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Horse Racing


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AXCIS TrackMaster Products       TrackMaster Plus - Our Flagship Product. All the features of TrackMaster for Windows plus 12 past performance lines, workouts, pace figures, internal speed ratings, and more.

Contenders Handicapping Software and Selections    Selections and handicapping software.

CServeHP     Horseracing and Lottery software.

Desert Sea: Horse Race Handicapping     Software, Books, and Videos For Horse Race Handicapping Desert Sea is pleased to offer a fine selection of software, books, and videos to help improve your handicapping and betting strategies for horse racing and all pari-mutuel sports.

FillyPicks - Thoroughbred Horse Racing    Now you too can analyze and handicap thoroughbred horse races just like the pros! For only $29.95 - slightly more than the cost of a monthly subscription to FillyPicks - you can have at your hands one of the most powerful tools available to help you beat the race track! The FillyPicks Thoroughbred Horse Race Analyzer System is so easy to learn. There is nothing difficult about the system and the instructions contained within the FillyPicks System will clearly spell out everything for you. Also contained in the FillyPicks System for you horse racing novices are complete instructions and examples on how to read and understand the Daily Racing Form. Why not try the FillyPicks System today and join the ranks of successful horse race enthusiasts and handicappers across the country!

Gambler's Mate software   



Horizon Software    Horizon Software produces a complete line of 1099-series magnetic media reporting software, as well as custom software for the pari-mutuel racing industry.

Horse Books and Videos (www.horseinfo.com)     The Horse Information Center is the world's complete source for reliable information about all types of horses involved in all kinds of occupations. We have compiled the titles and descriptions of all current books, video tapes, computer programs and other materials which may be of interest to horsemen. This site is maintained by The Russell Meerdink Company, Ltd., the recognized publisher and merchant of books and videos about horses. We offer you a fast, convenient way to purchase any of these materials. Please e-mail us your ideas, suggestions and comments at feedback@horseinfo.com.  The Horseinfo.com e-mail newsletter. Get the latest information on new books and videos and the latest news from the horse world. If you would like to receive a newsletter send your e-mail address to feedback@horseinfo.com.

Horse Racing and Sports Handicapping Software by AXCIS     Computer software based handicapping products for horse racing and sports wagering. AXCIS provides daily statistical data in an economical, easy to use format under the TrackMaster and SportsMaster brand names. Distributor of dependable daily selections and analysis, including past performances in the traditional racing format. Everything the handicapper needs for thorough, insightful analysis.

Horse Racing Database (HRDB) Example    This is the application definition of the Horse Racing Database (HRDB) application. The listing is not an exhaustive definition of the HRDB application, but is intended to illustrate the various components of a CDOL schema. Implicit components of the schema, such as default method definitions and inherent constraints within the schema definition (e.g., key and inverse relationship constraints) are not included here as they will be automatically generated by the system without the need of explicit specification in the application definition.

M375 Thoroughbreds, Inc.    M375 Thoroughbreds "specializes in computerized pedigree selection". In the beginning, the goal was to assemble a totally objective computer program which identifies champion racehorses. The idea combines the tradition and prestige of thoroughbred racing with the technology of today's powerful computers. From the extensive research, to the breeding and racing of many thoroughbreds, M375 has set and achieved many of its initial goals. Now, M375 is setting its sights on purchasing thoroughbreds which will become successful race horses, and will also become M375 "approved" producers. These horses will take M375 to the next level of thoroughbred racing and breeding!


MENDLsoft creates entertaining and useful software designed for Windows®95/98 and NT4. Quality 30 day trial downloads available here. Our goal is to help bring a smile to your face and brighten your day! MENDLsoft iDOUBLE DELIGHT Slot Machine 2.0 oyou just saying you want to have fun, or do you really want to have  Download your copyow!Check out how HANDICAPPER picked the 1998 Triple Crown!

Please review our Products page and download any title of your choice. Try it for 30 days. If you like it, register and receive your personalized copy of the latest updated version. If you don't like it, please let us know why.

Millionaires... What's It About?    This is your chance to own your own racehorse. Don't worry though, it's free. You don't have to pay anything. Why? Because it isn't a racehorse in the ordinary sense. This is a cyberhorse.You can watch cyberhorse racing using a special program that you can download from this site. Click here if you want to download the program now. Again, don't worry, it is free. You don't have to pay to use it, copy it or give it to your friends. You have my permission to do all those things. It's fun to watch cyberhorse racing but it's even more fun to watch when you own one of those horses yourself and you are competing with other players on the net to see who can win the most races and gain the most points. That's what we do here at the Turf Club. We have virtual racing seasons and during these time periods, we run a whole lot of races with our cyberhorses and compete against each other and you can join in the fun too. It's easy to join. Just pick a horse from the available list and send us the form. Click here to see your choice of horses and to fill in the short form for entry. Before you pick your horse, you may want to see the available horses in action. Well, you can do that with the program I mentioned earlier. Just download it and see for yourself.

Minnow Bear Computers     Specializing in Thoroughbred horse racing and Cbasic development software.  TB Books.

Southcoast Services     Welcome to Southcoast Database. Australasia's exclusive and only complete database for Australian and New Zealand horse racing. Now the luxury of having full form on your computer is a reality. Enjoy the benefits of possessing all this data to create your own personal queries, print your own form guides for any meeting or race,use our unique on-screen handicapper to evaluate any meeting or race,or you can just let our automatic rating program (KWIKPIK) do it for you. These are only some of the versatile features of Southcoast Database- more are explained through out this site.

Sports Handicapping Software By PDS Sports     Software Products

Thoroughbred Sports Network - horse racing    Horse racing information for the handicapper. Past Performances, Entries, Race Results and Charts, WIZARD Selections/Analysis, Tipsheets, Handicapping Newsletters, free handicapping software, TrackStats, SireStats, Live Odds. Also, Football Selection Sheets.