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Sports - Information

A&M Marketplace - Sports & Fitness    Sports information.

ACP Action     Sports information.

ACT Bureau of Sport and Recreation     The Bureau of Sport and Recreation manages the ACT Government's involvement in sport and recreation. Its roles and responsibilities include all active leisure pastimes in the ACT, and managing the ACT Academy of Sport. The Bureau's work is complemented by Canberra's capacity to offer a wide variety of sport, recreation, fitness activities and facilities.

Albabe's Sports Links      Sports information.

Amytree's Sports Page     Sports information.

Australian Sport WWW - Australian Sports Commission    Sports information.

Ballmaster Sports! Hey, sports the way you really want it! 49ers and NFL Pro Football, Baketball & Sports Fun! Wacky & fun sports!    "Whether you're a die hard sports fan or not, you're guaranteed to have lots of fun!  Enjoy sports the way only Ballmaster can do it! Lots of bizarre and crazy links and unexpected Ballmaster Sports slam dunks!

Ballparks by Munsey & Suppes     Sports information.

Black Hole of Links     Welcome to the Black Hole of Links, your one-stop shop for the best in sports, Internet sites, newspaper sports sections and more. Updated Nov. 29. Have just completely rechecked and updated the baseball, NFL and NHL sites. We'll do the NBA when we see if the millionaires are going to play ball this season.

Black Stump Sports Page     Sports News/Lists/Directories

Brad's Sports and Links Page     Hello, I am Brad Swanson. I really love sports, mostly baseball, basketball, and wrestling. I also like music. A few of my favorite bands are Stone Temple Pilots, Soundgarden (sorry to hear they broke apart), Blackstreet, and Collective Soul. As you can see I like a wide variety of different music. I also like the television. My favorite shows are The Simpsons, In Living Color, Seinfeld, Baseball Tonight, and Sportscenter. I have good Sound Wavs from all of these shows which upon request I will send to you a few. I am from Minnesota and I really love Minnesota sports. This has been a great year, the Gophers going to the Final Four, Timberwolves making the playoff for the first time, and the many free agents the Twins have signed, even if it doesn't matter because their pitchers are terrible. Below are some links to great places. Also if I find out it is OK I will put some of my sounds on this page. I have Simpsons, Seinfeld, In Living Color, Tommy Boy, Happy Gilmore, and much more from great shows/movies.

Bruce's Aussie Sports Pages       Sports information.

Chad's Pages - The Sports Source     Inside this web you will find some great pages.  You will like this web if you like any of the following:

Chris's Sports Index     Welcome to Chris's Sports Index. This page is dedicated to all the great sports. Currently, I have aMLBand aNBA , page but much more is to be added. There is also a sports trivia page where the person who answers the question correctly will have their name on that page. See the trivia for details. I also have my own sports chatroom for all your sports chatting needs. I hope you enjoy the sports index and remember it will be updated often so check back in every so often for new editions. Please leave me any comments on this page in the comments box below, you can also send email to me at Chris Guth

Coach Steve's Sports Guide     This is an incomplete guide to sports on the World Wide Web. If you know of any appropriate sites not listed below, please send mail to Steven.Goldfarb@cern.ch. Also, if you don't happen to find any links to the AP or Coach's polls, well, it's on purpose.

Coach's Edge - Know The Game     Sports info.

College Sports Online     Welcome to College Sports Online -- an innovative World Wide Web service for your use in following favorite major college football (Division I-A) and basketball teams! Our objective is to provide emphasis to those information sources relating to particular schools, instead of being a service that is more national in scope. This will be done by having a page devoted to featured schools (conferences too), and on that page, links to all the WWW sites you need. Sort of one-stop shopping!

Conway Sports     Sports information.

Covers.com - the sports gambling center     Sports information.

CSW Online    CSW Online provides access to scores, injury and weather reports, player and team statistics, fantasy statistics, boxscores, the Las Vegas line updated throughout the day. A multitude of information is available on your favorite teams and players, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, all with a computer and an Internet provider.

DBC Sports Online    Sports information.

Don Best Sports      Sports information.

Doug's NBA & MLB Stats     Sports information.

ESPN.com     Sports information.

FCS Internet: Internet Gateway: Sports     Sports information.

Fox Sports    Sports information.

Free Scores, Odds, and Injury Updates     Sports information.

FrontRow Sports    Sports information.

Geelong Net Sport     Sports information.

General     General Sports Coverage

Gippsland - Community Register - Sport / Leisure    Gippsland Sport & Leisure

Great Sports      Sports information.

IoNET: User Services: Sports      Sports information.

Jim Feist's National Sports Services - Home Page     Sports information.

KBCafe.COM    Sports information.

Lou Ice's Sports Betting Links     Sports information.

LSU Fan Page    The Oldest LSU Sports Site on the WWW! - Always Free!

LVSN Online    Sports information.

Matilda Sports - Rugby League, Rugy Union, Australian Rules Australia Cricket Sport      Sports information.

Megasports Search         Sports information.

Metro Atlanta Indian American Community Sports Page    Metro Atlanta Indian American Community  Sports Pages  IPN Hotline: 770-394-5414   Fax: 770-451-7855  P.O. Box 49494  Atlanta, GA 30359-1494 U.S.A.

MotherlessGoat.com     Sports information.

National Recruiting Center - The Premier College Football Recruiting Resource     The premier college football recruiting resource

National Sporting Library    The National Sporting Library A Research Center for Horse and Field Sports

National Sports Fan Network     Sports information.

NCAA Online    Sports information.

Ninemsn Sports    Welcome to the Wide World of Sports

Northern Ireland: Sport and Leisure     Sports information.

