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Competitions / Contests

CART Pick12 & ESP     Welcome to the home of the Pick12 and ESP Competitions  1998 Contests  Speedpick now presents a new CART racing contest, the ESP contest. This is derived from the Pick12 Contest, but requires you to guess the final outcome of the season even before the first race is run.

Dan Zarrow's NASCAR Trivia    Welcome to Dan Zarrow's Nascar Trivia home page.

Fantasy Auto Racing Leagues - Nascar    Welcome to the 1999 edition of  Wallbanger Fantasy Racing!  This site will be under construction and going through changes until the beginning of the 1999 season.  Credit cards will be accepted for the 1999 season.   More players = More prizes!  Lower entry fee!  The season will be split in half and cost will be $100. per half

Little Formula Racing Series     LFRS is an armchair driver fantasy league involving drivers from around the world. The series was created by "Uncle" Steve Wilson and is now in its 5th year. LFRS is based on Spectrum Holobyte MicroProse's Grand Prix 2, with competitors using GP2 to run the races, then submit times to be compared with other drivers. Points are awarded to each driver based on their performance, and at the end of the season, the driver who has accumulated the most points will win the LFRS World Championship. There are now eight different divisions to fit everyone's tastes, however you drive, so check out the rules and sign up!

MGTR-Sports - F! Contest - F1 Pool    FORMULA 1 - Select 8 Plus or F1S8PLUS is a contest or a competition "pool type" for all Formula One enthusiasts. This contest consists of your predictions, chosen with the help of a client-server software developed especially for this contest, to be registered before each race week-end. This software is available from our Web site, in the "Download" area. The software is now available in PC version and MAC version

NASCAR Racing Online Series    NASCAR Racing Online Series   The NASCAR Racing Online Series (NROS) is the first formalized and officially sanctioned online racing series in history! Experience the thrill, challenge and excitement of realistic NASCAR racing.   •Compete live with thousands of online racers from all over the world. •Real-time Internet play with up to 22 drivers in a single race. •NROS Skill levels keep track of your ranking on all 26 tracks. •Highly realistic simulation of NASCAR Racing on your PC. •Coming Soon: Sanctioned NROS competition provides cash and prizes to the winners.

PickSix - Entertainment For Motorsport Enthusiasts    Do you enjoy NASCAR, IndyCar or Formula 1 auto racing?   The PickSix is a Free on-line interactive game, enabling you to compete against like-minded Motorsport fans around the globe. It sounds fun, how does it work? Each player picks the top six drivers for each race using this web site. The results are scored after each race, with points accumulating towards a season championship. We use a modified Grand Prix points scoring system, click here for complete details.  But what if I don't know all the teams and drivers?  Don't worry, you can still play, the PickSix web site makes it easy by listing all of the drivers available for each race. We'll even send you email reminders for upcoming races if you want us to, and if you get really busy and forget to do your picks, we'll automatically carry forward your picks from the previous race!

T's NASCAR2     Welcome to T's NASCAR2 Page. Here you will find great links to customize your NASCAR2 game by PAPYRUS. I also run a little contest. It's free to everyone. So test your knowledge and guessing is O.K. too.