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Harness Racing

ACTTAB - The TAB for Australian Horse Racing     Wholly owned by the Government of the Australian Capital Territory, ACTTAB was established in 1964 to provide a legal off-course betting system and from its inception to 30 June 1998 has accepted almost $1.5 billion in bets, paid $69.4M in the form of tax and community contributions and provided $59.3m in distributions to the ACT Racing Industry. The principal activity of ACTTAB is the provision of totalizator betting services, offering a wide range of betting types and betting facilities, in active competition with other forms of gambling.  ACTTAB has in the ACT, the exclusive right to conduct or provide totalizator betting services for races and other sporting events held whether within or outside the Territory. The functions of ACTTAB, in addition to its totalizator services, include the conduct or acting as an agent for a person conducting a lottery and the provision of other services relating to betting as approved by the government Minister.  Totalizator pari-mutuel betting involves the placing of the money from bets into a pool for each bet type on each race. After the deduction of approximately 15% for tax, race club contributions and operating costs the remainder of the pool of money is shared by those punters selecting winners, placegetters or correct combinations in the case of multiple bet types such as quinella, trifecta and doubles.

American Championship Harness Series     Welcome to a world of high stakes and excitement. Think of harness racing as contemporary "Ben Hur" style chariot racing. The Standardbred is the breed of horse which competes in races that can be worth lotsa $$$$$$. Standardbreds tend to be larger and much more robust than their Thoroughbred counterparts...kind of like the difference between a car and a funky four wheel drive. They usually compete over one mile distances with a moving starting gate--a car with wings that doesn't fly. There are two separate classifications of Standardbreds, trotters and pacers. Pacers tend to be faster than trotters and wear bands around their legs called hobbles to maintain a specific gait. Trotters have a high stepping gait and don't wear hobbles. Trotters and pacers only race against horses of the same gait.

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Canadian Trotting and Standardbred     Harness Racing is one of the top drawing sports in Canada. Attendance figures annually surpass the 6 million mark with pari-mutuel wagering at the billion dollar level.  The Canadian Trotting Association (CTA) is the official record keeping organization for the harness racing industry.  The Canadian Standardbred Horse Society (CSHS) maintains the official breed registry and establishes regulations governing the registration of Standardbreds in Canada.

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Connecticut OTB    Welcome to the Autotote Enterprises web site! New. The Handicapper's Page! Click here for daily picks! 1999 Sports Haven Handicapping Challenge and the Stable Wars!  Available soon in Adobe PDF format - The Autotote Enterprises Newsletter! Autotote Enterprises owns and operates Connecticut Off-Track Betting and the "On the Wire" Phone Betting service.  We offer the most extensive racing menu in the country. You can wager on thoroughbred, harness and greyhound racing and even jai-alai. Wager on racing from California, New York, Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana and more! Check out the extensive track schedule.

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Harness Racing - Harness-net!     Harness-net is dedicated to Harness Racing in Australia, with links to Australian and International harness racing resources on the WWW.  Trotters and pacers are raced at 145 tracks around Australia, most of which are between 800 and 1000 meters (~1/2 and ~5/8 mile) in circumference  The Australian and New Zealand breeding and racing industries are closely related, and have produced many past world record holders, including Popular Alm, Jack Morris, Sinbad Bay, and more recently, Pride Of Petite NZ and Our Sir Vancelot, plus World Champion Drivers Keith Addison (1975) and Ted Demmler (1987).

Harness Racing in Australia     Welcome to harness racing. This is your Reserved Seat to the enjoyment of our unique sport. Explore our virtual trackside companion to help you share the excitement. Visit a real track and experience the thrill of the races.

Harness Racing in New Zealand     Racing in New Zealand.

Harness Racing New Zealand. Racing Information     Welcome to Harness Racing New Zealand Official Online Information Service This Week In  Harness Racing  Weekly All the news from NZ's top harness racing writers.

Hoof Beats     Harness racing magazine and articles.

Just Racing     Trading Net Australia - a Brisbane, Queensland based business, is proud to be involved in the promotion of the Queensland Racing Industry, and sincerely thanks all participants who have a vision of the future, in seeing Internet advertising as an invaluable, promotional tool for themselves or their business. The site you are entering is representative of Trading Net Australia's professionalism in placing small and large business and industry - and now the Queensland Racing Industry - on the Internet, exposing them to a world-wide audience. It is without question, that the latter years of the twentieth century and the early years of the twenty-first century, will see Racing beamed into homes via our televisions with Metropolitan Night Racing gaining acceptance and recognition. It is of paramount importance therefore, that the Industry is geared to embrace the enormous benefits that go with such revolutionary advancement. The Racing Industry, encompassing the three codes of Thoroughbreds, Harness Racing and Greyhounds, represents the fourth largest employer in Australia, and thus is of enormous national significance to the current economic status of the Country.  Through the myriad of facets which combine to form the Racing Industry, $$$billions are invested and speculated annually. As with any entity involving gambling, Luck and Chance are major players. The Australian population love to gamble, but the ever increasing competition for the gambling dollar means that the Racing Industry needs to be more dynamic and effective than ever in its marketing strategies, to increase or at least maintain its share of the gambling dollar. The somewhat apathy of Racing officialdom in the last 15 years in marketing its product effectively, has led to falling Racetrack attendance, and allowed young people to seek out other forms of entertainment which have been strategically targeted towards them as "action packed" and exciting. What could be more "action packed" and exciting than Racing? Please continue on and view what is fervently believed to be the most professional and comprehensive Racing Internet site in Australia today.

KGB's World of Harness Racing     Harness racing information.

Nagnet         Nagnet's focus is to create an interactive forum for standardbred horsemen to share their knowledge. Take your time and enjoy!

Newcastle Harness Racing Club     Newcastle Harness Racing Club

Online Horseman     Harness racing online magazine.

Ontario Jockey Club     Thoroughbred and Harness Racing information.

Pari-Mutuel Wagering    The Division of Pari-Mutuel Wagering, a division within Florida's Department of Business and Professional Regulation, focuses on the regulation of jai-alai, greyhound, thoroughbred and harness races.

R.J. Walsh & Son, Pty. Ltd.     We are in the business of meeting the needs of harness racing people for faster, safer, more durable and more comfortable race and training sulkies. We make Regal sulkies such as the ones illustrated above. We started counting in 1961 and we have made about 14,000 since then. We pioneered three of the most significant sulky developments of the twentieth century; lightweight stainless steel construction,the offset sulky, and independent suspension systems for light sulkies. The simplicity and elegance of our newest suspension design is clearly apparent

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TravInfo - International page     Welcome to the English version of TravInfo (TrottingInfo in translation). Click here or on the red horse at the bottom of this page to reach the Swedish section.  This page is thought to be a window to Swedish trotting. Sweden is one of the leading nations in this sport with horses like Copiad, Ina Scot, Zoogin and trainers like Soren Nordin, Stig H Johansson and Olle Goop. On this page you'll be able to read news from the Swedish trotting-scene. It is not meant to be a complete guide to Swedish trotting but at this moment it's the only one there is. Hopefully STC (The Swedish Trotting Association) will be entering the Internet in the near future. This page is under construction.

Trevor Thompson's Home Page     Welcome to my homepage. This is my homepage dedicated to Harness Racing. I am an owner of a number of horses (in syndicates), and am also the Secretary/Treasurer of the Cranbourne Light Harness Club who run the harness racing trials at Cranbourne.

U.S. Trotting Association On-Line!    Welcome to The United States Trotting Association Harness Racing's Home Page