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Soccer Store

All-Pro Software for Stats and Scheduling Baseball, Softball, Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, and Hockey    StatTrak for Baseball (and softball) $39.95
StatTrak for Basketball $39.95
StatTrak for Hockey $39.95
StatTrak for Volleyball $39.95
StatTrak for Soccer $39.95
All-Pro League Scheduler $59.95
All-Pro Tournament Scheduler $59.95  

Dr. Fox's Football Annual     Dr. Fox's Football Annual is a computer program I have written to help me keep track of football results in England and Scotland. It also has a go at predicting results. There is an Atari version and PC DOS and Windows versions.  Demos of the Atari version have appeared on cover disks of Atari ST User magazine and ST FORMAT magazine. A demo of the PC DOS version has appeared on the cover CD-ROM of PC Home magazine.

KazMax    Our Mission .....is to provide high-quality software solutions for the sporting community. We have actively promoted and focussed on this activity since early 1994, when our first software product Soccer ScoreCard was released to the world market.



The Betting Odds Calculator ( for Windows ) is intended for use with the bookmaker's fixed odds football coupon. It will also be found useful by the horse-racing enthusiast.   The software provides valuable 'betting' and 'payout' data for varying levels of stake and values of odds. It is a simple matter to prepare a bet and to experiment with different permutations, selections and prices. By using the calculator you can be sure that, if you win, an acceptable balance of costs and financial return is achieved.   The program has been placed in the 'public domain' and may be copied and distributed.  The hardware and system requirements are a 386SX processor or higher, VGA display, mouse and Microsoft 'Windows' ( any version ).

RJL    Sports Software and Stats

SocBase     Soccer DataBase & Statistical Program - SocBase

Soccer League Manager for Windows   

Soccer League tracking software for Windows.

League Manager is designed for football fans or club managers wishing to analyze football (soccer) leagues in full details. The more data you enter, the more statistics the program will be able to provide. League Manager's powerful set of analytical statistics tools provides instant analysis, such as comments, strengths and weaknesses of each team record, evolution of results and rankings throughout the leagues, forecast (result prediction), scorers table, attendance, fair-play and many more.

Thunderbear Software Creations     To download our free shareware version of our popular soccer manager game Football Fanatic