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Horse Racing


Arsenal     Arsenal Thoroughbreds is intelligent investing with plenty of heart and soul . . . it is an investment that let’s you live a little. It puts some spice in your life. It is an opportunity that rivals the ownership of a sports franchise--all the thrills and strategy (and the dreams) at a tiny fraction of the investment. And while the opportunity is an exciting one, it can also be profitable . . .

Cyberspace Racing Team     Cyberspace Racing Team gives the average person a chance to own a racehorse with a limited investment. For as little as $1,000 you can own a share in four horses, and experience the thrills, excitement, and, yes, disappointments of the "Sport of Kings". You can read more about how to join in the fun at CRT Stable #1. In summary, $1,000 buys you an interest in four horses to run in New York, the Mid-Atlantic states, Arizona/Southern California, and Northern California. Importantly, there are no management fees. Note: CRT Stable #1 has sold out, watch for an announcement on #2 in the future. Since our general manager Toni Richardson founded CRT in 1995, over 100 people throughout the United States and Canada have participated in buying into one or more of the 13 CRT horses. Below you can see the horses we currently own, view a summary of all the horses we've previously owned, or check out the CRT winner's circle photo gallery.

DRB Sales and Marketing - racing Partnerships         Scott Cooper, Racing Manager of Raceworld Pty Ltd, in association with Gold Coast Trainer, Jeff McCarter invite you to share in the thrill of thoroughbred horse racing. Whether local, interstate or overseas, let Raceworld take you to all new levels of participation with racing partnerships.  Syndicates or partnerships are an established way of enjoying horse racing. Let us match your with other racegoers who share the same aspirations. Extremely professional and personalized, Raceworld offers the full racing adventure and management services for your horse. Either with business colleagues or friends or on your own, locally or internationally, you can all share equally in this experience. This is the benefit of racing in the 90’s.

Horseplayer's Market-Opening An Account    Purchasing and training racehorses has become an increasingly complicated and expensive endeavor. Finding a trainer you're happy with, finding a sound horse, and figuring out the licensing issues are just a few of the headaches you can encounter while becoming a thoroughbred owner. Not to mention the costs involved.  Washington Racing Group greatly reduces the headaches, because we take care of all of the paperwork. And the costs are greatly reduced thanks to strength in numbers. Each horse is owned by several people, each of whom get all the enjoyment and perks of being a racehorse owner. Please take a few moments to browse through our website. We hope it helps you decide whether participating in "The Sport of Kings" is right for you. And of course, if you have any questions, please Email us, or call us at (360) 425-8507.

L S I Gold Stable - Thoroughbred Horse Racing     As a pioneer in New York-based racing partnerships, LSI Gold Stable has prided itself in the fact that it can give a fan a chance to get involved in horse ownership taking part in all the perks and excitement the game offers for only a modest investment.  Under the stewardship of Mitchell Friedman, one of New York's leading trainers, LSI Gold has afforded its owners high-quality racing at Saratoga, Belmont, and Aqueduct since its inception in 1991. And since then, LSI has been among the leading owners at the three tracks, consistently topping its win total year after year.  LSI Gold Stable was N.Y.R.A.'s 7th leading owner in 1997, while Mitchell Friedman was N.Y.R.A.'s 3rd leading trainer. In addition, LSI Gold Stable was the 40th leading owner in 1997 in all of North America.

Peachtree Racing Stables     Peachtree Racing Stable.   John Fort, President  Peachtree is one of America's premier thoroughbred horse racing stables and since 1980 has been a recognized leader in the formation of thoroughbred horse racing partnerships.    Peachtree's objectives are to develop champion thoroughbred racehorses and create profits for our partners.  Peachtree's commitment is to select only the finest thoroughbred horse racing prospects and to apply good horsemanship and sound business practices to their on-going management. Peachtree's hands on program insures that partners can be involved in thoroughbred horse racing at a decision-making level from the backstretch to the winners circle.  Peachtree Racing Stable Palm Beach, Florida

Pendley Farm Racing Stables      Welcome to Pendley Farm Racing Stables.  Becoming a Pendley Farm racehorse owner is simple, requires no capital outlay and offers much more than a winning partnership - view our pages for details

Prowin Ratings     Welcome to the ProWin ratings service. The purpose of this web site is to provide a means for you, the investor, to enjoy the Sport of King's and to help make your investments and involvement a bit easier to manage.

Racehorse Investments & Equine Appraisals     Poni Bloodstock USA Racehorse Investment & Appraisal Services.   Foreign Investors: We are seeking additional capital to purchase standardbred racehorses which are already racing and have the ability to increase in value. We will lease the horses to trainers for a percentage of the horses earnings which is 25-50% depending on the lease arrangement. The average purchase price of each horse is $25,000 and the average yearly earnings per horse is $25,000. We lease them for a one year period which at the end of the lease the horses are sold at auction. We then purchase new horses with the sale proceeds. The horses are insured for mortality and liability. The horses race primarily at the Meadowlands in New Jersey which is one of the leading racetracks in the world.   We have 1500 company shares of which 1350 shares are available to foreign investors. The shares are offered at $300 per share ($405,000). The minimum investment is one share ($300). No additional fees are required. To liquidate your shares the company will offer to buy them back from you for a negotiated price. We retain 150 shares (10%) for forming the company and we receive 10% of the earnings for management. To request a stock application email: sardina@earthlink.net

Raymond J. De Stefano - Racehorse Investments    Investments/consultation in thoroughbred racing and breeding...  Capture the excitement!  Providing National and International Representation and Assistance in the Purchase or Sale of Thoroughbred Stallions, Broodmares,  Breeding Prospects, and Horses of Racing Age.

