   Visit our webpage, check out our products, read the reviews, and take advantage of our "Free" spot play section!

FillyPicks  - Thoroughbred Horse Racing    Now you too can analyze and handicap thoroughbred horse races just like the pros! For only $29.95 - slightly more than the cost of a monthly subscription to FillyPicks - you can have at your hands one of the most powerful tools available to help you beat the race track! The FillyPicks Thoroughbred Horse Race Analyzer System is so easy to learn. There is nothing difficult about the system and the instructions contained within the FillyPicks System will clearly spell out everything for you. Also contained in the FillyPicks System for you horse racing novices are complete instructions and examples on how to read and understand the Daily Racing Form. Why not try the FillyPicks System today and join the ranks of successful horse race enthusiasts and handicappers across the country!

Handicapping.com    Welcome to Handicapping.com  Your Internet Headquarters for Winning Handicapping Information   Take all the free stuff you want... buy our special offers...visit and support our sponsors....tell your friends, and visit us often!

Handicapping the Horses    If you enjoy thoroughbred racing you can become an
excellent handicapper and make winning a routine instead of an  occasional happening.   We offer to you the formula and guidelines to become a successful winner. Follow the guidelines and start counting  your winnings.  Send $19.95 (price includes postage)

Harness Racing Power Factor Handicapping Today    Free power factor information for Balmoral. The power factor a proven rating system based on fractional times and positions of harness horses computed on the most recent race or races. Developed in Las Vegas, Nevada in 1994, by a licensed member of the new York racing association and former track handicapper.

Harness Tracker    Harness Tracker System

Horse Race Analysis     TracStar is a totally objective computer generated thoroughbred horse racing handicapping system. We are specifically interested in taking advantage of the odds margin created by pari-mutuel wagering in general. We therefore are successful at identifying winners with larger payoffs than our competition. We cover 14 North American racing circuits in order to provide the best racing available on any given day. Our service is ideal for simulcast bettors, or players with phone wagering accounts with several of the legal betting services provided throughout the country.  The subscription price gives you Full access to all cards and reports from as many as 11 tracks daily. There are no extra charges. Daily reports can be e-mailed directly to you the night before race day, and you may view any report or file as often as you wish on our Web site. We provide total access and service for one low price. You will receive an ID number and a password of your choice enabling you to access reports from our "Subscriber Only" menu. We provide information on phone wagering companies who's betting pools are intermingled with those of the track, paying off at track odds without any service charges. And we can show you how to view real time odds from virtual tote boards right on your computer screen for free. TracStar's computerized system of Thoroughbred Handicapping brings together the Sport Of Kings with the best of today's technology for an enjoyable and profitable virtual day at the races.

Horse racing     A Holy Grail among punters is that foolproof system for finding winners. A method of betting that isn't obvious to the average punter, but is simple enough to be worked out over a cup of tea and the daily paper. Maybe not a get rich quick scheme, but something to nick a few pounds off the bookie.  Well, such systems may exist, but they are elusive. Many systems are freely available, and some not so free. But are genuine money-making systems available, at any price?  Here is various stuff related to the elusive goal.

Horses Talk    Jim Selvidge and Trillis Parker provide the resource tools that allow clients to create a second income from investing in Thoroughbred race outcomes. For some, this has become their primary occupation. As an example, the Selvidge-Parker TRULINE BBS posted four-horse contention for 442 Trifectas, which produced 35% Wins and a net profit of $40,000. Superperfectas added another $15,000. Other parts of the Wagering Portfolio generated an ROI (Return on Investment) of up to $4.56 for each dollar circulated, a product of optimum wagering strategy.  Parimutuel profits are a product of knowledge, job skills that a person applies in a professional pursuit. In today's technology, there are dozens of race tracks available each week. Which to play and when? Which particular races are high probability, and which say "Pass!"? These are two of many questions answered by Jim and Trillis in teaching "the business of racing investments".

How To Wager On Horses    A new book.  How To Wager On Horses  The Basics and 25 Wagering Methods  A Guide For The Novice and The Experienced Horseplayer by Kevin Kent. Part I: The Basics   •Understanding Pari-mutuel Wagering •The Takeout •Tote Board Odds and Payoffs •The Program Booklet •How to Place a Wager •Handicapping    Part II: Wagering Methods   •Win Wager for Thoroughbred Claiming Races •The Beaten Favorite •Two Circles are Good •Win and Place Wagers on the Favorite •Selection Based on Thoroughbred Speed Ratings •A Pick 6 Method •Factors Worth Considering •To "Show" or Not to "Show" •Alternative to Pick 3-7 •Exacta Wagers for Standardbreds or Thoroughbreds •$100 Killer Wager on Strong Key Horse •Maiden Pedigree Wagering •Place Wagering •Consistent 3 Year Old Claimer •Daily Double Wheel •Daily Double Part Wheel •Win, Place, Show for Standardbreds or Thoroughbreds •Exacta/Quinella Wagering •Exacta Wheel for Standardbreds or Thoroughbreds •Show Betting •Exacta Wagering with the Favorite for Thoroughbreds •Overlay •Exacta/Quinella Wagering for Standardbreds •Exacta/Quinella Wagering for Thoroughbreds •Selection Based on Daily Double Payoffs  Order Your Copy Today Only $25

Improve Your Betting     Send for your free copy of "improve your betting". This will help you improve your chances of taking more $$$ home with you from any track. No involved computations needed. No handicapping! Works on any track -- learn to do this within an hour -- even if you take your time reading!! $3[postage & handling, check or money order, please] to nagah 4705 s. 179th st. Seatac wa 98188  find out the best time of year to bet.  Everything in the booklet is logical. For the novice and for many long time race fans, whether it is harness racing or thoroughbreds, this little booklet will no doubt make sense for you. Whether you are a Kentucky Derby fan, or just like to go to the local track, you can and will improve your take home dollars if you follow these simple suggestions! Find out when to go to the track, and when not to risk your hard earned dollars... Send for your copy today!!