Official Athletic Site of the ACC     Sports information.

Operation Sports - Dedicated to Sports Games on the computer    Computer sports games.

Ozsports - The Home of Australian Sport     Sports information.

Primestat    "When you absolutely, positively have to know who's #1!"

NCAA Division 1A Football Rankings

and NFL Rankings are now online!

If you have questions or comments concerning PrimeStat, please feel free to email me at: primesys@radia1.com.

Pro Link     Welcome to Pro Link this is your first time visiting. Pro Link has hundreds of links to NHL, NBA, NFL, and MLB sites on the web. We also have a wide variety of Real Audio and many other news and information sites. Every month there is a different site selected to be featured in our Spot Light and we make it easy for you to see all the new sites that have been added. Remember to book mark this site now and come back often.

Probook, Inc.      Sports information.

Radio Sports Creations    Radio Sports Creations enters it's 7th year in 1998 broadcasting another season of exciting College Football. RSC's National "College Football Game of the Week" features some of college football's most prestigious programs and marquee match-ups for the ultimate football fanatic. You'll hear every down, penalty, and score on over 200 network radio affiliates nationwide, including all the action right here on RSC's exclusive and official broadcast web site.

Real Fans Sports Network     Sports information.

Rob Veno's Sports Information Center     Rob Veno's    Sports Information Center

Saskatchewan Sports Net    Sport. It's More Than A Game. Welcome to Saskatchewan Sports Net, the most comprehensive site for sports in the province. It is operated by Sask Sport Inc., a federation of provincial sport organizations. Surf through our pages and discover why 300,000 Saskatchewan people participate in sport. On your mark, get set, GO!

SCN Athlete Daily      Sports information.

Scores and Odds     Sports scores.

SearchSport, The Sports Directory        Sports information.

Shgoddess               Free lines, info and play.

Sisa Home page     Sports information.

SLAM Sports - Canada sports news - Canoe - Canadian Online Explorer     Sports information.

SoCoOL ... The Good Times Sports News    Sports Trivia .. Win Cash ... Win Prizes

Sport UK Homepage      Sports information.

Sport.com - Your first stop for sporting info    Sports information.

SportDirect    SportDirect is a new concept: a club devoted to providing a unique opportunity for its members to enjoy every aspect of their favorite sport at the best possible value for money.  Active participation in the Club will earn loyalty points that can be exchanged for travel vouchers or a range of sports equipment. The more you use the Club, the more you benefit.

SportQuest - The Virtual Resource Centre for Sport Information     Sports information.

Sports     Sports information.

Sports      Sports information.

Sports Arbitrage, Inc.   

Rob Veno Sports Information Center

Integrated Corporate Consultancy

Sports Betting, Free Picks, Sports Wagering and more...    More than free picks, sports betting, handicapping and football picks. We endeavor for sports wagering from the heart...

Sports Betting - Gaminghost - Casino - Football     Sports information.

Sports City     Sports information.

Sports Insider - A Complete on-line sports site with up to minute sport scores and pre-game reports     Sports information.

Sports Page      Sports information.

Sports Place To Go     Welcome to the Sports Place To Go. We hope this site will make it easier for you to find the information you're looking for.

Sports Talk     Sports information.

Sports Web    Sports information.

SportSearch.com -- Just Sports, Baby.     Sports information.

SportServer      Sports information.

SportsFeed     SportsFeed   RealTime Sports News And Gaming Resources

Sportsnote.com: Talk sports with Jeff Van Note and Billy Ryckman    Welcome to sportsnote.com with former Atlanta Falcons Jeff Van Note and Billy Ryckman! Our goal is to provide a sports "community" - a place where you can get the latest sports news, read some not-so-objective thoughts on the state of sports today, and voice your opinions and discuss them with others.

Sportszine UK - Sport Search     Sports information.

StarNews.com: Indiana News Digest    Sports information.

Starwave Corporation - Where More People Click     Sports information.

Stone Zone    Northwest Sports Links

SVT Text sida 383    Sports information.

Tekst-TV side 270      Sports information.

The Sporting News     Sports information.

The Sports Center     Sports information.

The Sports Enquirer          The Sports Enquirer is the only on-line sports magazine of its kind that provides  significant and factual sporting news.   We present the information that the corrupt, bloated  networks either choose to dismiss or conveniently cover up for their own malicious purposes  The conspiracy is becoming rampant--asinine questioning of athletes, cliches, and wacky "sports anchor humor" are all just the beginning in an attempt to numb the public in preparation for the global attack.  Join the Sports Enquirer in this battle against deceit and misinformation.  Within the bosom of this publication is the truth.  Discover it.  Bask in it.  Protect it, or watch it  become the lie.

The Sports Network - Sports Home Page    Sports information.

The SportsFeed     RealTime Sports News And Gaming Resources

Trushel Sports Consulting     Thank you for visiting Trushel Sports Consulting Internet information site.  The objective of this site is to provide solid, effective, winning sports information.  This site will be updated daily with information, selections, analysis and insight.   

USA Today Scoreboard    Sports scores.

USA Today Sports Odds     Vegas odds  Odds Explanations: Baseball and Football

Vegas Insider - Get connected to the best online sports gambling information site. Gambler's hotest casino for sports odds, sports picks, scores, sports matchups, sports injuries    Sports information.

World Sports     Sports information.

World Wide Web of Sports     World Wide Web of Sports

WWCD Sports Report -odds       Sports information.

WWW Women's Sports Page by Amy Lewis    An index of links to women's and girls' sports pages   around the WWW

Xpcsports.com     Forums covering all things sports, from mainstream to extreme. Want to start your own forum?

Xtra: Sport      Sports information.