RSA Racing Partnerships     Get together with some buddies or let us find some new buddies for you and own your own horse. You'll never know what your missing until you purchase a share and finally walk the shedrow with your horse. There a special feeling when partners get together for a night of real horse chat. The phrase the more the merrier is quite true. Why not get some of your closest friends or relatives to join the partnership with you and thus your group will own the entire horse. Most of our partnerships are of this type and it makes the winning experience even more enjoyable. How does a partnership work?   Once you have decided on your partnership horse (after reviewing our current offers section, pictures, videos and even personal inspections) you decide how many shares of the horse you would like to buy. We will mail you a letter of intent to sell, you mail us a letter of intent to purchase and you then transfer the appropriate amount to our bank or mail us a personal check. You are then sent a legalized and notarized statement of ownership for your percentage of the partnership horse.

TBK Ltd    T.B.K. Ltd. researches, selects and manages stocks, mutual funds, real estate, and alternative investments such as thoroughbred racehorses and start-up business ventures for our clients.

Team Valor Thoroughbred Racing Partnerships     Thoroughbred Racing Partnerships  "Burning brightly against the lush green battlefield of the turf, the crimson flare of his nostril was terrible and spoke of valor."  TEAM VALOR  Thoroughbred Racing Partnerships  975 E. Green St., Suite 201 Pasadena, CA 91106  Phone (626) 584-8050 Fax (626) 449-7606
E-mail: valorific@aol.com

The Green Companies    Helping entrepreneurs keep their businesses on target Is Our Business  Winning Financial Strategies For Racehorse Owners Thoroughbred Profitability Consulting 9 out of 10 racehorse owners lose money We Don't (and neither should you)

Thoroughbred Horse Racing - Virtual Owners     The Virtual Owners Partnership (VOP) is a unique Thoroughbred racing partnership, made up of partners from many states brought together solely by the Internet. Formed in September, 1994, VOP is the original Internet racing partnership.  We campaign our horses primarily in Illinois, Louisiana, and Texas. Our Illinois and Louisiana trainer is Liane Davis, while Gilbert Ciavaglia has trained for us in Texas. The primary purpose of VOP is to allow aspiring owners to get involved in, and learn about, Thoroughbred ownership at a very affordable cost ($400 minimum). Over the course of any given year we can expect to purchase several horses, allowing people to become involved at any time, with as few or as many horses as desired.

Thoroughbred Information Agency     Thoroughbred Information Agency offers numerous professional services, including advice and counseling for investors in Thoroughbred racing and breeding stock, California stallion seasons and shares, representation for buyers at public auction, appraisals, and expert-witness testimony.  

Thoroughbred Racing Business Venture    Thoroughbred Racing Business Venture  Known as a racing game, conducted as a business.  Enjoy the pleasure of owning thoroughbred race horses. Accounts are being set up now ranging from $20,000 and up.  No Experience Required! Just Call And We Will Do All The Rest!  Please Call:  Lenore Rassias of Winter White Stables for an appointment. Winter White has long been a secret in the Equestrian community, now it can be yours!  Call: (908) 424-2300  or E-mail at: thoroughbred@maidenvoyager.com

West Point Thoroughbreds, Inc.     Terry Finley, President of West Point Thoroughbreds, feels group ownership is the most sensible way of owning thoroughbred racehorses. Partnerships offer investors a chance to increase their action and decrease their risk and capital outlay. With West Point Thoroughbreds, investors join the ownership ranks at the top echelons of racing.  Copelan Too (Copelan-Patooie by Strike Gold) winning his second race in as many starts on Dec. 5 at the Meadowlands.  Purses are at an all-time high in North America due to the advent of full-card simulcasting. There has never been a better time to "get into the game."  West Point Thoroughbred horses compete mainly in the Northeast and Florida. An expansion on to the Kentucky circuit is imminent.  West Point offers two forms of ownership to owners. Each year the stable purchase a number of well-bred yearlings and two year-olds in training at the leading sales throughout the country. These youngsters develop at their own pace and go to the racetrack only when they are ready to compete. Young, well-bred horses give investors and chance to hit a "home run" and compete in major stake races throughout their careers. Read more about our pinhooking opportunities here. And learn more about Buzz Chace, one of the leading pinhookers in America and a member of the West Point Team, here. The other type of structure offered are claiming partnerships. With the these partnerships, investors get immediate action with high priced claimers acquired at the major tracks on the East Coast. Many of our current investors participate in both forms of ownership.