LOGX -HRP Thoroughbred Racing Handicapping    A valuable and accurate race value&speed conversion chart.

North Amrican Thoroughbred Handicapper    We have been around the Racing Scene for over 35 Years You might have known us as The American Thoroughbred Handicapper And if you live in Canada as the Canadian Thoroughbred Handicapper So we combined the Programs improved them and lowered the Price considerably

Professional Handicappers Association     Nation's Foremost Horseracing Membership Association for Horseplayers featuring Winning Email Selections, Computer Handicapping Software, Books, Videos, Seminars, Newsletters, Winning Exactas, Trifectas and More!!

Racing On The Net     Finally! The Ultimate Information for Serious Horse Players: Now you can add a powerful tool to your handicapping - a tool that is not available in general racing publications. Now you can add a powerful tool to your handicapping - a tool that is not available in general racing publications.

Racing Organiser     * How much does your betting cost (or make) you?  * How much do you stake Annually?  * What ante post vouchers do you hold for next year's Champion Hurdle, Gold Cup and Derby?  * What did the Racing Post/Sporting Life/Ceefax/You think of that horse's performance last month? What going does it prefer and what is its optimum racing distance?  If you can answer all the above perhaps you are already organized - but if not, why not use the Racing Organiser not only to record and control all aspects of your betting but also to log form, comments, opinions and reports on specific horses for future reference.

Simulcast Strategy    What Makes this Book Different? This book makes no attempt to teach you all you need to know about horseracing. There are plenty of worthwhile books on the market that can explain the concept of pari-mutual wagering, teach you how to read a racing form, and show you how the tote board works. This book will merely show you how to WIN at the track. Got any questions? E-mail the author at: E-Mail: jacklund@hotmail.com   "Simulcast Strategy is absolutely the best reference for anyone at any skill level that wants to win at the track either by placing bets at the simulcast window or by phone. Using this book and downloads of past performances available on the internet will allow you to consistently pick winners." Carlos Steward, Editor Black Mountain Press

Statcat     STATCAT System © 1996  (Statistics and Categories)  Chosen as the best Handicapping System by an independent Consulting Firm!   Is your Handicapping system written by a successful Thoroughbred/Standardbred Owner/Trainer?   Has your system hit a Daily Double for $296 FIVE times?  Has your system ever hit 5 Trifectas on the same day? Has your system hit a horse that paid: Win $56.60 - Place 38.20 - Show $17.80? Has your system picked the winning horse in 8 of 10 races?  Has your Handicapping system been proof tested for 11 years?  If any of the other Handicapping Systems can say yes to any one of these six attributes -- you should buy theirs.  Other Handicapping Systems  There are other Handicapping Systems on the marketplace that will pick winners for you. Some are very fancy, and also very expensive. After you have paid to download the data and execute their system, you are left with puzzling charts and reports that do not predict the top order of finish. Some systems have as many as eight (8) different reports to evaluate and handicapp after the system has supposedly handicapped the race.  Several clients have stated that they have purchased as many as 10-25 Handicapping Systems that turned our to be "pure garbage" and they rated the STATCAT System as the best. References are available upon request.

STK Users Horse Playing Group     Welcome to STKusers  For horse players using STK handicapping and analysis systems

Stryktips; Rätta Svenska Spels alla -system    SpelCirkeln  Här kan du:  Ladda hem STRYKTIPSPROGRAM 100% gratis! -Fullversioner!   Anmäla dig till andelsbolaget i STRYKTIPS Begära information och tillfälligt password till andelsbolaget

The most Powerful Computers in Thoroughbred    Be a winner!  Utilize the most Powerful Computers in Racing. CNE has combined Class & Performance for the most Accurate racing computers in racing today. The CNE computers are solar powered, always ready to use. All required racing data is available in "The Racing Program", "The Daily Racing Form" or "Sports Eye". No special connections, disks, or expensive racing data subscriptions required.

Trainer Tendencies     Have you ever wondered, in looking back at a race, why a certain horse won? I have done this countless times and in most cases I couldn't see anything in the Racing Form that would give me a clue. That's why I started charting these Trainer Tendencies 20 years ago on the old Louisiana and Oaklawn circuit. In many cases, these tools helped provide some answers.  Trainer Tendencies TB and Trainer Tendencies QH are not systems for riches at the races. They are, however, everyday handicapping tools which you should not be without if you are serious about becoming more proficient at picking winners. These tools are best used in conjunction with conventional handicapping and are especially invaluable with the abundance of simulcasting available in today's market. This information will give you insight into the races that others don't possess, resulting in picks that go off at generous odds. Your friends will be amazed at how you came up with that 25/1 horse to complete your Exacta. And believe me, it will happen!

Winning Horses         Speed and Pace Figures for Thoroughbred Handicappers
The Ultimate Tool for Handicappers!With over 30 years experience as a Professional Handicapper and over 15 years in Business selling Speed and Pace figures to Professional Players throughout the USA!