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Crashguy's Nascar 2 CRASH Site     Crashguy's Nascar 2 CRASH Site  Welcome to my Nascar 2 homepage.This page is in no way directly associated with Sierra/Papyrus.I would like to know what you think of this site...so please send your comments.If you want your site added please let me know and I will gladly do so.This site was created on 5/29/97.

Cyber Racing Sportscenter [CRSC]     Nascar online racing.  A Nascar Racing 2 Sunday Morning League on TEN  The GWRC 3rd Season Has Begun!  Unionman takes the checkered in race #2 - See the News Page for all the race details Drivers Wanted  The Golden Wheel Racing Club is currently accepting new members. Our next season is set to begin on  Sunday, November 1st. We race on TEN, in the Abyss zone on Sunday Mornings. Practice begins  approx. 9:15am (EST). Most races are based on 150 laps or miles, with D/Y/P on, Open Setups,  and Random Weather.

Drag Racing List Online - Drag Racing     Free Drag Racing Computer Game!

Hoser's NASCAR2 Page     Nascar racing setups.

JP's Race Place     a web site that is dedicated to the best sport ever NASCAR Racing and the best racing simulation game ever

Leo and Shannon's Car Page     Welcome to Leo and Shannon's Car Page. Leo and Shannon's Car Page is the largest collection of original NASCARs on the Internet, ready to import into NASCAR Racing by Papyrus. The cars on this site are freeware. You may modify these cars in any way, but please give credit to the original designer of the car. Many hours of work have been put into each of these cars. You may also put any of these cars on your own web page, but give credit to the designer of the car, and include a link to our page. Please do not send any new cars.

Matt's Nascar, Nascar 2, ICR2, Fltsim5.x,GP2    Matt's Nascar Racing, Indy Car Racing 2, Flight Simulator 5.x,Nascar 2 , and Grand Prix 2 page

Michael's NASCAR Racing Sim Page         Links to the best NASCAR Racing Sim pages on the Net!  Here are links to many great sites dedicated to the NASCAR Racing game by Papyrus. If you know of any other web pages that should be here, just e-mail me and it will be add within the next week or two!

Mike's Nascar World Low Band     Nascar 2 & 3 info.

NASCAR Racing 2 & Dale Jarrett \The Tunnel Turn\    Welcome to my NASCAR 2 & Dale Jarrett site.  This site is devoted to the game NASCAR RACING 2, it also looks at and follows the fortunes of Dale Jarrett the Number 88 Ford Quality Care Winston Cup driver. We will be following the progress of Dale throughout the 1998 season. Visit the Dale Jarrett page now to find out the latest news and more about him. Also go to this page to see all the latest NASCAR news, race results and recaps

Nascar2    Nascar2 is a Nascar2 racing site for the Nascar2 racing game by sierra.   Nascar2.com  is a fan driven site supporting the Nascar2 racing game..  

Rebel Racing Limited     Welcome to Rebel Racing Limited  Online Nascar2 Racing and NASCAR   I hope you enjoy your stay !!   Please take a moment and check out my page in memory of  the 1992 Winston Cup Champ Alan Kulwicki !

Sierra    The Ultimate Racing Bundles!   Get NASCAR(r) Racing - 1999 Edition, Viper(r) Racing or Grand Prix Legends(tm) , together with the Thrustmaster Pro Racing Wheel - for as low as only $129.95. You save $30!

Speed77 Online    SPD Die-Cast Page.

Speed Racer's NASCAR Sim Page     Nascar 1 & 2 stuff.

Steve Theisen presents: The Draft     The most complete support resource for Sierra 's NASCAR Racing 2 and upcoming NASCAR Racing 3, 'The Draft' is designed to be updated by its members, on a regular basis. Please add this website to your bookmarks and return regularly to receive the most recent contributions. Apply for an official 'Draft' membership and receive e-mail notification of new cars, track setups, game utilities, and other information as it's added. 'The Draft' was designed and is maintained by Steven Theisen. Please take a moment to read the disclaimer before proceeding.

WojoGT's Home Page     Loads of information, utilities, setups, and more on it's even better counterpart Nascar 2. On this page you will find lots of car sets, a bunch of utilities, the best setups around for all the tracks, and information on Nascar 2. Page is currently under construction.

Xtasee's index     Hello,welcome to my page. So what are you looking for??Nascar2 links? Links to some good clipart pages?How about some links to some fantasy hockey leagues?   Well these are what I have!My name is Russ and join me as I take you to some of my favorite sites.This is my first good try at building a web page,so please let me know what you think. I am always ready to listen to good ideas..

Xtreme Racing Team - Setups, Utilities    Welcome to the Xtreme Racing Team web site, we're a virtual racing team, competing in several offline leagues over the net. We use the Nascar simulator Nascar Racing 2, by Sierra/Papyrus, the Rally simulator Network Q RAC Rally Championship by Europress/Magnetic Fields and the Formula 1 simulator Grand Prix 2, by Microprose.